Tiptoeing through a minefield.

Even though I’m keenly interested in history, politics, and social justice, I try to keep that out of my erotic writing. My readers get enough of that from other sources and I want to give you a break.

On the other hand, I want my stories to feel like they’re happening in the real world. White supremacists and racial tensions are real things.

In the first five books in the Mountain Men series, protagonist Tom Prescott is on a voyage of self-discovery. By the end of Farewell To The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 5) Tom has pretty well found himself.

With Return To The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 6), I wanted to shift to action-adventure. So, I had Tom captured by homophobic queer white supremacists. I wasn’t trying to be topical when I wrote the book in February, but . . .

Now, I’ve published Captives Of The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 7). In this book, the queer Klansmen drag Tom into their dungeon for a gay BDSM livestream to other white supremacists. I wrote this in March. If I was writing it today, I might have done it differently. Or maybe not, since this version is more compelling than my earlier ideas.

The white supremacists in Captives Of The Mountain Men are definitely bad guys and I’ve worked hard on making them unsympathetic. Still, this is a sex fantasy, so I’ve made them a lot less evil than their real life counterparts would be. I save the truly hard-boiled sex and violence for gay private investigator Jack Hammer. Jack Hammer – King’s Ransom is available now and I expect to be releasing Jack Hammer – Dick Diamond in 2021.  

Tom’s response to the sexual abuse in Captives Of The Mountain Men may seem weird, but unfortunately, it’s fairly common for rape victims to become aroused and even have orgasms. This is another big cause of guilt for rape survivors.

With that said, Captives Of The Mountain Men is a fun—and very sexual—action-adventure. And payback is coming for the queer Klansmen.

Happy reading.

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