Virgins’ Raw Lust

Who is hornier than a virgin? Two virgins. And a wolf pack of frat boys.

Shy teen virgins Eric and Cindy are clumsily tiptoeing toward sex when the raging horndogs of Delta Iota Kappa Sigma (DIKS) grab them and drag them back to the fraternity’s forest cottage for a wild afternoon of forced male-male and male-female group sex.

Eric is terrified and yet aroused when the Delts trigger the raging volcano of lust lurking beneath Cindy’s timid exterior. She gives the horny frats the ride of their lives and then turns to Eric.

And that’s just the beginning of a roller coaster ride of sexual thrills and chills as Cindy and the Delts force Eric to confront his greatest fear—his own sexuality.

This book is a collaboration between 19-year-old college student who calls himself “Eric” and me. I can’t tell you much about him, because he hasn’t revealed much.

He wanted “Eric” in the story to be as much like him as possible. I’ve tried to do that. That was a challenging and contentious process, but I think I’ve been fairly successful.

Eric and I jointly developed the story concept and outlined the action. I created the characters (except for “Eric”) and did the actual writing.

Chapters One and Two were originally posted on Ken James Fiction as Bi-Gang-Bang. The story was supposed to end at that point, but Eric wasn’t satisfied with the conclusion. He wanted additional scenes, so I expanded the 10,000 word story to a 30,000 word book. Writing it has been a real experience.

I’m really pleased with the result. I hope you will be, too.