Still Alive in Austin

We survived the Great Texas Blizzard of 2021. My husband and I were really lucky. We had electricity and heat the whole time, unlike many Texans. The weight of the snow and ice broke a lot of branches in our yard. One giant branch hit our power line, but didn’t damage it. The water line into our house froze, but it thawed after 36 hours. We were under a boil water order for several days, but that’s been lifted.

The Republicans that run Texas are running around madly, trying to find someone to blame. They seem to have settled on green energy and AOC. They don’t want to talk about their failure to require power generating companies to winterize their equipment, even though Texas gets freezes like this every few years. They’d rather fly to Cancun.

I’m very happy to welcome Moira Nelligar back as my cover artist. She’d dropped out for personal reasons and I was prepared to do my own covers. You can read more about that in my last blog post. Now, she’s back and I’m glad. Her covers are much better than mine.

My next book, Two For The Big Black Stud (previously titled Hotwife And Husband), is coming out on April 1. Big Black Stud Craig Jefferson isn’t usually into women, but he’s happy to fuck sexy hotwife Brigitte while her husband Jim watches. But, Jim wants to do a lot more than watch. That’s fine with Craig.

And, I’ve got more books coming in the next few months . . .