I try not to be topical, but . . .

Sometimes, life catches up with you.

The Mountain Men series takes a sudden turn in Return To The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 6). Protagonist Tom Prescott is captured by white supremacists and kept as a sex slave, along with sexy black prisoner Washington Jeffries.

In order to publish a book a month, I write my books several months before they’re published. I wrote Return To The Mountain Men in February. Obviously, white supremacists and simmering racial tensions were a thing back then, but I didn’t expect the explosion of the past few days.

I try not to be topical or political in my writing, except for conveying the general message that self-awareness, individual liberty, and sexual liberation are good. Other than that, I’m trying to take readers away from our high-stress world.

I’m hoping the current troubles will push the United States closer to justice, but I’m not optimistic. At least in my fictional world, the white supremacists get it in the end, although that takes a few books.