Revenge is sexy

There’s an old Klingon proverb: “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” In this case, I’m serving it lukewarm. After taking a bit of a break with Escape From The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 8), the buzzards have come home to roost for the queer Klansmen.

In Revenge Of The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 9), the smoldering lust between sexy black stud Washington Jeffries and hot outlaw leader Tiny Bowen explodes into a night of blazing passion (click here for a smokin’ sample).

Then, it’s payback time for the queer Klansmen. Protagonist Tom Prescott drags the bad guys into their own dungeon for a big dose of their own medicine.

I’ve worked hard on making the white supremacists unsympathetic. Still, this is a sex fantasy, so I’ve made them a lot less evil than their real life counterparts would be.

In the same way, I’ve made the bad guys’ punishment less severe and more playfully sexual than it would be in the real world.

I save the truly hard-boiled sex and violence for gay private investigator Jack Hammer. Jack Hammer

Escape from serious

The Mountain Men saga gets a little lighter in Escape From The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 8). My protagonists Tom Prescott and Washington Jeffries escape from the homophobic queer white supremacists and hook up with a charismatic leader and his band of gay outlaws.

After Captives Of The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 7), I wanted to make Escape From The Mountain Men lighter while keeping a feeling of reality. The white supremacists are still a threat, but the emphasis is on sexual exploration.

Tom and Washington aren’t very sexually experienced, but they get a lot more experience, doing new things with new men.

And next month, it’s payback time for the queer Klansmen.

Happy reading.