Hang In There

I just ordered a new package of masks. Last month, I was confident the mask-wearing era was coming to an end, but it’s not. The Delta variant is raging through the unvaccinated population and infection rates are climbing rapidly in most of the country. And since everything is bigger in Texas, we’re getting hit hard.

My husband and I got vaccinated months ago, when it was a major effort to get a shot. Since vaccinated people aren’t getting seriously sick, I’m tempted to say, “Fuck it. I did my job. Let the stupid people get sick.” I hate wearing a mask. I always have. But, I’m going to keep doing it anyway.  

I once rescued a kitten from a tall tree. Cats, especially young ones, are a lot better at climbing up than they are at climbing back down. So, I found myself at the top of a frighteningly high ladder with a terrified kitten scratching and biting my wrist. It fought me every step of the way back down to the ground. But, returning the kitten to its six-year-old owner was worth it.

There are three main reasons why I’ll continue wearing a mask until Covid is defeated. First, I don’t want people to get sick or die for being stupid. If I get infected, it probably won’t hurt me, but I can still pass it on to others. Second, there are people who can’t get vaccinated because of medical conditions. And kids under 12 can’t get vaccinated until the shot is approved for them. Third (and most important), the longer the virus bounces around, the chances of it mutating into something the vaccine can’t handle grow greater.

So, just get the shot and wear a mask. Protect the people around you, yourself, and your loved ones.