April has been a good month. My husband and I both received our first COVID-19 vaccine shots after weeks of frustration trying to get appointments. That’s getting a lot better now. It’s great to have a competent government that can actually manage complex tasks like vaccine production and distribution.

Now, we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to go back to restaurants (although most of our favorite places have closed) and do other social activities.

I’ve just published My Girlfriend’s Sister. It has one of my more steamy covers. My original cover (below) was too steamy for Amazon or Smashwords, so I had to find a somewhat less erotic image.

Too Hot!

I start a book with a title and a tagline. Once I have those, I choose some images and have Moira Nelligar (my cover artist) make a cover. I print the cover off and look at it for inspiration while I’m writing the book.

With My Girlfriend’s Sister, I just fell in love with the models, especially the blond woman. There are a lot more images of her, but they’re too hot for Amazon and Smashwords. I usually choose models who generally fit the concept of the book. This time, the model had a major influence on Kristin’s character.

I’m like most authors. A story really starts when the characters come to life and start doing things. I just watch them and write it down. If this sounds like a mystical process, it is. Writers are generally reluctant to examine the working of their minds too closely, for fear that they might break something.

Kristin, the girlfriend’s big sister, came to life in a particularly vivid way. I hope you like her, and sexy stud Andy (who’s also strongly inspired by the cover model), as much as I do.