“Mr. Right Now” Is Back!

It’s been over two years since I posted the last story in my popular Mr. Right Now series. Since then, I’ve published a half-dozen erotic books and a lot of other stories.

Now, Mr. Right Now is back, with a sizzling new episode, “Ch. 9 – Lonnie.” Like the other Mr. Right Now stories, “Lonnie” is semi-autobiographical. It’s closer to the real events than many of the other stories and goes back to my early days as a roadie for a series of struggling bands in Colorado. That was an “interesting” time of sleeping on friends’ couches and making just enough to keep going. Sometimes, it was fun. Other times, it was miserable. It certainly provided a wealth of life experiences.

My original title for the Mr. Right Now series was One Night Stand. David, the guy who runs Nifty Erotic Stories Archive thought that was lame and he was totally right. A friend once described gay cruising as “not looking for Mr. Right, but for Mr. Right Now.” That was the perfect title.