Rockin’ the Ranch

It’s back to the ranch with more oversexed cowpokes.

And there’s lots of poking this time, when the Triple-R’s real gay horndogs come home, bringing a super sexy gay hitchhiker with them.

After a wild side trip with super hot hitchhiker Mickey Morgan, oversexed gay cowpokes Fox Collins and Virgil Red Hawk come home to the Triple-R ranch, bringing Mickey with them.

Back at the ranch, formerly straight cowboy Jim Cobb is riding the gay side of the trail with sexy ranch hand Tray Ballard and big black stud ranch foreman Ralph Wood.

While Trey and Ralph are busy with Mickey, Virgil and Fox teach Jim a passel of new tricks. Then, giant-cocked Mickey shows Jim that size does matter.

And then the whole gang gets together for a flaming hot six-way cumfest