New Jack Hammer!

Gay private investigator Jack Hammer’s latest hard-boiled hard-core adventure, Dick Diamond, will be published on December 1, but you can read a sample right now!

Check out Winner Takes Ass, where Jack’s investigation is interrupted by a dangerous mountain bike race. Spoiler alert: Jack loses. If you can call hot man-on-man sex in the great outdoors “losing.”

It’s taken me a long time to write Jack Hammer: Dick Diamond. The Jack Hammer books are a lot longer and much more complicated than my usual books, but they combine two of my great literary loves: hard-core gay sex and hard-boiled noir.

I’ll be posting more erotic stories from Dick Diamond, but if you want the pulse-pounding plot, violent action, and a lot more sex, you’ll have to buy the book.

Another spoiler alert: I’m not getting rich writing these books. I do it because I like telling stories, entertaining people, and hopefully taking their minds off the stress of living in our high-pressure world.

If you can’t wait another month for sizzling gay sex and dramatic action, the first book in the series, Jack Hammer: King’s Ransom is available now.