Hard Sci-Fi

Skydancers is my first hard science fiction book. Actually, it’s the first science fiction book I’ve ever written, although I’ve read science fiction since I was a kid.

Hard science fiction doesn’t refer to the male characters’ erections, although you’ll find a lot of those in Skydancers. Hard science fiction uses real physics and engineering. So, no warp drives or phasers. Artificial gravity is created by centrifugal force and the spaceships are powered by super advanced rockets.

Of course, that’s just setting. As always, the emphasis is on characters and lots of steamy explicit sex.

I wrote Skydancers to submit for a threesome and group sex anthology for a big LGBTQ erotic publisher. Unfortunately, it wasn’t accepted, but that means you’re getting this book now, instead of in 2024. I’m grateful to the publisher for inspiring me to branch out into science fiction.

I hope you enjoy reading Skydancers as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Deep Space Bi Sex

The new Gold Rush is taking place in the Asteroid Belt. Wealth beyond the dreams of the greatest king is concentrated in hurtling rocks. There for the taking, if you can find it.

Asteroid prospectors are a rare, super horny, breed. Locked in a tiny ship for months at a time with no company but each other, they’re always eager for new sex partners.

The giant companies that harvest the vast wealth are run by robber barons with sexual appetites as great as their greed.

This month, I’m presenting two tales of sex in deep space.

In Her Bi Boy Toys, a ruthless executive introduces her innocent young straight partner to man-on-man sex and then has a hot three-way session with the two sexy studs.

In Free Fall Sex, a sexy woman teaches a new spaceman about weightless sex on a shuttle flight.

Both stories are from my new book Skydancers, coming on April 25.

Don’t wait. Get it Now!

Available for presale on Smashwords.

Rough Rides

Jim Cobb is as green as they come, but he’s determined to become a real cowboy. Experienced wrangler Trey Ballard is gay and gets  an instant hard-on for the straight teenager.

Thrown together on an isolated ranch, the sexual tension between the two men builds and finally explodes. There’s rough riding in The Rugged Mountains as seasoned cowboy Trey shows tenderfoot Jim the ropes.

There’s lots of shooting but no bullets as the randy cowhands ride the range—and each other—in my new book, Long Hard Riders.

Taming The Cocky Kid

Eighteen-year-old Kid is straight. He has a girlfriend. And he’s cruising the local gay chat rooms, looking for older men.

He hooks up with Rooster, a 50-something bodybuilder with a taste for barely-legal boys.

They meet in a cheap motel, where Rooster is eager to Tame the Cocky Kid.

Sometimes, I get requests for stories. If I like the idea, I’ll try to write something. This is one of those times. Thanks to Erick for the story idea.

Horny Cowboys . . . And Big Black Studs!

I’m ending the first month of 2022 with two hard hot gay three-way stories.

Three Horny Cowboys is a chapter from Long Hard Riders, coming on March 1. With a title like “Three Horny Cowboys,” I don’t have to tell you it’s about hot cowhands getting down and dirty at the ranch.

And for more sizzling three-way gay action, check out Love Train, another chapter from my latest book, Jack Hammer – Dick Diamond.

This time, gay PI Jack Hammer takes two big black studs home for a red-hot interracial threesome.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these samples from Jack Hammer – Dick Diamond. For a lot more gay sex, pulse-pounding action, and a twisty plot, please buy the hard-core, hard-boiled book. Buying my books encourages me to write more books . . . and more free stories.

The General’s Kid

Please check out my latest story, The General’s Kid: Training the Teenage Recruit.

The General’s new office assistant is a hunky 18-year-old straight boy. The kid is flirting with The General every day, but he won’t respond to hints. Is the sexy kid really that naive, or just playing dumb? There’s only one way to find out . . .

Sometimes, I get requests for stories. If I like the idea, I’ll try to write something. This is one of those times. Thanks to Erik for the story idea.

Jingle Balls

Merry Christmas, Y’all!

This Christmas, Santa shows up in leather to give hard-boiled gay private investigator Jack Hammer a ride in his . . . sleigh. Check out Saddle Up, my latest story from Jack Hammer – Dick Diamond for a big bag of sexual fireworks.

But, you’ll still have to buy the book for all the sizzling gay sex, combined with a roller coaster ride of pulse-pounding action and a twisty plot.

For more Jack Hammer, check out Jack Hammer: King’s Ransom.

Happy New Year!

Looks like we made it through another year. It was a tough one, but we did it. At least, it was better than last year. And if we all pull together, we might just get back to normal in 2022. We can hope.

Coming on January 8, The General’s Kid: Training the Teenage Recruit. The General’s new employee is flirting every day, but he won’t respond to hints. Is the sexy 18-year-old really that naive, or just playing dumb? There’s only one way to find out . . .

Thanks to Mr. S Leather for the images.

Dick Diamond Is Here!

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Dick Diamond, gay private investigator Jack Hammer’s latest hard-core adventure is here!

If you’re on the fence about buying a book combining sizzling gay sex with pulse-pounding action and a twisty plot, I’ve just posted a new story, Hard Rock Morning, where rock star Rick Stone’s boyfriend earns forgiveness for last night’s jealous behavior.

I’ll be posting more samples, but if you want all the sex and violence, you’ll just have to buy the book.

And if you can’t get enough Jack Hammer, check out the first book in the series, Jack Hammer: King’s Ransom.

New Jack Hammer!

Gay private investigator Jack Hammer’s latest hard-boiled hard-core adventure, Dick Diamond, will be published on December 1, but you can read a sample right now!

Check out Winner Takes Ass, where Jack’s investigation is interrupted by a dangerous mountain bike race. Spoiler alert: Jack loses. If you can call hot man-on-man sex in the great outdoors “losing.”

It’s taken me a long time to write Jack Hammer: Dick Diamond. The Jack Hammer books are a lot longer and much more complicated than my usual books, but they combine two of my great literary loves: hard-core gay sex and hard-boiled noir.

I’ll be posting more erotic stories from Dick Diamond, but if you want the pulse-pounding plot, violent action, and a lot more sex, you’ll have to buy the book.

Another spoiler alert: I’m not getting rich writing these books. I do it because I like telling stories, entertaining people, and hopefully taking their minds off the stress of living in our high-pressure world.

If you can’t wait another month for sizzling gay sex and dramatic action, the first book in the series, Jack Hammer: King’s Ransom is available now.

Peaches and Cream

A while back, a late night talk show host warned, “Don’t search for ‘eggplant edges peach.'” Naturally, I did and found this.

The Peach and Eggplant image was the inspiration for my latest tale of tails, The Price of Her Peach. A young wife will give her “peach” to her horny husband . . . If he submits to a pair of macho men first.

This story is just a small part of Love Peak, the third book in my Bi Trick series.

Charlie Martin accompanies his rich swinger friends to Love Peak Lodge, an exclusive resort high in the Colorado Rockies. While a monster blizzard rages outside, passions explode as Charlie and his horny companions challenge each other’s limits and surrender to their secret desires.

Love Peak is twice the length of my usual books and has twice as many eggplants, peaches, and other emojis. It’s available now!

And Jack Hammer: Dick Diamond, my latest gay romantic thriller starring hard-boiled gay private investigator Jack Hammer, is coming.

Gay rock star Rick Stone, leader of the all-gay band Dick Diamond, knows a secret. A secret that could bring down a major right-wing extremist group. Its leaders will stop at nothing to keep Rick quiet. Not even murder.

Jack Hammer is Rick’s only hope. But as the attacks escalate, Jack finds himself in the crosshairs. Can he unravel the tangled threads of Rick’s life in time to save him from a relentless assassin?

Now that I’ve finished Love Peak, I’m devoting all my attention to Jack Hammer: Dick Diamond. I’m not a very fast writer and the Jack Hammer books are a lot longer and much more complicated to write than my usual books. I now expect to publish it on December 1.

If you can’t wait to experience the Jack Hammer books’ mixture of hard-core gay sex and hard-boiled noir, Jack Hammer: King’s Ransom is available now.

And Long Hard Riders, a gay cowboy romance, will be coming early in 2022.