Brothers and Boyfriends

Life is returning to something like normal here in Austin. We’re not freezing in the dark due to the combined incompetence and greed of profits-first private industry and a complacent state government. Nor are we broiling, due to climate change. The “heat cap” over the western U.S. has dissipated, for the moment, and Texas is back down to its normal sizzling summer temperatures. Austin mostly avoided blackouts, possibly because so many houses have solar panels reducing the load on the electrical grid during peak hours.

Most important, my husband and I are doing normal things again, like eating out. Even crowded and noisy restaurants are fun now, although we usually go early to miss the big crowds.

We got vaccinated as soon as possible. I spent a lot of time online fighting for appointments. Now, it’s easy. You can just walk into a pharmacy and get a shot. I don’t understand the people who refuse to be vaccinated, but I’ve always been into science. At the risk of sounding like a 1960s TV character, their behavior is illogical. It ignores the evidence and goes strictly on emotion (and sometimes politics).

I’ve just published My Brother’s Boyfriend, a steamy tale of a big black stud, the horny college student who lusts after him, and the student’s “gay when his girlfriend’s away” roommate.

This is almost a mirror image of My Girlfriend’s Sister. This time, the characters are all gay men and the protagonist “seduces” the title character (although little seduction is required), rather than the opposite. And My Brother’s Boyfriend has hot all-gay three-way sex.

My next book will be Love Peak, the third book in my Bi Trick series. I’ll be publishing it on September 1.

I’m publishing a book every other month, so I have time to work on Jack Hammer: Dick Diamond, my latest gay romantic thriller starring hard-boiled gay private investigator Jack Hammer. I’m not a very fast writer and the Jack Hammer books are a lot longer and much more complicated to write than my usual books. I’m making good progress with Dick Diamond, but it still has a long way to go.

If you can’t wait to experience the Jack Hammer books’ mixture of hard-core gay sex and hard-boiled noir, Jack Hammer: King’s Ransom is available now.

And Long Hard Riders, a gay cowboy romance, will be coming soon.