This month, I celebrate studs—black and otherwise—with Two For The Big Black Stud.

The beginning of Chapter One of Two For The Big Black Stud originally appeared in my Too-Hot-for-Amazon book Pegging Peter And Other Gay And Bisexual Love Stories with the title “The Hotwife and Her Husband.”

Pegging Peter is an anthology of reedited versions of my old stories, plus the new story “The Hotwife and Her Husband.”

After Amazon banned Pegging Peter, I decided to expand “The Hotwife and Her Husband” into a full-length book. I really liked this story and wanted it to have a wider audience. I rewrote the last third of Chapter One and added the rest.

Comments on “The Hotwife and Her Husband” from Pegging Peter And Other Gay And Bisexual Love Stories

Writers are also readers. Not surprisingly, erotic writers are also erotic readers. Even though most of my stories are gay or bisexual, I read all sorts of erotic fiction.

I wrote “The Hotwife and Her Husband” after reading several hotwife stories. A husband watching his wife have sex with another man has always seemed really gay to me, so I decided to make that explicit, rather than implicit.

I also wanted to get away from the standard “cuckold” fantasy. The husbands in a lot of hotwife stories get off on the humiliation, but I’d rather follow a different path. A big part of the story for me is the heterosexual husband discovering his attraction to other men.

Craig Jefferson, the protagonist, is based on a real live black bodybuilder named Fred. At six feet tall and weighing 200 pounds, I’m a pretty big guy, so it was a real trip being with a man who made me feel little and helpless. With his bulging thighs, arms, and chest, sex with him was like making love with Iron Man, except Fred was made of warm flesh and had a sweet face. We had a steamy relationship until his job took him to Denver. I miss him.