Very Personal

Cowboys Don’t Kiss and Other Gay and Bisexual Love Stories is my most personal book. It contains some of my favorite stories. Love In The Rockies is the true story of my first time with a woman. The story Cowboys Don’t Kiss is the fantasy of an adult reunion with Jeff, the boy who introduced me to gay sex in our early teens.

I wrote the first version of Cowboys Don’t Kiss for an Internet “First Time” collaboration. It’s a straightforward—explicit—recounting of my first time with Jeff when I was 13 and he was a few months younger.

We never kissed. I hadn’t even thought about kissing Jeff and he’d probably never considered kissing me. In our minds, we’d been young cowboys, making do until we found randy young cowgirls to share our beds. Cowboys simply . . . did not . . . kiss other cowboys! I learned better, but that came later. A lot later.

Later, I added the imaginary encounter between Jeff and me as adults. The full version is available on the “Early Stories” page of my website. This version omits the teenage scenes, so Amazon will actually publish it.

I wrote Love In The Rockies for the same collaboration, making me the only contributor with two “first times.”

The remaining stories are a mixture of my old and new stories. My style has changed since I started posting erotic stories in 2003. I’ve edited the older stories to match my new style and to fix some things that bothered me about the original versions.

I hope you like the result. Happy reading.