Ridden By The Mountain Men

Sample From Mountain Men 4

Ridden Hard By Lusty Cowboys

"Sure." Tom pushed back against Ben's sliding rod. "More than ever." He bent forward, pressing Ben's broad cock-head into his asshole.

"Damn." Ben's giant mushroom head stretched Tom's tight little hole. "You are ambitious."

"Just horny as fuck." Tom ground his butt against Ben's thick rod, forcing its head deeper into his anus. It hurt—a little—but the mixture of pleasure and pain sent electric shocks through his own stiff cock and tight balls.

Ben pushed in deeper. That hurt a lot more. Tom groaned and tried to pull away. Ben gripped his hips to hold him still, then drew back slightly. He waited until Tom's anal muscles relaxed and then went in a little more. That hurt, too.

"You're doing good." Ben pulled his flaring cock-head out of Tom's overstretched anus and kissed the back of his neck. "Better than I expected." He sank to his knees. "Now, we're going to do something different."

"Go ahead." Tom braced himself with his hands on his knees. "I'm ready for you."

"Good," Ben said. "I'm gonna have fun with your sexy ass." He put his hands on Tom's butt cheeks and pulled them apart.

"What are you going to do?" Tom asked, although he knew what was coming.

"You'll see." Ben kissed Tom's butt cheeks and licked up and down his crack, sliding over his puckered hole without paying any additional attention to it.

"Oh man!" Tom said. "That's hot!" His cock was super-hard and his body was on fire.

"It's gonna get better." Ben reached around Tom's body and gripped his cock, then licked across the little patch of skin between his butt crack and balls, finally reaching Tom's nuts. He licked and kissed them while kneading Tom's ass, running his powerful fingers up and down Tom's muscular butt checks, dancing dangerously closer to his anus.

Tom's cock jerked when Ben's fingertip pressed into his puckered hole. Without lubrication, it was a little dry and uncomfortable, but it didn't stretch his anus as far as Ben's cock-head had done a little while ago, so it was easy to take.

Ben pushed his finger in to the second joint and twisted it a few times, then pulled it back out and moved it in slow circles around Tom's anus. He held Tom's throbbing cock in a loose grip, with his fingers coiled around the big rod's base and not moving his hand.

"You've got the hottest ass." Ben let go of Tom's stiff dick and pulled his butt cheeks open, then pressed his face into Tom's crack and swirled his tongue around Tom's pucker, starting at its edge and moving inward.

"Fuck!" Tom stroked his throbbing dick. Normally, he'd be about to shoot. This time, he was so stimulated that he wasn't even close to coming.

Ben planted a kiss on Tom's pucker. "Such a hot fucking ass." He pressed his flattened tongue against Tom's anus.

Tom squirmed and moaned as Ben's broad flat tongue stroked his asshole, sending waves of pleasure surging through his body. His cries grew louder when Ben pressed his pointed tongue into his anus, gradually teasing it open. "Oh fuck!" he gasped. "That's so good!"

The tension in Tom's nuts built steadily as Ben's tongue went in deeper, fucking Tom's ass like a wide flat super-flexible cock.

"No!" It took a lot of willpower to pull away from Ben's insistent tongue. "Fuck me now."

"I'm gonna fuck your sexy ass all right." Ben kissed Tom's anus once more and then picked up the bottle of lube that Luke had set on the floor beside him. "Fuck it good and hard." He lubricated his index finger and slid it up Tom's asshole.

Ben had big thick fingers and his invading digit felt almost like a cock. Tom's rock-hard pole jerked as Ben worked his index finger in Tom's butt. "That feels good," Tom said. "But, I'm ready for your cock."

"You sure?" Ben pulled his finger out of Tom's asshole and then pushed him onto his hands and knees. "You better be." He knelt on the carpet behind Tom. "You're getting it . . ." He squirted a big blob of lube into the palm of his hand and stroked his rigid member, coating it with the slippery gel. "Right now!"

"Good." Tom thrust his butt back at Ben. A week ago, the thought of taking a giant cock—or any cock—up his ass would have terrified him. Now, he could hardly recognize the person he'd been so long ago. "Give it to me."

Wordlessly, Ben pressed his flaring mushroom head into the center of Tom's puckered hole, pausing when he tensed up and then continuing forward, gradually stretching it open.

Tom supported himself with one hand while jacking his throbbing pole with the other. It hurt, but not as much as it had with Harry or Ranger Franklin. He kept his anal muscles tight, forcing Ben to push in harder. "Oh fuck!" he groaned.

"That hurt?" Ben sounded worried.

"I'm okay." Tom thrust his buttocks backward, driving Ben's mammoth mushroom head and super-thick shaft through his anal ring and up his asshole. He screamed as the impact sent shockwaves of pain and pleasure exploding through his body. "Fuck . . ." He whispered it like a prayer. "That is so fuckin' good . . ."

"Come on." Tom rocked his hips, shifting Ben's big rod in his ass. "I'm ready for a good hard ride."