“Mr. Right Now” Is Back!

It’s been over two years since I posted the last story in my popular Mr. Right Now series. Since then, I’ve published a half-dozen erotic books and a lot of other stories.

Now, Mr. Right Now is back, with a sizzling new episode, “Ch. 9 – Lonnie.” Like the other Mr. Right Now stories, “Lonnie” is semi-autobiographical. It’s closer to the real events than many of the other stories and goes back to my early days as a roadie for a series of struggling bands in Colorado. That was an “interesting” time of sleeping on friends’ couches and making just enough to keep going. Sometimes, it was fun. Other times, it was miserable. It certainly provided a wealth of life experiences.

My original title for the Mr. Right Now series was One Night Stand. David, the guy who runs Nifty Erotic Stories Archive thought that was lame and he was totally right. A friend once described gay cruising as “not looking for Mr. Right, but for Mr. Right Now.” That was the perfect title.

Virgins’ Raw Lust

Who is hornier than a virgin? Two virgins. And a wolf pack of frat boys.

Shy teen virgins Eric and Cindy are clumsily tiptoeing toward sex when the raging horndogs of Delta Iota Kappa Sigma (DIKS) grab them and drag them back to the fraternity’s forest cottage for a wild afternoon of forced male-male and male-female group sex.

Eric is terrified and yet aroused when the Delts trigger the raging volcano of lust lurking beneath Cindy’s timid exterior. She gives the horny frats the ride of their lives and then turns to Eric.

And that’s just the beginning of a roller coaster ride of sexual thrills and chills as Cindy and the Delts force Eric to confront his greatest fear

Gay Sexual Discovery

Horny Gay Virgin, a tale of blazing gay teen lust, is now available.

The book’s title is also its description. Horny teenager Craig Cox discovers the joys of male-male sex with slightly older man Buddy Boyd . . . and Buddy’s secret boyfriend.

For a sample of the super hot first time gay action, check out Chapter One.

Drunken Frat Bros Gang-Bang a Shy Boy and Girl

College boys are basically walking hard-ons. After a weekend of hard partying, the guys of the Delta Delta Alpha fraternity are ready to fuck anything with legs.

That’s when shy Eric and his equally shy new girlfriend Cindy walk in. They’re in the fumbling-with-her-bra stage of their relationship when the Delts grab them and drag them back to the fraternity’s forest cottage for a wild afternoon of forced sex.

Helpless against five drunk and horny frats, Eric offers himself in place of Cindy. The Delts agree, but soon find luscious Cindy too hot to pass over. No holes are spared in Eric’s and Cindy’s raunchy sexual education.

Read all about it now in my long, hard, uncut tale Bi Gang Bang!

Rockin’ the Ranch

It’s back to the ranch with more oversexed cowpokes.

And there’s lots of poking this time, when the Triple-R’s real gay horndogs come home, bringing a super sexy gay hitchhiker with them.

After a wild side trip with super hot hitchhiker Mickey Morgan, oversexed gay cowpokes Fox Collins and Virgil Red Hawk come home to the Triple-R ranch, bringing Mickey with them.

Back at the ranch, formerly straight cowboy Jim Cobb is riding the gay side of the trail with sexy ranch hand Tray Ballard and big black stud ranch foreman Ralph Wood.

While Trey and Ralph are busy with Mickey, Virgil and Fox teach Jim a passel of new tricks. Then, giant-cocked Mickey shows Jim that size does matter.

And then the whole gang gets together for a flaming hot six-way cumfest

Horny Cowboys Meet A Gay Hitchhiker

Oversexed gay cowpokes Fox Collins and Virgil Red Hawk are on their way back to the Triple-R ranch when they pick up super hot hitchhiker Mickey Morgan.

Mickey is at the end of a long hard road trip and he’s eager to take on a couple of horny gay studs.

Virgil and Fox turn Mickey every which way but loose. Then, it’s Mickey’s turn . . .

Read all about it in Gay Hitchhiker, a short story from my new book Long Hard Riders 2, coming on June 25.

Hard Sci-Fi

Skydancers is my first hard science fiction book. Actually, it’s the first science fiction book I’ve ever written, although I’ve read science fiction since I was a kid.

Hard science fiction doesn’t refer to the male characters’ erections, although you’ll find a lot of those in Skydancers. Hard science fiction uses real physics and engineering. So, no warp drives or phasers. Artificial gravity is created by centrifugal force and the spaceships are powered by super advanced rockets.

Of course, that’s just setting. As always, the emphasis is on characters and lots of steamy explicit sex.

I wrote Skydancers to submit for a threesome and group sex anthology for a big LGBTQ erotic publisher. Unfortunately, it wasn’t accepted, but that means you’re getting this book now, instead of in 2024. I’m grateful to the publisher for inspiring me to branch out into science fiction.

I hope you enjoy reading Skydancers as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Deep Space Bi Sex

The new Gold Rush is taking place in the Asteroid Belt. Wealth beyond the dreams of the greatest king is concentrated in hurtling rocks. There for the taking, if you can find it.

Asteroid prospectors are a rare, super horny, breed. Locked in a tiny ship for months at a time with no company but each other, they’re always eager for new sex partners.

The giant companies that harvest the vast wealth are run by robber barons with sexual appetites as great as their greed.

This month, I’m presenting two tales of sex in deep space.

In Her Bi Boy Toys, a ruthless executive introduces her innocent young straight partner to man-on-man sex and then has a hot three-way session with the two sexy studs.

In Free Fall Sex, a sexy woman teaches a new spaceman about weightless sex on a shuttle flight.

Both stories are from my new book Skydancers, coming on April 25.

Don’t wait. Get it Now!

Available for presale on Smashwords.

Rough Rides

Jim Cobb is as green as they come, but he’s determined to become a real cowboy. Experienced wrangler Trey Ballard is gay and gets  an instant hard-on for the straight teenager.

Thrown together on an isolated ranch, the sexual tension between the two men builds and finally explodes. There’s rough riding in The Rugged Mountains as seasoned cowboy Trey shows tenderfoot Jim the ropes.

There’s lots of shooting but no bullets as the randy cowhands ride the range

Taming The Cocky Kid

Eighteen-year-old Kid is straight. He has a girlfriend. And he’s cruising the local gay chat rooms, looking for older men.

He hooks up with Rooster, a 50-something bodybuilder with a taste for barely-legal boys.

They meet in a cheap motel, where Rooster is eager to Tame the Cocky Kid.

Sometimes, I get requests for stories. If I like the idea, I’ll try to write something. This is one of those times. Thanks to Erick for the story idea.