Ridden By The Mountain Men

Mountain Men 4

Ridden Hard By Lusty Gay Cowboys

City stud Tom Prescott has learned a lot about raw male-on-male sex from hot mountain man Clint Hardwick and his lusty friends.

Tom learns a whole new set of lessons when he plays strip poker with a gang of ultra-horny cowboys . . . and loses.

Contains explicit gay sex, including group sex, exhibitionism, oral sex, anal sex, analingus, and blindfolds.

Each book in the Mountain Men series is stand-alone. The series has an evolving storyline, but the books can be enjoyed in any order.

Ridden By The Mountain Men (Short Story)

This is a short story I've adapted from Ridden By The Mountain Men. It contains approximately 25% of the smokin' hot material in the book. I've rearranged and sometimes rewritten scenes to create a stand-alone story. If you like this story, you'll really like the book.

Sample from Ridden By The Mountain Men