Teamed By The Mountain Men

Sample From Mountain Men 3

First-Time Gay Group Sex In The Wilderness

"You're gonna fuck me?" Tom stared at Franklin's massive erection, remembering how much Harry's big pole had hurt . . . until it started feeling great.

"Yeah." Franklin closed his thumb and index finger around the base of Tom's stiff pole and cupped his balls with his remaining fingers. "I'm gonna fuck the hell out of your sexy ass."

"Okay," Tom said. "How are you going to do it?"

"Like this." Franklin turned Tom around and then bent him over.

Tom braced his hands on his knees. "Come on. I'm ready for you."

"Ha!" Dudley said. He and Clint were standing a few feet away with their hands curled around their hard-ons. "Nobody's ready for that horse dick."

"You sure weren't" Franklin said to Dudley. "You screamed like a girl." He pressed his broad cock-head into Tom's asshole.

Dudley just laughed. "Girls scream when they come."

"You and your women," Franklin answered. "Girls are okay, but man-pussy is a lot better." He pressed forward. Tom's stiff pole jerked as Franklin's big rod stretched his anus. "So tight."

Tom gasped when Franklin pushed in too far. The big man stopped instantly. "You okay?"

"Yeah." Tom pushed his butt back onto Franklin's hard dick, opening his hole a little wider. It hurt, but he really wanted that big log up his ass.

Franklin stepped back and patted Tom's butt affectionately. "You're too hot to use like a cheap piece of meat—"

"But I want to be used." Tom thrust his buttocks toward Franklin, then clenched and unclenched them suggestively.

"Well!" Franklin ran his finger up and down Tom's ass crack, then pushed its tip into his hole, stopping at the first joint. Without lubrication, it hurt, but not too much. "In that case, I'll use you." He twisted his finger in Tom's asshole. That hurt more, but also made Tom's hard cock jerk. "Use the hell out of you."

He pointed at Clint. "You've got some lube somewhere. Get it."

"Yes sir." Clint got a plastic squeeze bottle out of the truck's glove compartment and handed it to Franklin.

"This'll make it easier." Franklin pulled his dry finger out of Tom's butt.

"Good," Tom said. "I really want your big hard—" His cock jerked again as Franklin slid a thick lubricated finger into his asshole. "Fuck!"

"That's what's going to happen." Franklin worked his finger in and out of Tom's tight hole, occasionally pausing to add more lube. "I'm going to fuck the hell out of you."

"Come on," Tom said. "Give it to me." Franklin's finger withdrew. A moment later, he felt the stud Ranger's wide cock-head pressing into his butt hole. "Oh yeah." Tom rolled his hips, pushing back onto the big knob stretching his asshole. "That's right."

Tom moaned and stroked his stiff dick while Franklin's monster cock slowly entered him. It was considerably thicker than Harry Red Horse's oversized rod, but he'd learned to relax and take it. It hurt, but the mixture of pain and pleasure made him want that giant pole even more.

"Fuck me," Tom groaned. "Shove that big black—" He screamed as Franklin's big cock slipped through his tight anal ring and plunged into his depths. "Oh God!" Franklin's hairless balls pressed against his butt cheeks. That big log was all the way up his ass.

"Man, that's hot," Clint said. He and Dudley were standing beside Tom, holding each other's hard dicks while they watched Tom and Franklin. They were naked. Tom hadn't noticed them undressing, but he'd had other things—one really big really hard thing in particular—on his mind.

"Sure is," Franklin said. He drew back slowly and then pushed back up Tom's ass. "Way hotter . . . and tighter . . . than some old fucked-out holes."

"You talkin' about anybody in particular." Dudley lubricated his stiff cock and stepped behind Clint. "This guy maybe?" He took Clint's ass with one quick thrust. "His butt seems pretty tight, even for my little dick." His dick was larger than average, just like Tom's and Clint's tools.

"Aw! You don't even know how to use your weapon." Franklin fucked Tom slowly, pulling completely out and then sliding back in.

Bent over with his jeans bunched around his ankles and bracing himself against Franklin's steady thrusts with his hands on his knees, Tom was almost completely helpless. A week ago, the thought of being so submissive would have terrified him. Now, it was liberating to have a big strong man using him so carelessly.

He swung his butt back to meet Franklin's sliding pole. The big black man's massive weapon stretched his asshole beyond belief. The pain was gone and the big rod's slow motion sent waves of pleasure from his overfilled anus directly to his straining cock.

Clint was facing Tom, also bent over bracing himself with his hands on his knees. His hard dick jerked in time with Dudley's steady thrusts. Unencumbered by clothes, he'd spread his legs wide, giving him more freedom to respond to the man fucking him from behind.

Tom couldn't even see Franklin. He imagined the Ranger's face contorted with lust—like Dudley's face as he rammed Clint—looking down at his big thick cock sliding between Tom's muscular buttocks. He'd like to see the man's face, but the very impersonality of this assault from behind was super sexy in its own way.

"You ready for a hard ride?" Franklin growled. "You better be. I'm gonna pound your sweet tight butt now."