Teamed By The Mountain Men

Mountain Men 3

Animal Lust In The Wilderness

(First-Time Gay Group Sex)

City stud Tom Prescott and sexy mountain man Clint Hardwick are getting down in the woods when hot Forest Rangers Harris and Dudley interrupt them.

The Rangers give Tom and Clint a choice. Get busted or submit to the forest cops' animal lusts.

Contains explicit gay sex, including exhibitionism, voyeurism, oral sex, and anal sex.

Each book in the Mountain Men series is stand-alone. The series has an evolving storyline, but the books can be enjoyed in any order.

Teamed By The Mountain Men (Short Story)

This is a short story I've adapted from Teamed By The Mountain Men. It contains approximately 25% of the smokin' hot material in the book. I've rearranged and sometimes rewritten scenes to create a stand-alone story. If you like this story, you'll really like the book.

Sample from Teamed By The Mountain Men