Hippie Hollow Samples

Gay and Bi Lust on a Nude Beach

5 – Gina and Ralf

"That's right . . . Hengst," Gina said. "I want to see you fuck Ken."

Hengst? I looked at her and she giggled. "It means 'Stallion.'"

Ralf blushed. "It's a pet name."

"It fits." I caressed his stiff pole and squeezed his bulging balls. "You're sure hung like a horse."

He laughed. "Once again, choosing mein parents well."

"You sure did." I stood up and kissed him. "I'm ready for your big hard cock."

"Gut!" Ralf said. "I'm certainly ready to fuck you." He took my hand and led me down the hall and into a bedroom with thrift store furnishings: a king-sized bed, a straight chair, a chest of drawers, and a packing crate for a nightstand. Gina followed us.

"Two stallions," Gina said. She was breathing hard, her nipples were puffy, and her thick black pubic thatch was soaked. "So sexy . . ."

"Bend over the bed," Ralf commanded. "I will mount you like a stallion."

I moved to the foot of the bed, spread my legs, and bent over, bracing myself with my hands flat on the mattress. I like being submissive, sometimes, and I could see Ralf's reflection in a mirror mounted on the wall behind the headboard. "Come on . . . Stallion," I said, waving my butt seductively.

"Yeah." Gina went over to the chest of drawers and took a tube of lubricant out of the bottom drawer. "Fuck his hot ass." She came back and kissed me. I was startled when she thrust her tongue into my mouth, but I kissed her back, just as hard and dirty. "You're such a stud," she purred. "And my stallion husband is gonna fuck you so hard . . ."

Gina patted my butt possessively, then plastered her body against Ralf's, guided his stiff prick between her thighs, and humped his rod while kissing him with white-hot intensity.

He pushed her away. "Any other time . . ." He sounded like he'd been running. "Already I'd have you bent over the bed."

"I know. But this time . . ." She squirted a blob of lubricant into the palm of her hand and caressed Ralf's swollen pole, coating it with the slippery gel. "You're gonna fuck this stud's ass." She gripped his rod and guided its head between my buttocks.

"Come on," I said as Ralf's flaring cock-head stretched my asshole. "Fuck my butt."

"Jawohl." He pushed in carefully, probably to keep from coming too quickly, rather than being worried about hurting me. "Your ass I will fuck."

Gina gasped, "Oh yeah!" She was standing beside Ralf with her legs spread, fingering her pussy while she watched his cock-head entering my butthole. "Fuck him."

I held my anal muscles tight, making Ralf work to get in. He growled and increased the pressure. My painfully-swollen cock jerked when he slipped through my tense anal ring and slid home, bouncing his balls against my butt cheeks. "Jesus!" I gasped.

"You like that." Ralf pulled completely out and then pushed back in. "So do I." He fucked me carefully, still acting like he was afraid of coming too quickly. "Your Arschloch is so hot and tight."

"Better than my snatch?" Gina was bent over, staring at Ralf's sliding cock.

Ralf laughed. "Don't ask that." He fucked me harder, pulling almost out and then thrusting forward, slapping his crotch against my buttocks. "There is no way to compare." He pulled her closer and kissed her. "Unless you give me your Arschloch."

"Bastard! Always trying to get your Teutonic cock up my butt!" She jerked away and stomped her foot on the worn shag rug, but then looked back down at his driving cock and grinned. "Maybe I will . . . But not now. You're busy."

"I can handle two at once."

"Fucker!" Gina laughed and bent over the bed beside me and waved her butt at Ralf. "I guess I can share you with Ken."

He looked at her face in the mirror. "Don't tease, mein liebe." He continued pounding my ass steadily. "You might get more than you bargain for."

"Promises." She straightened up and kissed Ralf. "I'll wait until I have your undivided attention."

"That is wise." He hammered my ass. "Besides, I'm close to coming."

7 – Speedos and The Bear

"I'll fuck his ass," a deep bass voice said. David and I spun around. The speaker was a big hairy man standing at the edge of the clearing. He was at least 6' 6" tall and muscular, naked except for heavy black leather boots. The towering rod growing from his jungle of black pubic hair was long and thick. Way bigger than my unusually large rod.

David was staring at the "Bear" man's hard-on with an expression of horrified fascination on his face. "Uh . . . Where'd you come from."

"The forest." The Bear was in his mid-30s, with the build of a gym rat who also does hard physical work. He was almost as hairy as a bear—hairy arms, legs, chest, back, buttocks—thick black hair covering everything but his hands and feet. A short black beard covered his face. His black hair was thinning on top, with the rest cut to the same length as his beard.

"I didn't hear you," David said.

"Of course not." The Bear grinned. "I'm a forest creature. I tracked you two here . . ." He paused dramatically. "And then watched . . . Everything. It was hot."

David laughed nervously. He had a hard-on, just like The Bear and me. "What are you going to do?"

The Bear shook his head. "That's your decision." He turned me around and bent me over. "Who's gonna fuck his butt? You? Or me?"

"Uh . . ."

"He's taking too long." I reached back and pulled my butt cheeks open, presenting my asshole to The Bear. "Fuck my ass. While he watches."

"All right." The Bear pushed his broad cock-head into my asshole. "You've got a sweet butt." My stiff pole jerked as his big rod stretched my anus. "So tight."

I gasped when The Bear pushed in too far. The big man stopped instantly. "You okay?"

"Yeah." I pushed my butt back onto The Bear's hard dick, opening my hole a little wider. It hurt, but I really wanted that big log up my ass. I thrust my buttocks toward The Bear, then clenched and unclenched them suggestively.

"Damn!" The Bear said. "You're hotter'n a mink with its tail on fire." He ran his finger up and down my ass crack, then pushed its tip into my hole, stopping at the first joint. Without lubrication, it hurt, but not too much.

"Fuckin' tight butt, too."

My hard cock jerked as he twisted his finger in my asshole. "Fuck me now," I gasped. "For real."

"All right," The Bear said. "You got lube?"

"In my belt. The front pouch."

"That'll make it easier." The Bear pulled his dry finger out of my butt and got the lubricant.

"Come on." I braced my hands on my knees. I was scared at the size of The Bear's cock, but also horny as hell. "I'm ready—" My cock throbbed as The Bear slid a thick lubricated finger up my ass. "Fuck!"

"Yep." The Bear worked his finger in and out of my tight hole, occasionally pausing to add more lube. "I'm gonna fuck the hell out of you."

"Give it to me," I said. The Bear pulled his finger out and his wide cock-head pressed into my butthole. "Oh yeah." I rolled my hips, pushing back onto the big knob stretching my asshole. "That's right."

I stroked my stiff dick while The Bear's monster cock slowly entered me. It hurt, but the mixture of pain and pleasure made me want his giant pole even more.

"Fuck me," I groaned. "Shove your big hard—" I screamed and my cock throbbed violently as The Bear's oversized pole slipped through my tight anal ring and plunged into my depths. I felt The Bear's hairy balls pressing against my butt cheeks. His big hard log was all the way up my ass.

"Damn, this is good." The Bear fucked me slowly, pulling completely out and then sliding back in.

"Yeah. For me, too." I swung my butt back to meet The Bear's sliding pole. The big man's massive weapon stretched my asshole wide. The pain was gone and the big rod's slow motion sent waves of pleasure from my overfilled anus directly to my straining cock.

"You ready for a hard ride?" The Bear growled. "You better be. I'm gonna pound your sweet tight butt now."

"Oh yeah." I pushed my butt back toward The Bear. "Fuck me good and hard." The big man's cock drew back, pulling completely out, and then drove back through my tight anal ring and on into my depths, banging his balls against my buttocks.

"Oh God!" I rocked my hips in time with The Bear's hammer thrusts as he relentlessly fucked my ass. "That's so good."

"Fuckin' good for me, too." The Bear drove even harder, slamming his crotch into my butt and almost sending me sprawling. "I've got a big hot load for you."