Hippie Hollow

Gay and Bi Lust on a Nude Beach

Hippie Hollow is the only legal nude beach in Texas. It has attracted naked swimmers and sunbathers at least since the 1950s and probably far longer.

Its rugged tree-covered hillside has also attracted men, and occasionally women, looking for hot outdoor sex.

Hippie Hollow is a tale of hot encounters: the "straight" cowboy looking for quick man-man sex, the college students' nude-mag photo shoot, the straight couple showing off for a crowd of gay men, the interracial male-male-female three-way that turns into an orgy, and much more.

This book is fiction, but the episodes are (mostly) based on things I've seen, or heard about from (somewhat) reliable witnesses.

Contains explicit gay and bisexual sex in the great outdoors, including oral sex, anal sex, analingus, group sex, interracial sex, voyeurism and exhibitionism.

Hippie Hollow Cowboy (Short Story)

This is Chapter One from Hippie Hollow: Lust On A Nude Beach

Samples from Hippie Hollow