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Touchdown 5 - Making the Team

Saturday, September 22

I stood naked beside my bed, stroking Bill's hair and caressing his muscular shoulders while he sucked my thick hard cock.

Last night, he'd celebrated with the team at Cougar Pizza after they'd easily beaten the Lincoln Lions. Tonight, his parents thought he was reviewing plays and game video with me.

He showed up right after dark. We started making out before the door closed, scattering clothes on the way to the bedroom.

The nightstand light filled the room with a warm golden glow. It was cool outside, so I'd opened the windows and turned off the air conditioning. The open curtains swayed in the gentle breeze.

I heard something besides the noises Bill was making. It was a soft rhythmic moaning, coming through the window screen. Through the corner of my eye, I could see a dark silhouette in front of the trees.

Bill let go of my cock and fell back onto the bed, lifting his legs in the air and showing me his sexy butt. "All right. Fuck me now."

I opened the nightstand drawer, looked inside, then closed it. "I need to get more lube. I'll be back in a minute."

"Don't take too long." Bill lowered his legs and lay on his back, idly stroking his stiff dick and playing with his balls.

I went through the dark kitchen and out the open back door to the covered porch, then eased through the screen door, carefully keeping quiet.

My bare feet were silent on the soft ground. I'm a country boy and grew up barefoot, so the rocks and occasional pieces of gravel didn't bother me.

I went around the corner of the house and saw a familiar female shape in the darkness.

She stood with her legs spread, looking into the bedroom. Thick curly hair hid her face. One hand was inside her open blouse, fondling her big tits, and her other hand was up her short skirt, making soft squishing sounds.

"Hi, Sandy."

She twisted around, staring wildly into the darkness. At least, she didn't scream. It took her a second to recognize me. "You scared the shit out of me," she whispered. I put my hand on her bare chest to feel her heart. It was racing, all right.

I glanced through the window. Bill lay full length on the bed, still slowly beating his meat. "You sort of deserve it. Sneaking around."

"I'm sorry. I just couldn't help myself."

"Well, you know about Bill and me."


"Might as well join the party."

Bill let go of his cock and sat up straight on the bed when I walked in holding Sandy by the arm. "What the fuck?" He tried to hide his massive hard-on with his hands. It didn't work very well.

Sandy stared at his crotch with a silly grin on her face. "Awesome." She'd unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her bra down, showing off her heavy breasts, swollen areolas, and big hard nipples.

"I caught her outside the window. She won't tell." I unfastened Sandy's skirt and let it fall to the floor. She wasn't wearing panties and her dark pussy lips glistened with her juices.

Bill had lost his hard on and he'd quit trying to hide his cock and balls. He stood up and faced Sandy. "Why were you spying on us?"

"I'm sorry," she said. "I just dropped by on the way to Becca's. I saw your car and wondered what was going on."

Sandy took her blouse off and dropped it beside her skirt, followed by the bra. Naked, she turned to Bill. "I looked in the window and saw you . . . I couldn't stop looking. It was so hot . . ."

Bill took a step toward Sandy and she moved to my side. I instinctively wrapped a protective arm around her waist and tightened my body into a fighting posture.

Bill stopped, staring at Sandy and me. His expression melted from anger into bewilderment. "You're . . ."

I looked him in the eye. "Yeah. Just like us."

He laughed ruefully. "Don't know why I expected something else. You told me you liked boys and girls." He smiled at Sandy, then looked back at me. "You've got really good taste."

"Hey." Sandy stepped forward and punched Bill playfully on the shoulder. "I'm right here. And I'm not a piece of meat."

"Sorry. Most of the guys have a hard-on for you."

Sandy grinned. "How about you? Who do you get hard for?"

Bill blushed, then pointed at me.

"For a long time?" Sandy asked. "Like when he was quarterback for the Cougars? While we were in middle school?"

He nodded. She smiled, looking shy and bold at the same time. "Me too."

My dick grew thick and heavy as I looked from Sandy to Bill and back. "What now?" I asked.

"We're all here, naked and horny," Sandy said. "Let's see what happens."

"All three of us?" Bill sounded dubious.

"Why not?" Sandy looked straight at Bill. "We've known each other since grade school."

"It'd be too much like doing my sister."

"But I'm not your sister." She looked at me pointedly, then back at Bill. "And we've got a common interest . . . with a major hard-on."

Bill's cock stiffened as he stared at my rod. "All right." He looked back at Sandy. "But I'm gay."

"It'll work out," Sandy said. She moved between Bill and me, taking a hard cock in each hand and pulling us closer together. "I've dreamed about two guys." She sank to her knees and started sucking our dicks.

Her mouth felt really good on my tool, licking and sucking the head, then taking my length deep in her throat. It felt just as good watching her go down on Bill while she stroked my hot rod.

She alternated between us for a long time, then took both our cocks in her mouth at once, rubbing them together while she licked and sucked their heads.

I kissed Bill, hard and open-mouthed. Sandy stopped sucking, but kept jacking us off. "That's really hot. I've never seen guys kiss like that. Except in porn."

"You're going to see more than that, Sexy," I said.

Bill said, "My turn." He fell to his knees beside Sandy and pushed her hand away from my crotch. She stood up. I wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her to me. She kissed me hard, then looked down to watch Bill.

He jacked my hard shaft while he licked and sucked my balls, taking one, then the other, and finally both into his mouth. Sandy stared at Bill with wide eyes.

He wrapped one hand around my balls and squeezed them gently while licking his way up my swollen shaft. After reaching the top, he clamped his lips around my corneal ring and licked my cock-head, stroking my stiff rod while probing my cum-slit with his tongue.

When Bill started deep-throating me, I released Sandy's waist and put my hand between her legs. She moved her feet apart to make it easier for me. My index finger slid into her hot slick pussy easily, so I added my middle finger.

Bill went harder and faster, bobbing up and down on my cock while roughly kneading my balls.

I worked my fingers in and out of Sandy's puffy wet lips, curling them upward to rub the sensitive spot just inside her pussy mouth. "Oh fuck yeah!" she gasped, squeezing her breasts and playing with her nipples while humping my fingers.

Sandy came, screaming in time with my finger thrusts and gripping my shoulder for support with one hand while jacking her clit with the other.

My balls tightened. "Here's my load. Right down your throat." Bill gulped eagerly and jacked my dick frantically as I fired shot after shot of hot thick cum into his mouth.

With each pulse, I thrust my fingers up Sandy's pussy, keeping her screaming and coming. Bill finally milked me dry and Sandy pushed my hand away from her pussy and stood still. Her eyes didn't quite focus.

Bill rose to his feet, hard as ever, and kissed me aggressively. The taste of my cum on his lips and tongue was really strong.

"Will you kiss me, too?" Sandy asked Bill.

He hesitated. "Sure." He gripped her waist, pulled her face to his, and kissed her, as roughly as he'd kissed me.

She plastered her body against his, pressing her big tits into his chest and humping his stiff cock.

"Wow!" he gasped when they finally separated.

Sandy grinned wickedly and pointed at his big hard pole. "Gonna shoot that gun for us?"

Bill put his hands on Sandy's shoulders, pushed her to her knees, and stood in front of her, beating his throbbing meat. He came after a half-dozen strokes, spraying long streams of thick cum on her face and breasts.

"That was wild," she said. "I usually don't like guys shooting in my face, but this was great."

He looked at her for a second. "Yeah . . . I never expected a girl to be so . . . uh . . ."

"It's all right. I understand . . . well enough, anyway." She rose to her feet, kissed him quickly, then turned and kissed me long, hard, and dirty.

Sandy grabbed my ass and pulled our bodies closer together, trapping my hard-on between her thighs.

She giggled as I licked Bill's cum off her face while playing with her big tits. "Quarterback cream," she purred after I kissed her. "Tasty."

"Coach cream is good, too." Bill pressed his stiff cock between my buttocks, probing for my asshole. His cock-head was slick with precum, but that wasn't enough.

I let go of Sandy and pulled away from Bill. "Get the lube."

"All right." He took the squeeze bottle out of the nightstand drawer.

Sandy lay on her back. I knelt between her legs and put my hands on her breasts. Her nipples were rock-hard. I bent down to kiss her.

As Sandy's tongue danced against mine, Bill slipped a lubricated finger up my ass.

I pushed my cock-head between Sandy's folds and took her with one quick stroke. "Oh yeah!" she gasped.

I held still while Bill pushed his swollen rod between my buttocks and started fucking me slowly.

"Go faster," I said. "I'm ready for you." He did.

I fucked Sandy in time with Bill's rough thrusts, pounding her pussy while he rammed my ass. We were going really fast. She screamed and her cunt muscles clamped my driving rod every time I hit bottom.

"Oh fuck!" Bill gasped. His hard hot jets of cum splashed against my anal walls while I shot deep inside Sandy's spasming snatch. We came for a long time before collapsing in an erotic tangle.

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