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Cover by Michelle Douglas - MD Book Covers

Hot young coach . . . Super sexy cheerleader . . . Stud quarterback . . .

Travis Williams has returned to his small Texas town's high school as the Conner Cougars' assistant football coach.

Five years ago, when he was star quarterback, Bill Harris and Sandy Oakes worshiped him from afar. Now, Bill is starting quarterback, Sandy is head cheerleader, and they're both determined to get a lot closer to Coach Trav.

Sandy scores the first down by flashing Trav in first-period History class, but Bill makes the first touchdown with an after-school blowjob in Trav's office.

That evening, Sandy evens the score when a violent thunderstorm washes her to Trav's doorstep, and into his bed.

Next comes Bill, visiting Trav to review game video, and to learn some new male-male games.

The battle for Trav's heart . . . and body . . . rages as the Cougars race toward State Championship.

Contains explicit male-male, male-female, female-female, male-male-female and group sex.

Samples from Touchdown

Chapter 1 - Kickoff

Chapter 2 - Night Game

Chapter 3 - Practicing Plays

Chapter 4 - End Zone

Chapter 5 - Making the Team

Chapter 6 - Final Score

Bill and Sandy's adventures continue in Three-Way Buddies and New Toy. And don't miss Trav's wild early years in Bi-College.

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