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Touchdown 4 - End Zone

Saturday, September 15

After Bill left, I lay on the bed for a few minutes, then got up and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

I spent a leisurely five minutes showering and washing my hair. Instead of getting out, I stayed under the hot water, letting it wash over me like heavy rain.

That reminded me of Sandy's visit two nights ago. When I helped her get her car out of the mud the next morning, I found her phone on the seat. It was fully charged.

My cock was hard again. I moved to the spot where the stream from the shower struck my crotch, then stroked my stiff shaft and squeezed my balls while the water danced over my swollen cock-head.

I was close to coming when the curtain suddenly opened. The shower scene in Psycho flashed through my mind as I turned to face the intruder.

It was Sandy, stark naked. Grinning, she looked up and down my body, lingering on my boner. "Need some help with that?"

"Oh yeah!" I turned the water off and got out of the shower. Sandy flattened her body against mine and kissed me passionately. My stiff cock pressed into her belly.

"Poor baby." Her hands were hot on my cock and balls. "You're so hard."

"We'll fix that." I gripped Sandy's waist, turned her around, and bent her over the bathroom counter, facing the mirror with her butt in the air.

She stiffened when I pressed my hard-on between her butt cheeks. "Are you going to fuck my ass?" Her reflection in the mirror looked both scared and excited.

"Only if you want it."

She shook her head vigorously. "I'm not ready."

"That's all right."

"I like the way your hot dog feels between my buns." She giggled softly, then looked serious. "You'd be gentle?"


"I've had your cock in my mouth and pussy. I want it up my ass." She tightened her buttocks around my stiff pole. "But not yet."

"That's okay. I like your pussy."

She shivered and pushed back harder. "You get me so hot."

"You are gonna get ass-fucked if you keep working your butt like that."

"All right, I'll quit teasing you . . . us." She reached between her legs and pulled her dark folds open, showing me her hot pink interior, glistening with her juices. "My cunt's ready for your big hard cock."

"You got it, Sexy."

Sandy moaned as I pushed into her, slowly stretching her hot tight pussy. "Fuck, that's good," she whispered when I was all the way inside. "I've missed this. Dreamed about it."

"It's only been two days." I fucked her slowly, pulling almost out, then pushing all the way back in.

"Guess I'm a slut." She rolled her hips in time with my thrusts. "You mind?" She was grinning at me in the mirror.

"You're an angel." I fucked her faster. Sandy moaned softly as she humped my driving rod.

Her pussy muscles clamped my cock as she came. I gripped her waist to hold her in place and fucked her with hard fast strokes. "Oh yeah! Pound my hot cunt!" Her cries echoed off the bathroom walls, mixed with the rhythmic slap of flesh against flesh. "Hammer me with that big cock! Oh! Fuck!"

"Here it comes, Sexy!"

"Yeah, Baby! Shoot it! . . . Oh yeah!"

I fired shot after shot of hot cum up Sandy's convulsing cunt as she came, screaming at the top of her lungs and clutching the counter top to hold herself up.

We gradually slowed to a stop. Sandy's reflection smiled. "This was the first time."

"What first time? It's sure not your first fuck . . . Slut!" I slapped her butt playfully.

She giggled. "The first time in front of a mirror. I've never watched myself before. I'm more of a devil than an angel, but I was sure in heaven . . ."

"The expression on your face was amazing."

"What's really amazing is the way you use that big cock." She clenched her pussy muscles, clamping my stiff rod. "I've never had a guy who makes me come the way you do."

"You inspire me."

"That's so sweet." She frowned slightly as she studied my face in the mirror. After a moment, she made a decision. "I want you to fuck my ass."

"You sure?" I pulled my cock out of her pussy and she turned to face me.

"I'm not scared any more. I know you won't hurt me." She wrapped her hand around my stiff pole. "Let's go." She led me to the bedroom.

Sandy stopped me beside the bed and sank to her knees. "I haven't sucked you yet." She gripped my stiff dick with one hand and gently squeezed my balls with the other while licking and sucking my cock-head.

"That's good." I slowly stroked her hair as she ran her hand up and down my cock and probed my cum-slit with her tongue.

She smiled up at me. "You taste good. All sweet and creamy." Sandy went back to sucking me, bobbing up and down quickly, taking most of my length while jacking me roughly. She let go of my balls and put her hand between her legs, making wet sounds as she fingered her pussy.

I caught her hand. "You're going to make me come."

Sandy let me go. "We can't have that." She stood up and kissed me hard, lashing her tongue against mine. I rubbed my hard-on against her crotch while kneading her butt-cheeks. She kissed me passionately as I ran my index finger along her crack, teasing her tight little hole.

She pulled away. "Fuck me now."

"All right." I pointed to the bed. "Get on your hands and knees." I took a bottle of lube from the nightstand drawer and knelt behind her. "Ready?"

"Oh yeah." I lubricated my index finger and pressed it between her spread butt cheeks. She moaned softly and pushed back as I gently probed her tight little asshole.

Sandy gasped when my finger slipped all the way up her ass, stopping with my curled knuckles pressed against her buttocks. I worked my finger in and out carefully. "Feels good," she whispered. "You can do it harder." I did. She relaxed quickly.

I crossed my index and middle fingers and pressed them into her butt. She screamed and tried to pull away. "You all right?"

"I think so. You just surprised me." She propped herself up on one hand and slid two fingers up her pussy. "Keep going. Just take it slow."

"Okay." I rotated my hand slowly as I pushed my fingers into her ass. Sandy fingered her pussy as I gradually stretched her asshole. "Does it still hurt?"

"No. It feels good now. Give me the rest." She rocked back and forth slowly, easing my crossed fingers all the way up her butt. "Oh fuck!" she whispered.

Sandy rolled onto her back and lifted her butt into the air. She grinned at me through her open legs. "Fuck me. Now. I'm ready."

"It'd be easier if I lie on my back and you lower yourself onto my cock."

"I want it this way."

"All right." I smeared lube on my painfully hard rod, positioned its head in the center of her little puckered hole, and pressed forward gently. My cock was thicker than my crossed fingers. The tip went in easily, but I had to push harder to continue.

She gasped and I stopped moving. "I'm all right," she said. "Keep going."

I stayed still until her anal muscles relaxed, then increased the pressure, going a little deeper and stopping when she tensed up again. I repeated the process, gradually opening her ass.

Sandy was breathing hard. She squeezed her breasts while pinching her hard nipples between her thumbs and index fingers. "Is it all the way in?"

"My cock-head."

"I feel so stretched."

"It'll be easier now. Did it hurt?"

"A little. But it felt good, too. Really good." She tensed her ass muscles, then relaxed them. "I want your whole cock now. All the way up my butt."

Sandy gasped when I slid smoothly home. "Yeah! That's great!" she whispered. "Your cock all the way up my ass. Your balls pressing against my butt cheeks."

She moaned with pleasure and rocked her hips, humping my hot rod as I slowly pushed in and pulled out of her tight asshole.

"Sexy Baby." I bent forward and kissed her. "Ready for a good rough ride?"

"Oh yeah!" Her anal muscles clamped my pole. "Ram that big stiff cock up my ass. Hard and fast."

"All right. I'm gonna ream your virgin ass."

She wasn't really ready for anything that rough, so I took it easy, pulling out gradually, then carefully sliding back in.

"That's so good." Sandy slid a finger up her pussy while I slow-fucked her butt. After I'd taken a few strokes, she added a second finger.

Her anal muscles relaxed and I went faster. She finger-fucked herself in time with my thrusts, screaming softly every time I drove home. "Take my cock, Baby," I growled. "All the way up your sweet tight ass."

Her screams grew louder. She pulled her fingers out of her pussy and jacked her clit like a tiny dick. "Yeah Trav!" Sandy cried. "Pound my ass. Give me that big stud cock! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

She came hard, clamping my plunging pole as I hammered her. "Shoot it, stud!" She cried. "Shoot that hot stuff up my ass."

I gripped her knees, lifting her buttocks higher and driving in deeper. "You're gonna get it, Babe." I fucked her faster and harder.

The tension in my balls reached the bursting point. "Here it comes." I rammed her asshole, filling it with my hot juice.

I stopped, still deep inside her ass, and released her knees. Sandy grabbed my shoulders, pulled me down to her, and kissed me passionately. "That was amazing."

"You're amazing." I kissed her again.

My cock eventually softened and slipped out. "Oh," Sandy sighed. "I wanted to keep you inside me. Forever."

"I'll be back," I answered in a thick fake German accent.

Sandy laughed. "Yeah. You will. Soon."

"Bet on it."


"After I rest a bit. I'm not Superman."

"You're close enough for me."

We stayed in bed for a while, kissing and cuddling, then got up and took a shower together.

As we were drying off, Sandy said, "I have to go soon. Becca's expecting me." She plastered her body against mine and kissed me, pressing her breasts into my chest and trapping my stiffening cock between her thighs. "But we still have time for a quickie."

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