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Touchdown 3 - Practicing Plays

Saturday, September 15

It was early afternoon. Bill and I were sitting on my living room couch, sipping beer and watching game video, playing the final minute over and over.

The Boulder Buffaloes had been every bit as tough as we'd expected. It was a really close game. Bill ran 30 yards, dancing all around the Buffaloes, making the final touchdown a half-second before the clock ran out.

I was wearing my sweats and tee-shirt. He was dressed for a youth meeting at his church, in blue jeans, an open-collared school shirt, and black sneakers.

Bill surprised me by pulling a joint out of his shirt pocket. He saw my expression and said, "I've got a goody-goody reputation. That's not really me."

"I kinda guessed that." I opened one of the drawers in the cabinet supporting the flatscreen and took out an ashtray, lighter, and roach clip. "Coaches have to pretend to be goody-goody, too." I put the stuff on the coffee table with the joint. "Want another beer?"

"Yup." When I got back from the kitchen, Bill had piled his clothes neatly on one corner of the coffee table. He waved at the football players on the flatscreen. "I've had enough football." He looked at the giant pole in my sweat pants. "Put something interesting on."

I shed my clothes in seconds, joined Bill on the couch, and picked up the remote. "Bet you want gay porn." I navigated to, my favorite gay website.

"Sure." He lit the joint. "What do you like?" He took a toke, then handed me the joint.

I took a long drag and let it out before answering. "Everything. Gay, straight, bi . . ."

"Oh." Bill looked a little disappointed. "I just like guys."

"That's cool." I picked a video from my favorites.

We passed the joint, silently watching the opening credits. A police car with flashing lights and a screaming siren roared through the night toward the camera. Bill laughed at the title: Night Sticks {Bi-Cops}.

The police car stock footage dissolved to still photos of the performers. "Rick Steel" was a big beefy guy with a black crewcut, naked except for a police cap and holding a night stick. "Mark Hammer" was a little shorter than Rick, built like a weightlifter, with brown hair, wearing a police cap and a gun belt. The third man was completely naked. "Johnny Harden" was tall and thin with long flowing blond hair. All three men had big muscles and long thick dicks. I thought of them as "Big Cop," "Little Cop," and "Surfer Boy."

Bill laughed as he ogled the guys on the screen. "Great names."

We sipped beer and passed the joint while watching the video.

It started beside a road at night. Police lights flashed off-screen as the two cops walked up to an old pickup. Surfer Boy got out, dressed only in sneakers and super-tight blue jean cutoffs.

He flirted with the cops, showing off his big cock and muscular ass in the revealing cutoffs. When Surfer Boy bent over, stretching the tight fabric over his butt cheeks, Big Cop reached between his legs and put his hand on the blond boy's crotch.

Surfer Boy sank to his knees, unzipped the cops' uniform pants, and started sucking their stiff dicks.

"That's hot." Bill wrapped his hand around my stiff rod.

The joint had gone out. I put it down and turned to Bill. "So are you." I kissed him. He kissed me back aggressively, with lots of tongue.

I stretched out on the long couch. Bill lay on top of me, rubbing his big hard dick against mine as we went on kissing . . . lots of rough male-on-male kissing.

"I'm gonna suck your cock." Bill rolled off me and knelt in front of the couch.

I sat up and spread my legs. Bill wrapped one hand around my stiff shaft and squeezed my balls with the other. He licked my cock head and stroked my shaft.

On Thursday, he'd wanted a good hard face fucking, so I'd given it to him. Today, I settled back on the couch, relaxing and letting him do what he wanted. Bill alternated between taking my cock deep down his throat and sucking its head while probing my cum-slit with his tongue.

I stood up, pulled Bill to his feet, and kissed him hard. "Ready to fuck my ass?"

"Oh yeah!"

"Let's go." I took Bill's hand to lead him to the bedroom.

He held back, turning to look at the video. The action had moved to a small room with cinder block walls and a mattress on the concrete floor. Big Cop was butt-fucking Surfer Boy while Surfer Boy sucked Little Cop's cock. "I've always had to sneak around for sex. Cars. Basements. Bedrooms with the family downstairs."

"Want to do it in here?" I gestured at the men on the screen. "Watching that?"


"All right." I got a squeeze bottle of lube from the bedroom. When I got back, Surfer Boy was lying on his back with his legs in the air. Big Cop was ramming his ass. Little Cop knelt at the edge the mattress, slowly stroking his own stiff cock.

Bill stared at the figures on the screen as if hypnotized. "No porn at my house," he said. "Our parents watch us too closely."

"My folks were pretty good," I said. "My big brother left for college when I was 12. Mom and Dad left my little sister and me alone if we had our doors closed. I jacked off to a lot of free low-res Internet porn."

I got down on my hands and knees facing the TV. "Come on, Big Boy." I wiggled my butt at Bill. "I'm ready for you."

"I've dreamed about fucking your sexy butt." Bill slipped his finger up my asshole, coating it with lube. My stiff cock jerked as he moved his finger in and out.

"Come on," I said. "Fuck me now."

"Okay." Bill entered me with one long slow steady slide.

"Oh yeah!" I said. "Your cock's all the way up my ass. Feels good."

I pointed at the screen. "Do it like that." Surfer Boy jacked off while Little Cop fucked him. Big Cop stood behind Little Cop, driving his gigantic dick up his partner's ass. "Pound my butt. Good and hard."

He slammed my ass like a jackhammer, bouncing his balls against my butt cheeks.

I supported myself with one hand and jacked off with the other, feeling the tension building in my balls.

Little Cop pulled out of Surfer Boy's ass and sprayed cum all over his cock and balls. Surfer Boy came on his own belly and chest. Big Cop shot his own load on Little Cop's buttocks.

Bill roared like a cougar as he drove deep into my asshole, spraying another hard hot jet of cum each time he hit bottom.

Bill finally slowed to a stop and let his chest sink onto my back. It felt good with his weight on me and his cock buried deep in my ass.

Bill pulled out of my butt and stood up. "That was awesome."

I rose to my feet and kissed Him. Bill's cock was still hard, gleaming with lube and cum. I wrapped my hand around it and slowly slid my fingers up and down his shaft, stroking its head with my thumb and index finger.

Before long, I had him close to coming. I let go of Bill's cock and stepped back. "You really liked fucking my ass."

"Yeah," he answered.

"I liked it too." I stroked my stiff rod slowly while looking from Bill's face to his hard-on and back. "Know what?"

Bill didn't answer. "You really reamed my ass out," I said. "Got off good and hard." He nodded. "Now, it's my turn."

"What do you want to do?" Bill asked.

"Fuck your ass."

Bill's voice was tight. "I've always done the fucking."

"Time for a change."

"I want to do it . . . with you. But I'm scared."

"I'll take it easy."

I grabbed Bill's stiff pole and led him into the bedroom. We stopped at the foot of the bed. "What now?" he asked.

"Get on the bed. On your hands and knees." He did.

As I got onto the bed behind Bill, I glanced at the window and saw a face, framed with black hair. I froze briefly and looked more closely. Nothing. I guessed it had been the wind blowing the leaves in the trees around the house.

I spent a moment admiring his hot athletic male ass, then lubricated my index finger and pressed it into the little ring of puckered flesh between his beautiful muscular buttocks.

He gasped. I stopped with the tip of my finger part way inside. "You ready for this?"

"Oh yeah. Kinda scared." He slowly pushed back against my finger, pausing when its tip was completely in his butt. "But not that scared." There was a photo of my family on the nightstand. I looked at his reflection in the shiny glass.

"You'll be fine." I pulled my finger out, applied more lube, and teased his tight little hole with a slick fingertip.

He relaxed quickly as I played with his ass. "All right," he said. "I'm ready."

This time my finger slid in easily. "Fuck, that's good," he said. I worked my finger in and out, taking it easy. Bill moaned softly as he humped my finger.

"Do it," Bill said. "I'm ready." I smeared lube on my rock-hard cock and pressed it into his tight little hole. "Oh fuck!" he gasped.

"Jack off. It'll help." I pulled back slightly, then pushed forward again.

My cock-head was all the way inside Bill's asshole. I pulled it out, then pushed it in again, going a little deeper before I felt him tense up. "That's good," he whispered. "Keep going."

After a few more strokes, he'd relaxed enough to take the head and first inch of my cock. "You've got the hottest tightest ass I've ever fucked," I said.

"Bet you say that to all the boys." Bill thrust his butt backward, taking my full length with one rough stroke. "Oh fuck!"

"You okay?"

"Yeah. It feels great." He'd stopped jacking off. "I almost came. Right then." His ass muscles clamped my cock "Take it easy. I don't want to shoot too soon."

I slow-fucked him, pulling almost out, then pushing my full length back up his ass.

Bill rolled his buttocks in time with my thrusts, pushing back to take me to the hilt, then pulling away until my cock-head was barely kissing his asshole, gradually picking up speed.

"Oh fuck! . . . Oh fuck! . . . Oh Jeez, fuck me! . . . Hard! . . . Yeah! . . . Good and hard!" He panted and screamed as I slammed his asshole.

"You got a sweet butt!" The cum was boiling in my balls. "I'm gonna shoot a big load! . . . Right up that hot tight ass!"

"Oh fuck, shoot it!" he screamed. I rammed his butt, squirting another thick pulse up his asshole with each violent thrust.

Bill and I slowed to a stop. His ass muscles gripped my rod tightly. "That was good," he said.

"Just good?"

"Okay, it was sort of great. Even better than I imagined. Didn't hurt like I expected, either."

"Shouldn't." I reached around his body and gripped his cock. It was still rock-hard. "You shoot?"

"Got close. But, no."

"Want to fuck me again?" I pulled out of Bill's ass.

He rose to his knees and turned to face me. "Sure. With you on your back this time. Face-to-face."

Bill saw the clock on the nightstand. "Oh shit!" He jumped to his feet. "I'm supposed to be at that church meeting in half an hour."

I pulled him down on top of me. "Then hurry."

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