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Touchdown 2 - Night Game

Thursday, September 13

Rain battered the roof and thunder rolled through the stormy night sky. Lightning flashes filled the sullen clouds with baleful light. The 8:30 KCGR weather report said the storm would hover over Conner for at least another three hours.

Fortunately, it would be clear and hot tomorrow so the field would have all day to dry out. Beating the Boulder Buffaloes was going to be tough anyway. Playing in the mud would make it worse.

The TV wasn't telling me anything new, so I switched it off. I considered getting a beer or rolling a joint. Instead, I leaned back on the sofa with my bare feet on the coffee table, thinking about Sandy and Bill.

I was wearing a tee-shirt and sweat pants with no underwear. My painfully throbbing hard-on pitched a tent in the soft cloth. I wished I'd have forgotten about Mr. Skinner and let Bill fuck me.

I was ready to watch some Internet porn on the big flatscreen when someone pounded on the front door. Whoever was out in this weather was probably in trouble.

My boner subsided as I crossed the living room and opened the door. Sandy was standing outside. Her thick curly black hair hung limply over her shoulders, dripping on the porch. She wore sodden sneakers and clinging blue jean cutoffs. A soaked "Cougars" tee-shirt was plastered to her breasts. A low-cut push-up bra hid her nipples, but not much else.

"I'm sorry to bother you, Coach Wilson. My car's stuck in the mud about a mile from here."

"Are you all right?"

"I'm fine, but my phone doesn't work. The battery's dead."

"Come on in. We'll get you dried off."

Sandy looked into the living room, then pulled her tee-shirt tail out of her cutoffs and squeezed the fabric. Water splashed the porch floor. "Maybe I should undress out here. I don't want to soak your carpet."

"Okay. I'll get you some towels and a bathrobe."

The rain was coming almost straight down. It was fairly dry under the broad front porch roof. I politely turned my back while Sandy changed into the bathrobe and toweled her hair. She wrung the water out of her clothes and handed them to me.

When I returned from the dryer on the old farmhouse's enclosed back porch, she was standing barefoot in the middle of the living room with her arms folded across her chest to keep the oversized bathrobe closed. "What were you doing out in that rain?" I asked.

"Going to study with Becca." Rebecca Murphy was Sandy's best friend. Her family lived five miles down the road from my place. "I didn't realize how bad it would be."

"I'm glad you're all right."

Blinding electric-blue light filled the entire sky. Crashing thunder shook the house. The rain's drumming grew deafening. We looked at the wall of water outside the window. I couldn't even see the floodlight at the end of the driveway.

"It's too dangerous to go out. You can sleep in the guest room tonight."

"Thanks. I'll call Becca and my folks."

I gave Sandy my phone and went to put sheets on the guest bed. When I got back, she was saying, " . . . sorry about tonight. I'll see you in class tomorrow morning." She made a kissing noise into the phone and hung up.

A bolt of lightning hit something close. It was like a bomb exploding in the front yard. The house shook violently and the lights flickered, then went out, leaving us in darkness.

Wordlessly, Sandy moved into my arms. She was trembling. Her big breasts were soft. She wrapped her arms around my back, pressing her body against mine. "Sorry," she whispered. Her lips were inches from mine. "Thunder and lightning scare me."

I stroked her hair and back. "They scare me, too." She moaned softly and gripped my butt, rubbing her vulva against my stiffening dick.

Her voice was soft and intimate. "You make me feel safe." She'd let the bathrobe fall open and I could feel her hard nipples through my tee-shirt. I kissed her, softly and tenderly.

Sandy responded fiercely, with a hard kiss. Her tongue found mine and stroked it hungrily.

She grabbed my sweatpants and yanked them down, freeing my hard cock. "Fuck me now! Rough!" She shrugged off the bathrobe and sank to the floor. I stepped out of the sweatpants, stripped my tee-shirt off, and knelt between her open thighs.

The lightning flashes through the window colored her skin silver. I pressed a hand against her hairless crotch and slipped my middle finger between her smooth pussy lips. She was already wet inside.

I pulled my finger out and replaced it with my swollen cock-head. "Oh yeah," she whispered. "This is what I want."

"All right, Sexy." I eased into her pussy mouth, stretching out the sensations of taking her.

"Nice." She rocked her hips, slowly but insistently. "Now, give me the rest."

I filled her with one quick thrust, ending with my balls pressed against her crotch. She was slick, hot, and tight, even better than my fantasies. "Fuck, that's good!" she gasped.

"You're good," I answered.

A lightning flash showed her wide eyes and open mouth. "Don't worry about me," she whispered. "Just fucking use me!"

All right.

I pounded her hard and fast, pulling almost out, then slamming home, satisfying myself without any concern for her pleasure. As she rocked under me, I kneaded her. Her nipples were rock-hard under my hands.

Sandy moved in time with my cock thrusts, slapping her pelvis against mine. "Oh yeah baby!" she gasped. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Fuck me just like that . . . Hot and hard. Slam that big cock in my cunt! Play with my tits! Oh yeah! Fuck fuck fuck!"

She was close to coming. So was I. She must have felt my cock throbbing. "Come in me baby! In my tight cunt!"

Her pussy muscles clenched my driving rod as she came, taking me over the edge. She kept coming while I rammed her, shooting each time I drove into her depths.

Finally spent, I collapsed on top of Sandy, propped on my elbows to let her breathe. Her chest heaved, pressing her tight nipples against my skin. I felt her heart pounding.

We were both in good shape and recovered quickly.

"That's what I needed," she purred, kissing me. "A good hard fuck. By a man who knows how to use a woman."

"You like it?" I asked. "Rough?"

"Sometimes. I don't want guys to be too gentle, like they're afraid I'll break. She kissed me again. It was sweet and tender.

I was still deep inside her. "No," she moaned when I pulled out.

"We did it your way." I wrapped my arms around her back and rose to my knees, lifting her with me. "Now, it's my turn." I carried her to my bedroom and laid her on the bed. I drew the curtains, shutting the lightning flashes out. "What now?" she whispered in the dark.

"You wait here." I got candles from the kitchen, lit them, and set them around the bed, filing the room with a warm golden light. "Now, I can see you."

Sandy was sprawled on her back with extended arms and open legs, proudly displaying her big breasts, surmounted by puffy half-dollar-sized tan areolas and big pink swollen nipples, and the hairless vulva and dark folds she'd flashed that morning.

She was staring at my raging hard-on. "Nice," she whispered. "I've wanted to play with this for so long . . ." She reached for my cock.

I dodged her hand, gripped her hips, and pulled her to the edge of the bed. "We're doing it my way. Remember?"

"Whatever you say, sexy." She opened her legs wider as I sank to my knees between her thighs.

"I've been fantasizing about eating this hot little pussy all day. Since you flashed it at me."

Sandy sounded half shy and half proud. "That's nothing. I've been dreaming about you since you came back to Conner. Wearing my vibrator out, too." She put her hands on her breasts, kneading them slowly and pinching her nipples. "I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to get your attention somehow."

"You did." Sandy's spread legs had pulled her folds open and her juices glistened in the candlelight. She moaned when I slipped my tongue between her puffy lips and ran it slowly up and down, gradually going deeper.

Each stroke of my tongue produced more juice. I sucked it, savoring her hot pungent taste, seasoned with my own cum. Her moans got louder and faster as I tongue-fucked her, sticking its full length into her hot pussy and working it around.

Sandy screamed and thrust her hips violently upwards. I worked my tongue faster and harder, gripping her hips to hold myself in place as her pelvis pounded my face. Suddenly, her pussy spasmed, filling my mouth with waves of pungent juices. I gulped most of it down, but some splashed my face.

"Wow!" Sandy sounded dazed. "I never squirted before."

"It was wild," I answered. "I've never gotten a woman off like that."

"You didn't even touch my clit."

"We'll save that for later." I lay on the bed and she moved into my arms. We kissed passionately. She kept pulling away from my lips and licking my face, giggling softly each time.

My cock was still rock hard. "Yeah," Sandy whispered as I rolled her onto her back and knelt between her legs. "Fuck me again."

I slipped smoothly up her pussy and stopped deep inside her, staring into her eyes. "What are you thinking?" she asked.

There'd been so many girls in my high school quarterback years, all intent on scoring with the big hero. Somehow, Sandy was different. She'd had a crush on me as a kid, but now she wanted me with an adult passion that had nothing to do with putting another notch on her bedpost. I knew instantly it was what I really wanted. What I'd always wanted.

"Nothing." I fucked her slowly, enjoying her pussy's tight grip on my sliding cock-head and shaft. "Just how lucky I am. How good you feel."

Before she could say anything, I pressed my lips against hers. Her tongue stroked mine in a slow graceful erotic dance.

After some timeless period, I left her mouth and kissed and licked her forehead, eyelids, nose, cheeks, ears . . . while keeping my cock moving at the same steady tempo. She moaned softly and rolled her hips in time with my slow thrusts.

I kept most of my weight on Sandy, pressing her into the mattress. She tried to speed me up, but couldn't get any leverage.

The tension in my cock and balls increased gradually. She'd stopped resisting and had relaxed into my gentle rhythm. I angled my cock to graze her clit. Her moans grew louder.

Sandy's hands were free, stroking my face, shoulders, and hair. Suddenly, she pulled my face down to hers, and thrust her tongue into my mouth. Her pussy clenched my rod as she arched her back, lifting me off the bed.

I grabbed her shoulders to hold myself in place and fucked her hard and fast. "Oh God!" she cried. "I'm cummmming!"

It was like riding a bucking bronco or wrestling a gator, but a lot more fun. All I could do was hang on as she screamed and thrashed, ferociously clamping my hot driving rod.

The cum was boiling in my tight nuts. "Oh fuck yeah!" she screamed. "Shoot it! Fill my cunt with your hot cum." I did, ramming her hard and firing another shot with each rough thrust.

She gradually slowed to a stop. I held still, with my cock buried deep inside her.

"Sooo good," she whispered dreamily. "Never been fucked like that before." Sandy smiled shyly. "Boys will never be the same. I've had a man now."

I wasn't sure what to say, so I kissed her again, for a long sweet time. Afterward, I rolled onto my side and gathered her in my arms. She nestled against me, purring like a kitten, and fell asleep.

The worst of the storm outside had passed on. All that remained was the soft hissing of rain on the roof. I stroked Sandy's hair and back, feeling warm and contented. She was smiling slightly. Her soft regular breathing was hot against my chest.

I fell asleep holding her.

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