Gay When His Girlfriend's Away

Chapter One from My Brother's Boyfriend

Hot gay sex with my almost-straight stud roommate

It's Friday night and my roommate Johnny Kim is sucking my cock.

We're not boyfriends. Johnny has a girlfriend and I've got a long string of hot guys on my phone.

But this weekend, Johnny's girlfriend Candice Wong ("Candy" to her friends) is visiting her sister in Waco—yes, there are Asian-Americans in Waco—and mostly-straight Johnny is better in bed than most of my all-gay tricks.

I'm sitting on our little student apartment's living room couch with my jeans and boxers bunched around my ankles. Johnny is kneeling between my open knees, kneading my balls and stroking my shaft while he licks and kisses my cock-head. "Oh yeah!" I run my fingers through his thick black buzzcut hair. "That's so good."

Johnny lifts his face to look at me. "So you like that, Tim?" He grins while continuing to jack my rod and play with my balls.

God damn! He is so fuckin' sexy! He'd make a great boyfriend. If he wasn't so into Candy. And if I wasn't such a tomcat. I just nod and say, "Uh huh!"

"I don't suck at sucking, do I?" He goes back down on my rod without waiting for an answer, bobbing over its head and shaft.

"You're great." The tension in my nuts builds as he goes faster.

He lets my swollen pole slip out of his mouth. "I love sucking your dick." Still gripping my cock and balls, he scoots backwards, pulling me to my feet. "Now, fuck my face."

I admire Johnny for a moment, kneeling with his cargo shorts and briefs down around his ankles. His impressively large hard-on rises from his almost-hairless crotch. Then, I lace my fingers behind his head and press my knob between his tightly-closed lips.

"Okay. I'm gonna give your mouth a workout." I roll my hips working my stiff rod in and out of his hot wet mouth. He holds on tight, roughly stroking my shaft and squeezing my balls.

"This is so fuckin' good." I drive harder and faster. "You ready for a big hot load?"

I'm on the edge when he pulls away. "Not in my mouth." He holds my throbbing cock gently, like he's afraid it will jump away. "Not this time."

"Where then?" I already know the answer. Johnny's a relentless bottom. Candy's a passionate and enthusiastic lover—I've heard the sounds coming from Johnny's bedroom—but she can't fuck his butt. At least, not with a real live cock.

He stands up and kisses me, open-mouthed with lots of tongue. "You know."

We shed our shoes, pants, and underwear. I take his hand and lead him into my room. "How do you want it this time?"

Johnny lies on the king-sized bed filling most of the bedroom with a pillow under the small of his back and folds his knees against his chest, lifting his butt and showing me his pretty little asshole. "Like this."

I get the lube out of the nightstand and kneel between his raised ankles. "Man! You are pretty." His cock is rock-hard and the precum leaking from its tip is making a little puddle on his belly. "Pretty ass. Pretty dick—"

"Pretty fucking horny!" He lifts his sculpted buttocks higher. "Ready to get fucked."

I dip my finger into the little puddle of precum, then stick it in my mouth and suck it. "So you want my big hard cock up your pretty little butthole?"

He really does have a pretty little butthole, nestled between his muscled runner's buns, a little circle of puckered flesh that does suggest a rosebud. It's the prettiest I've seen, and I've seen quite a few. I fuck most of my tricks. I've only been buttfucked a few times. That's all right. I like being a top.

"Yes," Johnny answers. "Please."

I spend a few more seconds admiring his asshole. I want to kiss it. I've never done that. It seems kind of gross. But I still have an almost irresistible desire to eat Johnny's sexy ass.

Instead, I bend forward, grab his stiff cock and bulging balls, and swallow his rod. I bob on his shaft and suck his cock-head, with one hand on his junk and the other teasing his anus, rubbing its puckered flesh and pressing a fingertip into its center.

Johnny moans as I suck his cock aggressively. I like sucking cock. The feel and taste of a man's swollen pole in my mouth is so fuckin' hot, especially when he shoots. I like sucking guys off and swallowing their hot tart cum, but that doesn't happen too often. Most guys want to come with my dick pounding their ass.

"Please," he begs. "Fuck me now."

I release his throbbing cock, then lubricate my index finger and slide it up his asshole. It goes in easily. His cock jerks as I work my finger in and out.

He's way past ready and I've teased him—and me—enough. I lubricate my stiff cock—it's respectably sized, with a helmet-shaped head—and press its head into the center of Johnny's puckered hole.

Johnny groans as my cock-head slowly opens his anus. I've taken him quickly and violently before. No preliminaries, just ramming my rod up his asshole and bouncing my balls against his butt cheeks. He likes that—a lot—but this time I stretch it out.

My cock-head slips through his anal ring. I stop, barely inside, and then pull completely out. I do that a few more times, savoring the pressure on my swollen knob as I penetrate him.

It feels great, but I could come this way. I pull out once more, aim my rod like a spear, and thrust home, driving through his asshole into his depths and slamming my pelvis into his buttocks.

"Yeah!" Johnny gasps. "That's right!"

"You ready for a good hard ride?" I grip his ankles and push them up over his shoulders, spreading his legs in a wide Vee and pushing my hard cock even deeper into his hot tight asshole. I squirt a big blob of lubricant into the palm of my hand and caress his stiff pole, coating it with the slippery gel.

Johnny nods eagerly. "Uh huh!"

"Good. Because I'm gonna pound the hell outta your ass." I fuck him hard and fast, rocking his legs in a wide arc and swinging his butt up to meet my plunging pole.

It's so hot watching my driving rod sliding in and out of Johnny's muscular buns. The rest of the view is just as hot. He's movie-star handsome, with a muscular body, a broad hairless chest, and a big hard cock—longer and thicker than mine—with a broad bell head, and bulging balls with wrinkled skin a darker shade of olive than the rest of his body.

While Johnny's a Korean-American stud, I'm sort of geek-cute, a skinny white kid, two inches taller and 20 pounds lighter than Johnny, with shaggy dirty blond hair. I don't work out as seriously as Johnny, but I don't have a car so I stay in shape by riding my bike everywhere.

"Fuck!" Johnny jacks his stiff pole while I pound his butt. "This is so good!"

His ass is so hot and tight. And he's so fuckin' sexy. The cutest guy in my fair-sized stable. And maybe the most passionate, when he gets going. I love plowing his ass. But I still want him to fuck me with his big hard cock. "Man!" I gasp. "I'm getting close."

Johnny's hand is flying over his stiff dick. "Come on. Shoot it. I want to feel—"

I hammer his asshole, pulling almost out and then slamming home, shooting hard pulses of cum into his depths. Long streamers of cum burst from Johnny's hard cock, splashing his belly and chest.

It's been a busy week and I haven't had time for dating. I haven't even jacked off since Wednesday night. That's a long time for a super-horny college freshman. I come and come, long after Johnny—who spent last night fucking the hell out of Candy—has finished. His cock stays rock-hard and jerks with each of my hammer blows.

I finally run out of cum. My cock slips out of his butt when I let go of his ankles and bend forward to kiss him. He kisses me back enthusiastically. At first, he didn't want to kiss, but he's gotten over that.

Our first time was almost an accident. We were friends from the Conner High School Computer Club and it made sense to rent an apartment together when we came to Texas Methodist University in Austin to study Computer Science and Information Systems.

It worked out really well. I didn't mind Johnny's frequent noisy nights with Candy and they were fine with the guys I brought home.

One Saturday night, he'd had a fight with Candy and I didn't have a date. We were drinking beer and smoking pot. Then, we'd decided to compare dicks. We'd been roommates for two months and had seen each other's cocks soft, but not hard. Not until that night. Long story short: I sucked his dick, then he surprised me by sucking mine. I was even more surprised when he bent over and asked me to fuck his butt.

Now, we're having sex fairly regularly. I wonder what having him for a boyfriend would be like, but he has Candy and I'm not ready to settle down with one guy.

I turn off the lights and take Johnny in my arms. We cuddle in the dark, kissing tenderly and touching each other's bodies.

"This is so great," he whispers. "I never realized how much I needed man-on-man sex."

This is another first. Johnny's never said anything like that before. For a long time, he never said anything at all.

Our relationship has been a gradual progression. At first, he'd just wanted to suck my dick and get his ass fucked. He hadn't even liked me sucking his cock. I'd had to push hard to get him to kiss me. At first, he'd been super-stiff, but he'd eventually warmed up.

Cuddling has taken a long time, too. The first few times, he'd jumped out of bed as soon as we'd finished, then taken a quick shower and locked himself in his bedroom. Of course, most of my tricks were like that—come and go—but it hurt a lot more with Johnny. Now, he's actually sleeping with me. It's so good waking up with a man beside me.

But, it's going to be a while before we sleep. I reach between our bodies and wrap my fingers around his cock. It stiffens at my touch.

My rod is already rock-hard. I roll Johnny onto his back and move between his legs. "Ready for another round?"