Sample from Skydancers

Bi Sex In Deep Space

On the floor, Becca laughed. "I guess that was okay. Not as good as my vibrator, but a change." She pushed away from Alexei and floated to a graceful landing on her stubs beside him, then reached out and gripped his stiff cock. "You didn't come."

"Nyet." Alexei was grinning. "Your pizda is too old and worn out."

Becca laughed again. "Asshole."

"Your zhopa might be tight enough." He slipped his hand between her spread thighs and tickled her butt crack. "It has been used somewhat less frequently."

She slapped his hand. "In your dreams." Then, she looked at Ahmed. "I'll bet you'd like the Cossack's dick up your ass."

Jayne was still plastered against Ahmed, flattening her breasts against his chest and fondling his now fully-erect cock. "You want to give Becca and me a show?" she whispered. "It's been a long time since we've watched two men fuck."

"Uh . . ." Ahmed had only committed the sin of man-on-man sex once, with Lance while Loretta urged them on. Even before he'd crossed that final barrier, he'd decided—Allah forgive him—that The Prophet had been wrong about sex. "All right."

Alexei stood up and approached Ahmed and Jayne. He kissed her briefly, then patted her butt affectionately and said, "His zhopa is mine." She giggled and stepped away.

"Tovarishch." Alexei faced Ahmed with his stiff cock centimeters away from Ahmed's rigid pole. "This morning when you arrived, I felt your heat." He kissed Ahmed passionately. It was aggressively male with lots of tongue, rougher than women liked and irresistibly sexy. "Now, you are white hot."

"Oh yes." Ahmed grabbed Alexei and pulled their bodies together. They kissed, hard and open-mouthed with dueling tongues stroking, thrusting, and parrying while they rubbed hard cocks and kneaded each other's muscular buttocks.

"You are a good kisser, Tovarishch." Alexei pushed Ahmed to his knees. "Now, suck my zhestkiy khuy."

Ahmed stared at Alexei's long thick pole. Its foreskin was retracted and its crown gleamed with precum. He'd never been attracted to men, until that burning kiss. But, this was so male. So primal. He curled his fingers around Alexei's thick shaft and clamped his lips around its crown. He swirled his tongue over the man's wide cock-head, tasting an exotic mixture of pussy, sweat, precum, and raw overheated male.

"That is good." Alexei pushed his hard-on deep into Ahmed's mouth, stopping with his balls pressed against Ahmed's chin. "Now, suck it." He rolled his hips, slowly moving his dick in and out of Ahmed's mouth.

Ahmed stretched his mouth over Alexei's sliding rod, licking and sucking its head while stroking its swollen shaft and kneading Alexei's balls. His own cock was rock-hard.

"By God! You are a good cocksucker." Alexei pulled Ahmed to his feet. "I could come in your mouth easily." He turned Ahmed around and bent him over. "Instead, I will have your ass." He sank to his knees, then put his hands on Ahmed's butt cheeks and pulled them open.

"Are you going to fuck me now?" Ahmed was frightened, but his cock had grown even harder.

"Soon, Tovarishch." Alexei kissed Ahmed's buttocks and licked up and down his crack, then swirled his tongue around Ahmed's pucker, starting at its edge and moving inward.

Ahmed squirmed and moaned as Alexei's broad flat tongue stroked his asshole, sending waves of pleasure surging through his body. His cries grew louder when Alexei pressed his pointed tongue into his anus, gradually teasing it open. "By God!" he cried. "That's so good!"

The tension in Ahmed's nuts built steadily as Alexei's tongue went in deeper, fucking his ass like a wide flat super-flexible cock. He was close to coming when Alexei pulled away.

Alexei said, "Now, I am going to fuck your zhopa." Jayne handed him a squeeze bottle of lubricant. "Fuck it hard." He coated his index finger with the slippery gel and slid it up Ahmed's asshole.

Ahmed's rock-hard pole jerked as Alexei worked his finger in and out of his butt, twisting his wrist to distribute the lube evenly. "I'm ready for your cock," he said.

"Da, Tovarishch. I will fuck you now." Alexei lubricated his long thick pole and pressed its flaring mushroom head into the center of Ahmed's puckered hole.

Except for Loretta's dildo, Ahmed was an anal virgin. He thrust his buttocks backward, driving the Ukrainian's swollen pole through his anal ring and up his asshole, sending a shockwave of pleasure through his body.

"Fuck me hard." Ahmed rocked his hips, shifting Alexei's big rod in his ass. "I'm ready for you."

"Good! I shall fuck you like the Devil!" Alexei fucked Ahmed hard and fast, slamming his pelvis into Ahmed's buttocks and shaking his body.

"Pound my ass!" Ahmed gasped. He was close to coming when Alexei bellowed like a rutting camel and hammered Ahmed's ass, sending hard hot jets of cum splashing against his anal walls.

"Oh yes!" Ahmed's cock throbbed as he braced himself against Alexei's onslaught. "Shoot that big hot load." Alexei did, pumping a seemingly endless amount of cum up Ahmed's butt.

"By God, that was good." Alexei pulled his cock out of Ahmed's butt. "Best ass I have had in a long time." He started to walk away.

"You're not going anywhere!" Ahmed grabbed Alexei's waist and bent him over. "It's my turn now." He picked up the lube.