My Girlfriend's Sister

Sample from My Girlfriend's Sister

Little Sister Won't . . . But Big Sister Will

"On your back, Boy." I lie on the mattress. Kristin kneels between my spread legs and grips my stiff shaft. "I'm gonna suck your cock now." She swirls her tongue over my knob while gently stroking my pole. "Such a pretty cock." She swallows my rod. The whole thing, all the way to its hilt, stopping with my balls pressed against her chin. I don't have the biggest dick in the locker room, but it's one of the larger ones.

"Damn!" I gasp. "Chloe can't—" I shut up, realizing that comparing Chloe's cocksucking skills to Kristin's while she's giving me an amazing blowjob is a Bad Idea.

I run my fingers through Kristin's blond buzz cut as she bobs on my pole while kneading my balls and running a teasing finger over my taint to my butt crack.

I'm close to coming again. I'm about to tell Kristin to stop when she lifts her head off my cock. "I love sucking your dick." She makes a big show of licking her lips. "It tastes like pussy and cum." She goes down on my rod again. "And sexy man."

"What now?" I'm ready to fuck Kristin.

She has other plans. "I'm gonna sit on your face." She squats with her feet on either side of my head and gradually lowers her pelvis, pulling her neat little pussy lips open, showing her glistening hot pink interior.

My cock, already as stiff as a steel pole, gets even harder as Kristin's vulva covers my mouth and nose. I push my tongue up inside her, tasting her juices and my cum. She doesn't taste like Chloe.

"That's right!" Kristin grinds her crotch into my face. "Eat me." I lick her pussy walls and thrust my tongue into her depths, greedily sucking her rapidly flowing juices. My tongue finds her clit and she growls as I suck the little bud. It's a raw primal sound, scary and sexy.

Her growls grow louder as I thrust my tongue deep into her cunt like a flat flexible cock. My face is slick with her overflowing juices as I wiggle my tongue in her depths. Her pussy spasms, clamping my tongue and filling my mouth with her tart juices.

I swallow and wait for a second wave, but it doesn't come. Kristin laughs shakily, lifts her crotch away from my face, and collapses onto the mattress beside me.

"Wow!" Kristin is breathing hard. "That was wild." She touches my wet face. "I've never gushed before. I always thought it was a myth."

"Guess not." I lick my lips. "It sure shocked me."

She laughs. "So Chloe never comes like that?" I blush and Kristin says, "Sorry. I shouldn't ask private questions about you and little sister."

"Probably not." I certainly don't want to compare sweet shy Chloe and her confident, aggressively sexual, sister.

"Okay." Kristen straddles my hips, grabs my painfully stiff rod, and guides its head into her pussy mouth. "How about if I just shut up and ride your cock." She lowers her pelvis, spiking her pussy on my pole.

"Oh yeah!" Kristin closes her eyes and squeezes her B-cup breasts while rolling her hips, shifting my cock inside her. "This is so good!"

"Good for me, too." I thrust up into her pussy. It's as hot, tight, and slick as before. "The best."

"The best cunt?" She rocks harder, almost pulling off my driving rod and then slamming down, taking me deep in her pussy.

"Best anything. Ever." I pull Kristin down on top of me and kiss her passionately.

Her cunt muscles clamp my cock as she tongue-kisses me back. "Fuck me hard," she whispers. "I want to feel you come."

"All right." I roll Kristin over on her back, keeping my hard-on deep inside her. My weight pins her to the bed as I pound her pussy.

"Oh fuck!" Kristin rolls her hips in time with my driving cock. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" She wraps her legs around my back, letting me drive in deeper.

The tension in my nuts builds as I fuck Kristin roughly, drawing back and then slamming home. "Shoot it, Baby!" she moans. "Shoot it now!"

Kristin screams and thrashes under me, coming hard as I hammer her spasming snatch, shooting another hard hot pulse of cum with each rough thrust.

We finally collapse in a tangled heap. She lies limp under me, looking up with a dazed expression on her face. I raise my upper body with my elbows to take the weight off her heaving chest and kiss her.

"Wow," she whispers. "That was great. Everything I dreamed it would be."

"Great for me, too." I lower my face to Kristin's and kiss her tenderly. "Even better than I'd imagined."

"I'm sure you've got a great imagination." She kisses me again, slipping me some tongue. "So, I'm glad this exceeded it." She kisses me aggressively, with a lot more tongue. My cock has softened, but it's still buried deep in her pussy. It swells again as we go on kissing.

"Are you going to fuck me again?" She tightens her pussy muscles around my now-raging hard-on. "It feels like you're ready."