My Brother's Boyfriend

Sample from My Brother's Boyfriend

While Big Brother's Away . . .

Walt yanks his throbbing cock out of my mouth, then pulls me to my feet, takes me in his big strong arms, and kisses me, hard and dirty.

We kiss for a long time, open-mouthed with battling tongues, while rubbing stiff cocks and fondling each other's buttocks. He slides a thick finger between my butt cheeks and presses its tip into my anus. I moan and hump my stiff dick against his big fat pole.

When I'm close to coming, he pulls his throbbing cock away from mine. He takes me in his arms and lifts me by my back and knees, like a bride on her wedding night.

I'm 6' 2" tall and weigh 160 pounds. He's just picked me up like a child. I wrap my arms around his broad shoulders, super-aroused by my helplessness. My brother's big black muscle-stud boyfriend is going to have his way with me and there's nothing I can do about it.

Walt's stiff cock bumps my butt cheeks as he carries me across the patio, up the stairs to the balcony, and into the master bedroom.

Wordlessly, he lays me on the bed and removes my sneakers, socks, and the shorts around my ankles. I sit up and he takes my tee-shirt off. I lie back down and look up at him with my hard cock and tight balls sticking out of my sexy red boxers.

The expression on Walt's handsome face is pure uncontrolled lust. I almost come as he tears my boxers apart, gripping their waistband with those big strong hands and ripping the elastic band apart, then reducing the rest of the fabric to tatters.

I'm so ready when he moves me onto my hands and knees at the foot of the bed. My cock is harder than I can ever remember. I want to see him, but this is better. More submissive . . .

Walt kneels on the floor behind me, then puts his hands on my butt cheeks and pulls them apart. I try to prepare myself for his giant pole. It'll hurt, but the pleasure will be worth the pain as he takes me.

But, he doesn't fuck my ass. Lightning shoots from my anus to my rock-hard cock as Walt's hot breath caresses my asshole.

My cock throbs as he kisses, licks, and nibbles around my anus, gradually moving in. I moan and push my butt back into his face.

Walt chuckles and licks up and down my butt crack. I reach between my legs and stroke my painfully hard cock as he approaches my rosebud.

I moan and squirm as Walt's flat tongue strokes my asshole. It's hot, wet, and insistent, sending firebolts of sexual energy through my body.

He points his tongue and presses it into my anus, gradually teasing it open. I let go of my throbbing pole and grind my butt into Walt's face. He pushes his tongue in deeper, fucking my ass like a wide flat super-flexible cock.

I'm close to coming as he kisses my asshole tenderly and then stands up. He pats my butt affectionately, then goes over to the nightstand and takes a little plastic squeeze bottle out of the drawer.

Walt moves behind me. He touches my butthole and my stiff cock jerks. The big blob of lubricant on his fingertip feels cold, but warms up as he rubs his finger over my anus.

He puts more lube on his finger and presses its tip into the center of my asshole. I moan and push back. My body stiffens as his finger slides all the way up my butt. "Fuck!" I mutter.

"That's the plan." Walt slowly works his finger in and out of my almost-virgin hole.

I rock my butt while Walt fingers my asshole, occasionally pulling out and adding more lube. My anal muscles relax and he adds a second finger, crossed with the first. He twists his wrist while moving his fingers in and out, distributing the lubricant evenly.

My cock throbs and I moan when Walt uncrosses the two fingers in my ass and spreads them open, stretching my tight anal ring wider.

He fingers my asshole more aggressively, eventually adding a third finger. "I'm going to fuck you now."

"Oh yeah!" Now, I'm more excited than scared. "Please."

Walt pulls his fingers out of my butt, smears lube on his oversized pole, and presses its head into my asshole.

It's been a long time since I've been buttfucked. Walt pushes in slowly and carefully, gradually stretching my anal ring. When I tense up, he stops and draws back slightly, letting me relax before going deeper.

It hurts. It always hurts at first. Usually, the pain dissolves into pleasure as I submit to the cock invading my asshole. But, Walt's pole is way bigger than the other men's rods.

It feels good, too. I want his dick up my ass. More than anything. I reach between my legs and stroke my cock, running a slow fist up and down its shaft and rubbing my index finger over its head, smearing the precum leaking from its tip.

Pleasure and pain fight as Walt goes deeper, stretching my asshole wider than the other men's cocks. Even wider than his three fingers. I jack off and slowly swing my hips, pushing back onto his oversized cock-head.

The pain fades, a little, and I can't wait any longer. Without giving myself time to think, I thrust my buttocks backward, driving Walt's rod into my overstretched hole.

Blinding pain shoots through my body. I scream and jerk away.

I twist around and look at Walt through the tears in my eyes. "I want your cock. But, it's so big . . ."