Escape From The Mountain Men

Sample From Mountain Men 8

Taken By Oversexed Gay Outlaws

Tom and Washington got on the bed, directly under the camera. They kissed and masturbated each other, then sucked each other's cocks, moving into positions where the camera could see the action.

"Damn!" Tom said. "You are one fine piece of ass."

"You like my asshole?" Washington rolled up onto his shoulders and waved his sexy puckered hole at the camera.

"Oh yeah." Tom planted a long wet kiss on Washington's asshole. "Best ever." He moved to Washington's stiff cock, wondering if the camera was picking up the gleaming saliva on the black stud's anal folds.

Tom licked and sucked Washington's cock and balls, frequently letting his tongue wander to the sexy man's pretty little asshole. Washington groaned and rolled his hips, pushing his butt closer to the camera. "Eat my ass," he begged.

"Let's change positions," Tom said. Washington got down on all fours, with his face pressed against the mattress and his butt lifted high in the air.

Tom knelt behind Washington, conscious of the camera, but mostly aware of the sexy little puckered hole between the black stud's sculpted buttocks.

He showered Washington's butt cheeks with kisses, approaching his crack, but then dancing away. "Oh fuck, man!" Washington moaned. "Stop playing."

"All right." Tom put his hands on Washington's smoothly muscled buttocks and pulled them apart, exposing his anus. Tom licked it, running his broad flat tongue over the puckered flesh, leaving a trail of gleaming spit . . .

Tom forgot about the camera and their hidden audience. He lost himself in eating Washington's sexy asshole, wiggling his flat tongue over its wrinkled surface, pressing into the tight little hole in its center, gradually teasing it open, tasting his mysterious male musk . . .