Return To The Mountain Men

Sample From Mountain Men 6

Captured By Queer Klansmen

The road ended up in a large clearing, holding a typical farmyard. There was a barn, a farmhouse, several sheds, and the usual clutter of vehicles and equipment.

Tom pulled into the yard, backed up behind the barn, and prepared to pull out again. Country people were really touchy about their land and he wanted to get away without them noticing him.

Too late! A rough looking man, dressed in camo fatigues and heavy boots, was standing beside the Jeep, aiming a wicked-looking black rifle at him.

Tom carefully put the Jeep in park, turned off the engine, unfastened his seat belt, opened the door, and got out with his hands in the air.

"Turn around," the gunman said. "Hands on the Jeep." He drew a pistol and set the rifle on the ground, then frisked Tom quickly and professionally. "Hands behind your back." He snapped handcuffs on Tom's wrists, then holstered his pistol.

Tom turned to face Camo Man. He pushed Tom to his knees, then unzipped his fly and took his dick out. It was thin but unusually long, with a wide head that looked like an army helmet. "Suck my cock."

"What?" Tom couldn't help staring at Camo Man's stiffening rod. In a moment, it had grown fully hard. Under other circumstances, Tom's dick would be hard, too. But with the man standing with his hand on the butt of his holstered pistol . . . Fuck! He was getting hard, anyway. "I'm straight. I'm not gonna suck dick."

"Oh yeah, you will." Camo Man gripped his rod with the hand not touching the pistol and guided it to Tom's lips. "And if you bite, my buddies and I will hurt you. So badly you'll beg for death."

Despite his own hard-on, Tom really didn't want to suck Camo Man's cock. He'd never felt that way about any other man, but he'd never been threatened with a gun before, either.

So, he took the other man's stiff dick into his mouth with convincing reluctance, swallowing its head and most of its shaft. It tasted of salty sweat, precum, and male flesh. Despite himself, Tom grew more excited as he bobbed over Camo Man's hard rod, pressing its swollen head between his compressed lips and taking its stiff shaft deep in his throat.

"Damn!" Camo Man growled. "For a straight guy, you're a helluva cocksucker."

Tom let Camo Man's stiff cock slip out of his mouth. "Do I have a choice?"

"You always have choices." Camo Man touched the pistol's butt. "So far, you're making good ones." He pushed his hard dick back into Tom's mouth and laced his fingers behind Tom's head. "You might wanna keep that up." He fucked Tom's face roughly, pulling out and then driving back in, slapping his crotch against Tom's face.