Schooled By The Mountain Men

Sample From Mountain Men 2

First Gay Anal In The Wilderness

Tom woke up with wood. He was lying on his stomach with his massive erection trapped under his body. Harry was on top of Tom, rubbing his big heavy log up and down Tom's butt crack.

"Fuck," Tom muttered.

"Oh, I will fuck you." Harry changed the angle of his cock, pressing its broad head into Tom's asshole. "But for now, I am enjoying playing with your ass."

This seemed like a dream to Tom. A dream where a giant man with an enormous cock had hammered his ass, making him come over and over . . . A dream where he could take that cock, without pain and even without lube.

Ow! Harry had pushed in a little too far for comfort. It didn't hurt much and made Tom's cock even harder. He lifted his butt toward Harry's pole, pressing its knob deeper into his asshole. That hurt too, but also made Tom want more of Harry's massive cock.

Tom got up on his hands and knees. "Fuck me for real." He waved his butt seductively. "I'm ready for your big Indian cock."

"Do not worry." Harry knelt behind Tom. "You will get it soon." His fingertip slowly circled Tom's anus, giving him an even bigger boner. "But I will do something else first." He pushed a fingertip through Tom's anal ring. "I think you will like it."

"What are you going to do?"

"Just wait and see." Harry bent forward, put his hands on Tom's butt cheeks, and pulled them apart.

Lightning shot from Tom's anus to his rock hard cock as Harry's warm breath caressed his anus. "Your asshole is so pretty," Harry whispered. "So fucking sexy."

Tom's cock throbbed as Harry kissed, licked, and nibbled around his anus, gradually moving in. He moaned and pushed his butt back into Harry's face.

Harry said, "I think you like that."

"Oh god! Yeah."

"I am just getting started." Harry licked up and down Tom's butt crack. Tom stroked his painfully hard cock as Harry's tongue approached his anus.

Tom moaned and squirmed as Harry's flat tongue stroked his asshole. It was hot, wet, and insistent, sending firebolts of sexual energy through his body.

"You like that." Harry pointed his tongue and pressed it into Tom's anus, gradually teasing it open.

"Oh yeah!" Tom let go of his throbbing pole and ground his butt into Harry's face. "That's so good!" Harry pushed his tongue in deeper, fucking Tom's ass like a wide flat super-flexible cock.

"It is good for me, too." Harry kissed Tom's asshole tenderly, then stood up and patted his butt affectionately. "Now, I have a giant hard-on and I need a place to put it."

Tom twisted around to look at Harry. "I've got a place."

"I know." Harry pulled Tom to the edge of the bed. "I spent the night dreaming about your sexy asshole." He took a tube of lube out of the nightstand drawer, squeezed a big blob onto the tip of his finger and rubbed it over Tom's puckered hole. "Now, I am going to have it."

Harry put more lube on his thick finger and slid it up Tom's asshole. He was still new to this and it hurt going in, but the pain faded quickly.

"Your asshole is hot and tight." Harry twisted his wrist as he worked his finger in and out, distributing the lube evenly.

Tom's cock jerked in time with Harry's finger motions. "Man! That feels great."

"I am glad you like it." Harry pulled his finger out. "You will like my cock even more." He lubricated his dick and pressed its head into Tom's asshole.

"Oh fuck!" Tom gasped. "That is big." He'd forgotten how much taking Harry's giant cock last night had hurt. The excitement and pleasure had been worth the pain but it had still hurt. And last time, he'd been in control, lowering his butt onto Harry's giant pole. Now, he was on his hands and knees, helpless and completely under the big man's power.

"It is not too big." Harry pushed in slowly, drawing back slightly when Tom tensed up, then proceeding, gradually stretching Tom's tight hole. "I have fucked you before."

"I know." Tom stroked his stiff cock as Harry went in deeper. "That's not something I'd forget." He thrust his butt backward, taking a little more of Harry's broad cock-head.

"You are brave," Harry said. "This hurts you, and yet . . ." His cock-head slipped through Tom's anal ring. Tom screamed, both from the sudden stab of pain and the overwhelming wave of pleasure that had surged through his body.

Harry slowly fucked Tom's ass-mouth, pulling completely out and then pushing his cock-head back through his tight anal sphincter. "Oh fuck!" Tom moaned. "That's so good!" The pain had faded, leaving only pleasure.

"It gets better." Harry smeared more lube on his stiff pole and slid it up Tom's ass.

"Oh yeah!" Tom gasped. His cock throbbed as Harry's massive rod stretched and filled his asshole. The big man's tool was so warm and alive. Rock-hard and yet soft and yielding. So . . . fucking . . . male. "Fuck me now."

"Like this?" Harry drew back slowly, then pressed back inside.

"Yeah." Tom's hard dick jerked as Harry's flaring cock-head rubbed his anal walls. "Just like that."

Harry fucked Tom with long slow strokes. "Your asshole feels great." He bent forward and kissed the back of Tom's neck. "So hot and tight." He straightened up. "The sight of my cock, sliding in and out of your beautiful ass . . . It is so exciting."

"This feels so good." Tom rolled his hips, pushing his butt onto Harry's driving rod, taking it deeper. "Fuck me hard. I'm ready for you now."

"Very well." Harry fucked Tom roughly, drawing back and then slamming home, bouncing his balls against Tom's butt cheeks.

Tom stroked his throbbing cock as Harry drove his plunging pole deep into his ass, sending waves of pleasure through his body. "Come on!" he cried. "Shoot that big dick for me! Give me a big hot—" He screamed as Harry's first hard hot pulse of cum splashed his anal walls. "Oh yeah! Come in me!"

Harry rammed Tom's ass, pumping more cum up his tight butt with each rough thrust. It was even more exciting than the last time.