Rescued By The Mountain Men

Samples From Mountain Men 1

First-Time Gay Lust In The Wilderness

Harry came back and put his hand on the big bulge in Clint's jeans. "Are we cruel men? Teasing your young friend like that?"

"We've been teasing each other, too. But now . . ." Clint unfastened Harry's belt and opened his fly. "We will fuck like animals," he said in Cheyenne.

Harry smiled at the words. And, Clint knew, at his atrocious accent. "We certainly will." He wasn't wearing underwear and his cock—much bigger than Clint's ample rod—sprung to full hardness.

Clint dropped his own pants and pushed his precum-soaked boxers down around his ankles.

He pressed his stiff dick against Harry's and wrapped his hand around both swollen poles. He stroked their rigid shafts and pinched their broad cock-heads between his thumb and first two fingers.

"I have missed this." Harry kneaded their balls while Clint jacked their cocks. "Especially now that Bronze Feather is away so much." Harry's partner was managing a construction project in Alaska.

"I've missed you." Clint kissed Harry, hard and open-mouthed, with lots of aggressive tongue. Harry kissed him back, just as roughly.

"We are together now. At least for tonight." Harry put his hands on Clint's shoulders and pushed him to his knees. "We will make the most of it."

"Yes, we will." Clint took Harry's massive pole deep in his throat, all the way to its base. He held it there until he ran out of air and then pulled away. "I love your cock." He closed his thumb and index finger around the base of Harry's rod and bobbed up and down, running his compressed lips over its thick shaft and over its broad head.

Harry growled and ran his fingers through Clint's long hair. "I love the way you suck my cock."

Clint pulled Harry's foreskin down, clamped his lips around the big man's corneal ring, and licked and kissed his cock-head, swirling his tongue over its stretched skin.

He gripped Harry's foreskin loosely and slid it up and down while probing Harry's cum-slit with the tip of his tongue, savoring its hot male taste.

"Yes," Harry whispered. "That is right." He grabbed the back of Clint's head and swung his hips, fucking his face. Clint held on, caressing Harry's shaft and kneading his balls while the big man rammed his throat.

"That is so good." Harry pulled Clint to his feet and kissed him fiercely. "But, I am not ready to come."

"I want to feel you shoot," Clint answered. "But not in my mouth. Not this time."

"Your mouth is excellent." Harry slid his hands down Clint's back to his buttocks and kneaded them roughly. "But not as good as your asshole."

* * * * * * * *

They spent the rest of the day at the research site. In the middle of the afternoon, Tom stopped to take a piss. Clint watched him for a moment, then opened his own fly and joined him. Tom tried to act casual, but he couldn't ignore his stiffening dick while he looked at Clint's big rod.

"You're packin' some serious wood there, Buddy." Clint shook the final drops of pee off his half-hard cock, but left it out.

"Uh . . . You're pretty hung yourself." Tom's cock grew longer and thicker as he looked Clint over. His long hair, beard, muscular body, and rapidly-hardening cock were so raw, primal, and male.

"Sexy guys do that to me." Clint unfastened his belt and opened his fly. "And you are a total stud." He pushed his jeans and boxers down, freeing his cock and balls.

"Uh . . ." Tom stared at Clint's stiff pole, rising from his lush pubic thatch.

"Don't be shy." Clint guided Tom's hand to his crotch. "You know you want this."

"Yeah. I do." Tom wrapped his fingers around Clint's swollen rod. He'd never touched another man's hard cock before. He stroked it slowly, running his fist up and down its firm shaft.

Clint drew a deep breath and thrust his pelvis toward Tom. Precum leaked from the tip of his hard cock and ran over its head down to its shaft. "That feels good."

Tom extended his strokes, running the circle made by his closed thumb and index finger over Clint's corneal ring and caressing his cock-head. Clint rolled his hips slowly, setting a counter rhythm to Tom's rapidly dancing fingers. Tom gripped Clint's balls, squeezing them tightly while he worked Clint's rod.

"Oh man!" Clint groaned. "You're gonna make me come!"

"Yeah!" Tom fell to his knees, still roughly jerking Clint's throbbing pole. "Shoot for me!" He took Clint's cock in his mouth and sucked it frantically. Hard hot waves of cum gushed into his mouth. He gulped frantically, swallowing every drop.

He held Clint's cock in his mouth long after the other man had finished coming, savoring the tang of his cum and the raw male taste of his softened rod.

"You're really good." Clint pulled Tom to his feet and kissed him roughly, thrusting his tongue into his mouth. Tom froze, but then melted into the kiss, opening his mouth wide and lashing his tongue against Clint's.

"It was fun," Tom said. "I've never—"

"That's the first time you sucked a dick?" Clint gripped the stiff rod sticking out of Tom's unzipped jeans. "You sure got me off."

"First time I've done anything with another guy." Tom blushed at a sudden memory. "Except jack-off contests with other boys. We were really young. And we didn't touch each other."