Long Hard Riders

Sample from Long Hard Riders

Lust Rides the Range

Trey patted Jim's butt affectionately. "Looks like you're ready."

"Yeah." Jim lay on the bed and folded his knees against his chest.

Trey knelt between Jim's open knees, lubricated his index finger, and slipped it up Jim's asshole.

"Oh man!" Jim's cock jerked as Trey fingered his ass, occasionally adding more lube.

"You ready?" Without waiting for an answer, Trey pulled his finger out of Jim's butt. He lubricated his cock and then pressed its big round cock-head into Jim's asshole, gradually stretching it open.

Jim gasped when he pushed in too far. "Sorry." Trey picked up the squeeze bottle and squirted lube into the palm of Jim's hand. "Jerk off. It'll help."

Jim stroked his hard shaft and rubbed his swollen cock-head as Trey pushed relentlessly into his virgin butthole, stopping briefly when he tensed up, then pressing forward. Finally, his thick round head was all the way inside Jim's tight anal ring. "You like that."

"Yeah. Keep going." Jim jacked his hard dick while Trey fucked him slowly and steadily, gradually going deeper. He finally stopped with his balls pressed against Jim's buttocks and his long thick cock all the way up Jim's ass.

"Fuck!" Jim's heart was pounding and it was hard to breathe.

Trey looked down at Jim. "You okay?"

"Oh yeah. You're so fuckin' big. Your monster cock."

"Does it hurt?"

"A little. But it feels great, too."

"All right." Trey gripped Jim's legs right below his raised knees and lifted them higher. "Now, I'm really gonna fuck your hot sexy ass."

"Good." Jim fingered his balls and stroked his rod as Trey carefully pulled out and then pushed back in. "Yeah. That's right."

"Your asshole is so hot and tight." Trey fucked Jim slowly. "I've wanted to do this since you showed up. But, I didn't want to mess with a straight guy."

"Guess I'm not so straight." Jim rocked his hips, pushing his butt up to meet Trey's sliding pole.

"I'm glad." Trey shifted his grip to Jim's ankles and pushed them over his shoulders, driving his cock deeper into his ass.

Jim's nuts tightened. "Keep fucking me like this and I'm gonna—"

"Okay." Trey slowed his strokes, pulling out until his tip was barely kissing Jim's asshole, then smoothly sliding his full length back up his ass. "That better?"

Jim nodded. "You've always made me horny. I was just afraid to admit it."

"I could tell." Trey looked down to watch his cock slipping in and out of Jim's butt. "You've got one smokin' hot ass."

"And you've got a great cock." Jim stroked his stiff pole in time with Trey's leisurely thrusts. "I never imagined getting buttfucked would feel this good."

"Now you know," Trey said. "You ready for a good hard ride?"

"Uh huh. Give it to me."

Trey spread Jim's legs wider and pounded his ass, bouncing his balls against the horny teenager's butt cheeks.

"Oh fuck!" Jim jacked his stiff cock as Trey slammed his ass like a pile driver, shaking his body with each rough thrust.

"Fuckin' hot ass!" Trey hammered Jim harder. "You're a fuckin' hot man! I'm gonna—" He rammed Jim, shooting a long hot pulse of cum deep into his ass.

"Yeah! Come in me! Up my ass!" Pulse after pulse of Trey's hot juice splashed Jim's anal walls while he shot long streams of cum onto his chest and belly.

Trey stopped with his cock buried deep inside Jim's ass. "That was great. You're great." He lowered his body onto Jim's, supporting part of his weight with his elbows, covering and protecting him.

Jim had never felt so warm and secure. He pulled Trey's face down to his and kissed him tenderly. "Wow!" he whispered. "That was the best. Ever."