Gay Hitchhiker

Sample from Long Hard Riders 2

A Prarie Fire of Gay Lust

Fox had been standing a few feet away, slowly stroking his hard-on while he watched Jim and Virgil. "Hoo Boy!" He took a tube of lubricant out of the locker at the foot of the bed. "Ole Virgil's gonna give you the ride of your life."

"Yes I am." Virgil took the lube from Fox and got on his knees behind Jim.

"Come on. I'm ready for you." Jim was horny beyond belief. The more man-on-man sex he got, the more he wanted . . . needed . . . it. His cock jerked violently as Virgil's index finger slipped through his anal ring.

"You've got a nice butthole." Virgil pulled his finger out of Jim's ass and then pushed it back in. "Hot and tight. Just the way I like 'em . . ."

Jim moaned and rocked his hips while Virgil fingered his ass roughly, occasionally pulling out to add more lube and then pushing back in. A week ago, he'd been a straight anal virgin. Now . . .

"Fuck me!" Jim gasped. "I'm ready for your big hard cock."

"All right!" Virgil pulled his finger out of Jim's butthole. "I'm gonna give it to you. Good and hard!" A moment later, his cock-head pressed into Jim's anal entrance.

"Fuckin' A right!" Fox moved around the bed and stood in front of Jim. His cock was long and hard with a broad plow-shaped head. The precum leaking from its tip was running down his shaft and over his hairy balls. "Virgil's gonna give your butt a workout."

"Good." Jim grinned at Fox's hard-on and then twisted his neck to look back at Virgil. "Ride 'em, cowboy!"

Jim held his anal muscles tight, making Virgil work to get in. He growled and increased the pressure. Jim's painfully-swollen cock jerked when Virgil slipped through his tense anal ring and slid home, bouncing his balls against Jim's butt cheeks. "Jesus!"

"You've got a great ass." Virgil pulled completely out and then drove back in, smacking his pelvis against Jim's butt cheeks and shaking his body. "Finest kind!"

Virgil slammed Jim's ass a few more times and then settled down to fucking him with a slow steady rhythm, drawing back and then pressing into his depths. "Damn, this is good," he growled. "I'm gonna make this last."

Jim rocked his hips in time with Virgil's steadily sliding pole. Each thrust sent a new wave of pleasure through his body.

"You like that, dontcha?" Fox was looking down at Jim with his hands on his hips and a broad grin on his face. "Ole Virgil has the best dick in the West."

Jim stared at the oversized pole rising from Fox's forest of black pubic hair. Its plow-shaped head gleamed with the precum leaking from its tip.

Fox thrust his pelvis forward, pushing his hard-on toward Jim. "Suck my cock. While Virgil fucks your butt."

Jim nodded and wrapped his fingers around Fox's thick shaft. He took the cowboy's broad cock-head in his mouth and swirled his tongue over its tightly-stretched skin, licking up the precum leaking from its tip.

Fox moaned and rolled his hips as Jim bobbed over his stiff pole and kneaded his hairy balls. "Damn, he's a good cocksucker."

"He's got a great ass, too," Virgil said. He held his hand up and Fox slapped it.

"You've got a great cock," Jim said. "I love sucking it." He took Fox's stiff pole deep in his throat, blocking his airway, and held it there until he ran out of oxygen. He pulled off the big rod, took a few deep breaths, and went back down on it, licking and sucking its head while stroking its shaft.

Jim looked up at Fox and said, "You guys are so sexy." He'd never been spitroasted before. Like all man-on-man sex, it was unbelievably exciting.

As Virgil continued steadily plowing his ass, Jim licked and kissed Fox's hairy balls. They tasted like hot sweaty man. He took one of Fox's hot nuts into his mouth and sucked on it hard while stroking it with his tongue.

"Fuckin' A!" Fox squeezed Jim's shoulders and then ran his fingers through his short hair. "Y'all are so damn good!"

Jim sucked and licked Fox's other ball and then took both in his mouth at once. It was a stretch. He could barely move his tongue, but he managed to lick Fox's hot salty nuts while reaching behind his balls to tickle his taint and tease his crack.

"I'm gettin' close." Virgil gripped Jim's hips to hold him steadily and hammered his ass, drawing back and then slamming home.

Jim's cock was throbbing. If he touched it, he'd come. He jacked and sucked Fox's hard-on aggressively while Virgil pounded his butt.

Virgil growled like a rutting bear and drove into Jim's asshole, splashing his anal walls with hard hot jets of cum. It was great, like always. Something a woman could never do . . .