Sample from Cowboys Don't Kiss And Other Stories

Hard lessons for young trespassers

"You're in trouble now," I looked at them sternly. "You could have broken in here to steal and just decided to have a quickie before you robbed us."

"We've been here before and we've never taken anything," Jose objected. "Dude, your security sucks. There's holes in the fence and that sliding door opens if you pull on it. That dog sign on the gate is a lame joke. There's no damn dog. If we were thieves, we'd have cleaned you out by now."

I kept my face grim. "You're still in trouble."

Jose was silent as he looked into my eyes. "Okay, go ahead and bust me," he finally said. "Just leave Diane out of it."

"No!" Diane protested. "Breaking in here was my idea." Her eyes wandered from my face down to the bulge in my partially-unzipped cutoffs. "Let Jose go and I'll show you a good time."

"You're both guilty and you'll both be punished," I said sternly, looking from one teenager to the other. "But if you do what I say, we'll keep the police out of it." They looked at each other, obviously understanding what kind of punishment I had in mind.

* * *

"Kiss me," Diane commanded. Jose and I didn't know which one of us she was talking to, so we both obeyed. Much later, he and I had each thoroughly kissed every inch of her body. I was on my back with Diane on her hands and knees over me. She was sucking my cock and I was eating her pussy when Jose entered her from behind. He fucked her slowly and steadily.

For a while, I gave her head while I fondled Jose's gently swinging balls. Then I got a new idea and moved away from the fucking couple. Diane was kneeling on the edge of the bed. Jose was standing behind her, holding still while she rocked back and forth, working his stiff dick in and out of her pussy.

I got a squeeze bottle of lubricant out of the bathroom, coated my index finger, and moved behind Jose. He stiffened with alarm as I touched him between his buttocks. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

"Just relax." I gripped his thighs to keep him from jumping away. "This isn't going to hurt and you'll like it."

Diane quickly realized what was happening. "Oh neat! Jose's going to find out how his cock feels in my pussy!" She stopped rocking and lowered her voice. "Don't worry Baby. Just keep fucking me while Ken does you. He'll be gentle."

Jose's asshole was super tight, so I gradually teased it open. When he'd relaxed a little, I pushed my finger in up to the first joint and rotated it gently.

"That feels really weird," Jose gasped, "but it doesn't hurt. In fact, it feels kind of good." That's when I slid it all the way in. He tightened his ass muscles like he was trying to nip my finger off, but he didn't try to squirm away.

Soon, I had two fingers moving freely in and out of his butt. It was time for the main event. I greased my prick and pressed it between Jose's buttocks. My cock head slid into his hole as I removed my fingers. He didn't resist as I slowly penetrated him.

When I reached bottom, I stayed motionless, letting him get used to the feeling. "Oh God," he moaned when I finally started moving. We took it slowly at first, as slowly as he'd been fucking Diane for the whole time. Jose gradually increased the tempo until he was hammering Diane's pussy, nearly knocking her onto her belly with the violence of his thrusts. I matched him, motion for motion.

I came first. The feeling of my hot cum splashing his anal walls set Jose off. I hammered his ass while he pounded Diane. Finally, we collapsed in a heap on the bed.