Hot Hustler

Sample from Cowboys Don't Kiss And Other Stories

Straight cop . . . cruising for men

"You look like a cop." The kid was standing at the edge of the street, bent over to talk through the open car window.

Sam Avery smiled. "I am a cop." The kid's expression didn't change. "But I'm not here to bust you."

The kid's expression still didn't change. "So what do you want?"

Sam gestured at the cars behind his. It was Friday night and the line was exceptionally long. "Same as those other guys."

The kid studied him briefly. "All right. Ten for a blow job in your car. Fifty if you want anything else. And you rent the room."

Sam pulled three twenties from his wallet and held them out. "This okay?" The kid nodded. A horn honked behind them. "Then get in."

The kid jumped in and closed the door. Sam pulled away from the young men spaced along the curb. During the day, this street was a major avenue. At night, this stretch belonged to the men. The women were two miles further south. The police swept the area every couple of months, driving the hookers and hustlers to other parts of town for a few days, but no operations were scheduled for the next few weeks.

* * *

"No." He caught Pete's hand and pushed it away. "I'm gonna fuck your ass." He took the little squeeze bottle of lubricant out of his jeans pocket and then stripped. "You ready?"

"Oh yeah. How do you want me?"

Sam pointed to the bed. He'd fantasized about this, usually while jacking off to gay porn on the Internet, but sometimes while fucking his girlfriend. "On your back."

Pete lay on the bed with his legs open and his feet flat on the mattress. Sam picked up the little squeeze bottle and knelt between Pete's raised knees. He spread a thick line of lube along his index finger, then pressed his finger between Pete's buttocks. He felt around for a moment before finding the hole, then slid smoothly inside.

Pete's stiff cock jerked. "Oh god!"

"You like that?" Sam pulled his finger out, applied more lube, then slid it back up Pete's butt, twisting it around to spread the slick gel evenly.

"Oh Jesus!" Pete's asshole clamped Sam's finger. "Fuck me. Good and hard. Now!" Sam pulled his finger out. Pete folded his legs against his chest, lifting his ass higher and spreading his sculpted butt cheeks wider.

Sam smeared lube on his stiff pole, pushed his flaring cock-head into the center of Pete's puckered brown asshole, and pressed forward. The kid was super-tight. Sam inched forward, gradually stretching Pete's hot hole. His anal muscles suddenly relaxed and Sam's cock slid smoothly up his butt.