The French Student

Sample from Cowboys Don't Kiss And Other Stories

Student au naturel — Naked lesbian lust

Ashley opened the front door and stepped into the cool living room. "Hi," she called. "I'm home."

There was no answer. She fixed a glass of iced tea—not sweet tea—and took it into the living room. The floor to ceiling drapes were open and the sliding glass patio door looked out into the sun-drenched back yard. Genevieve, her roommate, was lying face down on a blanket. As usual, she was naked.

Genevieve Behrend was French, studying dance at UT Austin. She was a nudist and loved sunbathing naked in the fenced back yard. At first, that had freaked Ashley out, but she'd quickly gotten used to Genevieve's casual attitude about clothes. Now, Ashley hardly noticed when Genevieve was naked in the house, which was most of the time.

Actually, she did notice. Genevieve was the most beautiful young woman Ashley had ever met. She had jet black hair that looked almost blue at the right angle, blue eyes as clear as a cloudless sky, unblemished silk-smooth skin, long legs, and a ballerina's quietly muscular body.

Ashley wasn't into girls. Not at all! But if she was, Genevieve was the woman she'd choose.

Sometimes while she masturbated, Ashley imagined kissing Genevieve's lush lips and fondling her perfect breasts and butt. She'd even fantasized about Genevieve while Mike was going down on her. That made her feel weird, but fantasies were just . . . fantasies. It wasn't like she was a lesbian.

Genevieve was facing away from the house with her legs spread and her pelvis slightly raised. She had a hand between her legs and was slowly stroking her baby-smooth vulva.

Ashley suddenly felt hot. Her nipples were hard and her panties had grown moist. She set the tea down on the coffee table and moved closer to the sliding glass doors. She kneaded her heavy breasts through her blouse while she watched Genevieve slowly run her index finger up and down her neat little slit.

Ashley knew this was wrong. She shouldn't be intruding on her roommate's privacy. And she was straight, anyway. She tried to turn away, but was frozen in place. Her heart hammered in her chest as she slid her hands over her rib cage and down to her thighs.

Outside, Genevieve rose to her knees. She arched her back and lifted her face to the afternoon sun, then put her hands on her shapely buttocks and squeezed them repeatedly.

Ashley slid her hands up and down her inner thighs, gradually approaching her pussy, while she watched Genevieve. Her panties were already soaking wet. Mike had never done that to her. She moaned softly as she rubbed her protruding pussy lips through the drenched cloth.

Genevieve bent forward, placed a hand between her open legs, and slipped her index finger up her pussy. "God," Ashley whispered, running a finger up and down her slit. "She's so fucking sexy!"

Genevieve turned around and faced the sliding glass door. Ashley instinctively jumped back, but then realized the bright sunlight had turned the glass into a mirror, hiding her behind the reflections in its smooth surface. She returned to her previous position.

Genevieve cupped her breasts and rolled her nipples between her thumbs and index fingers while staring at her reflection. It almost seemed like she was making love to the striking young woman in the mirror. Then, she lay back on the blanket with her legs spread and her knees lifted.

The heat in Ashley's pussy radiated through her body as she watched Genevieve slip one and then two fingers up her gleaming snatch and work them rapidly in and out.

Ashley reached into her dripping wet panties and fingered her own cunt while staring at Genevieve rolling her hips in time with her thrusting fingers. Soon, she was thrashing on the blanket and screaming—loudly enough for Ashley to hear through the thick glass.

The tension in Ashley's loins built to the boiling point while she watched Genevieve come, finally exploding into the most intense orgasm of her life. She sank to her knees, gasping for breath with her heart pounding.

Genevieve lay sprawled on the blanket, recovering from her own climax. She sat up and looked at her reflection in the sliding door with a dazed smile, then rose to her feet and bent over to pick up the blanket.

* * *

Genevieve slid her index and middle fingers up Ashley's pussy, hooking them upward to rub her G-spot.

"I'm so damn horny." Ashley moaned, humping Genevieve's fingers. "I want you to fuck my ass." She'd said that without thinking. She was surprised how much she wanted it.

"Of course, cherie." Genevieve didn't act surprised. "Do you want me to use the big vibrator?"

Ashley looked at the giant purple monster. "Well, it's kinda big . . ."

"I have a smaller toy." Genevieve smiled. "And you will be ready when I put it in." She pulled Ashley down to her and kissed her hard and dirty.

"I am ready." Ashley said. "How are you doing to do it?"

"You will see," Genevieve answered. "Get on the edge of the bed. On your back."

"Okay." Ashley's heart was pounding and her nipples were rock-hard as she moved into position with her legs hanging over the edge of the bed. "What now?"

"You will see, my love." Genevieve put pillows under Ashley's butt and the small of her back, raising her ass. She dropped another pillow onto the floor, then knelt between Ashley's spread thighs and rested Ashley's knees on her shoulders. "I promise you will like this."

Genevieve lowered her face between Ashley's buttocks and whispered, "You have a beautiful rosebud." She kissed, licked, and nibbled around it—Ashley's inner thighs, vulva, butt cheeks . . . gradually moving in.

"God, Baby," Ashley moaned. "That's so good." She was starting to tremble.

"You like it?" Genevieve touched the tip of her tongue to Ashley's anus, sending lightning shocks through her body.

"Oh yeah!" Ashley pushed her butt toward Genevieve's face. "I never imagined . . ." She moaned and squirmed as Genevieve's flat tongue stroked her asshole.

Genevieve pointed her tongue and pressed its tip into the center of Ashley's anus, gradually teasing it open.

Ashley slid a hand down to her vulva, placed her middle and index fingers on either side of her clit, and rubbed its hood over the little swollen bud as Genevieve's tongue penetrated her ass. "Jesus!" she cried, screaming and coming harder than ever before. Harder than she'd ever imagined.

She slid her middle finger up her snatch and fucked it roughly while rubbing her clit with her thumb, thrusting her butt against Genevieve's face, trying to take the French woman's tongue even deeper, screaming, shaking, and clamping her thighs around Genevieve's head. She worked her tongue harder and faster, pushing Ashley to an even more intense climax.

"Oh God! Stop!" Ashley finally cried. "Baby, stop . . . Please! No more!"

Genevieve pulled her tongue out of Ashley's butt. She lay limp while Genevieve moved her to the center of the bed and took her in her arms.

"Oh Baby," Ashley gasped. "That was the best ever. You're the best ever."

"It was good for me, too." Genevieve kissed her tenderly. "You are such a sexy woman."

They cuddled for a long time. Then, Ashley said, "Fuck me now."