Cowboys Don't Kiss

Sample from Cowboys Don't Kiss And Other Stories

Reigniting teenage passion

Jeff looked at me for a long time without saying anything. Then he changed the subject, sort of. "You remember all the stuff we used to do when we were kids?"

"You mean like the man-sized cardboard glider that flew like a rock, the underground fort, and the jailbreak games we used to play in your dad's kennel?" I asked innocently. "Or the time we locked Sandy Oakes up until she showed us her tits. I still don't know if she was embarrassed because she wasn't supposed to let boys see her or because she was so flat-chested."

He finished his drink with one gulp. The lights were low, but I thought he was blushing. "Well, yeah. But I was thinking more about some of the things we used to do when we were a bit older . . . When we were alone together."

"I remember it real well," I replied softly. "We both enjoyed it."

"Yeah, I know." Jeff seemed to be having trouble speaking. "I always figured we'd just grow out of it." He wouldn't look me straight in the eye.

"I never wanted to," I replied gently.

"Oh yeah?" He was suddenly looking at me very intently. He seemed to struggle a bit, then said, "I think that was the problem between me and Carol. I didn't do anything . . . but I wanted to. And she knew it."

He sounded more decisive as he asked, "You remember the contests we used to have with Ralph and Billy?" I sure did. "Your peter was always a lot bigger than mine." That was true. Of course, I was also a lot taller and weighed more than he did. "I've grown a lot since the last time. I wonder who's the biggest now?"

"Well, there's an easy way to find out."

Jeff hesitated, but not for long. "Yeah, I guess so. Who goes first?"

"Together." I got up and stood in front of Jeff's chair.

He glanced around, making sure all the drapes were drawn, then rose to join me. We watched each other closely. I went first with Jeff copying my every move: Unfasten our belt buckles and leave them dangling. Unzip our blue jeans and let them drop around our ankles. A long pause with our hands on the waistbands of our white jockey shorts, admiring each other's bulges, which were growing bigger by the second. Finally, a swift pulling of elastic away from our fronts and a push down to our thighs.

Jeff was still a few inches shorter and weighed less than me, but the outdoor work had hardened and swelled his muscles impressively. I was really glad for the long hours I'd spent working out.

We stood staring at each other for a long time. Jeff had grown a lot. In all areas. Now his dick was just as long and thick as mine. My already-tumescent pecker was rapidly becoming fully erect. Jeff was still following my lead. Within a few moments, both our cocks were standing tall and proud.

I dropped to my knees in front of Jeff and prepared to take his erection into my mouth.

"No!" Jeff tried to pull away.

My right hand was already wrapped around the base of his dick and cupping his balls. I held him in place as I looked up into his eyes. "What's the matter? Do you think it's going to hurt you?"

"No," he replied after a moment. "I want you to do it." His body was still rigid when I started sucking his cock, but he was soon breathing heavily and working his hips to thrust his stiff dick in and out of my mouth. He was getting close to coming when he suddenly pulled away. "Let's go into the bedroom and do this right."