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Bi-College Girls 2 - With Toys

Andy sat up and looked at Bobby. "Wanna try something else?"


"I want to fuck your butt."

Bobby looked down at the strap-on's huge dildo. "With this? It's so big."

"No," Andy answered. "We'll start with something small."

"Uh . . ." Bobby remembered the way Trav's finger pressing into her ass scared and excited her. "All right."

"You'll like this." Andy stood up and kissed Bobby, then moved into Kathy's arms and kissed her. "How about you?"

"Up the ass?" Kathy giggled nervously. "I'm so not ready for that. I just want to watch you two."

"That's okay," Andy answered. "You'll find out how good it feels. Some day."

"Well . . ." Kathy didn't sound convinced.

Andy grinned. "Maybe sooner than you think."

She took a clear pink dildo and a matching pink plastic box out of the toy chest. It was considerably shorter and even thicker than the strap-on's big dildo, flaring from its smoothly-rounded head to its full width, narrowing to a thick cylindrical base, and ending in a broad disk. An elongated silver ball was visible through the clear plastic.

She saw Bobby staring at the strange dildo. "It's a butt plug. With a remote-controlled vibrator."

"You gonna use that?"

"Not on you." Andy bent over the bed and waved her butt at Bobby and Kathy. "Who wants to put it in?"

"I will." Kathy picked up the butt plug and ran her fingers over its smooth surface. "Don't you need something on this?"

"Lube's in the nightstand drawer," Andy answered.

Bobby watched Kathy squirt a blob of thick clear gel into the palm of her hand, then caress the butt plug, coating it with a thin layer of the lubricant. "You did that like a pro."

Kathy smiled. "Learned it from watching Rick and Trav." She spread a thin line of lube on her index finger and pressed it into the puckered pink hole between Andy's muscular buttocks, then twisted her finger, spreading the lube around.

"That's right," Andy said. "Now put the vibrator in. I'm ready." Kathy pulled her finger out of Andy's ass and replaced it with the butt plug's rounded head. It went in easily. Kathy stopped when she met resistance, then pushed in deeper.

Bobby stared at the thick butt plug stretching Andy's asshole. "Doesn't it hurt?"

"No," Andy answered. "Feels great." She turned her head to look at Kathy. "Keep going."

Andy gasped when the wide part of the dildo pushed through her anal ring and snapped into place. "Oh yeah," she whispered. "That's so good." She picked up the little pink plastic box and pushed the button on its top. The vibrator buzzed softly. "A girl's best friend." She straightened up and turned around, then kissed Kathy and Bobby.

"What now?" Bobby asked.

"I fuck your butt." Andy reached for the strap-on's buckles. "First, let's get this off." She unfastened the thin strap running between Bobby's legs. The probe stayed firmly in place. Bobby moaned as Andy pulled the little dildo out, leaving her pussy feeling achingly empty.

"How?" Bobby's heart was pounding and it seemed hard to breathe, but her nipples were hard and her pussy was dripping wet.

"We'll start easy." Andy took a slim pink tube out of the toy box and handed it to Bobby. It was about as long and thick as a ballpoint pen, with a narrow shaft ending in a slightly flared tip.

Bobby looked at the slender plastic tube. "What's this?"

"My First Anal Toy." Andy handed Bobby a small remote control unit.

Bobby plugged the wire extending from the little dildo into the controller. "This is what you started with?"

Andy laughed. "The manufacturer calls it 'My First Anal Toy.' Good name don't you think?"

"Yeah. Great." There were two buttons on the controller. Bobby pressed the lower one and nothing happened. The little toy buzzed softly when she pushed the other button.

"Top button's 'On/Off,'" Andy said. "Bottom button cycles between speeds and rhythms." She took the controller out of Bobby's hand and turned the vibrator off. "You ready?"

Bobby's heart pounded as she ran her thumb and index finger over the little pink tube's mildly flaring head and narrow shaft. "Guess so." She took a deep breath, then let it out. "Let's do it." She set the vibrator down and lay on her back with her legs spread in a wide Vee, lifting her ass off the bed.

"Okay. You're ready." Andy knelt at the foot of the bed, smeared lube on her index finger, and pressed its tip into Bobby's asshole, stopping at the first joint. "You okay, Baby?"

Bobby tightened her anal muscles around Andy's fingertip, then relaxed them. "I'm all right. Keep going."

"Good girl." Kathy knelt beside Bobby and ran slow fingers up and down her slit, dipping deep into her slick pussy, then rubbing wet fingers over her swollen clit.

"Very good girl," Andy said. "You like my finger? It's all the way up your ass." She twisted her finger and Bobby moaned.

Andy laughed. "Okay. You like it." She pulled her finger out of Bobby's butt and picked up the slender pink vibrator. "You're really gonna like this." Andy coated the little toy's wand with lube and pressed its slightly flared tip into Bobby's asshole.

"That feels good," Bobby said. "Kinda like your finger, but . . ." The vibrator buzzed to life. "Oh fucking Jesus!"

"You really like that." Andy pressed the vibrator's head and shaft deeper into Bobby's ass, sending waves of pleasure through her body.

"God yeah!" Bobby gasped. "Always scared of anal . . . Never felt . . . So good!"

"That's just the first setting." The vibe's flaring tip and narrow shaft were all the way inside Bobby's asshole. Andy handed her the little pink controller. "Push the button." Bobby screamed and arched her back, coming hard. She punched the button again, kicking the speed higher.

Andy slowly worked the toy's probe in and out of Bobby's asshole as she screamed and thrashed. Kathy thrust two fingers up Bobby's pussy while rubbing her clit with her thumb, pushing her to an even more intense climax.

"Oh God!" Bobby cried. "Oh fuck!" She clenched the fist gripping the vibrator's controller. Her thumb hit the lower button and the probe's rapid buzzing changed to a rhythmic thumping. It was like being ass-fucked by a short slender cock. Overwhelmingly sexy . . .

Bobby punched the upper button on the controller and the vibrator fell silent. "That's enough!" she gasped, falling back on the bed. Dazed, she hardly felt Andy pulling the little vibe out of her ass.

Kathy bent down and kissed her. "Sexy girlfriend. You came so hard."

"I sure did. You made me come like that." Bobby kissed Kathy, then stood up, pulled Andy to her feet, and kissed her. "And so did you."

"It's fun," Andy said. "Getting you off."

"I thought anal was dirty and painful," Bobby said. "But I already want to get ass-fucked again. With something bigger."

Andy smiled. "We can manage that. But first . . ." She turned to Kathy and held the little pink wand out. "You want to try this?"

Kathy stared at the vibrator for a long time, then shook her head. "I'm not ready. Even for that."

"You will be," Andy said. "Soon." She bent over and waved the butt plug's big round base at them while digging into the plastic box. Kathy picked up the butt plug's remote control and pushed a button. Its buzzing grew louder. Andy squealed. "Oh fuck! That's intense!"

"Anyway . . ." She straightened up and turned around. "Here's . . . the Cheeky Anal Vibe."

Bobby giggled. "Do you sell these things or what?"

"I just like their names. They're, well, cheeky."

"Is that why you buy them?" Bobby took the hot pink wand out of Andy's hand. It was an inch thick and almost five inches long, with three prominent ridges spaced along its shaft. Its tip was a smoothly-rounded, stylized cock-head, gracefully flaring to the first ridge. The base was a sleek extension of the vibrator's shaft, with two buttons set in an oval panel. "The names?"

"Now, you're being cheeky." Andy pointed to the vibrator. "Ready for me to stick that up your butt?"

Bobby's nipples were hard and the hot juices leaking from her pussy were running down her legs. Her body was on fire and she wanted that cheekily-named vibe up her ass more than anything. Except . . .

She picked up the "My First Anal Toy" vibrator and handed it to Kathy. "Do this. With me."

Kathy stood still, staring at the slim pink wand. Finally, she smiled and kissed Bobby. "Of course. We're lovers. We'll do this together."

"That's really romantic," Andy said. "A pair of virgin lovers, giving up their butt-cherries together."

Bobby laughed. "Virgins?"

"Close enough. You've never done this before."

Kathy was still staring at the little vibrator in her hand. "What now?"

"On your back," Andy said. "At the foot of the bed."

Kathy set the vibe down and lay on the bed with her knees spread, lifting her butt high off the mattress. She raised her head and shoulders to look at Bobby and Andy. "Like this?" She was grinning now, looking more excited than scared.

"Good girl." Andy turned to Bobby. "You do it. Fuck her little virgin ass."

Bobby knelt between Kathy's spread legs. "Scared?" Kathy nodded. "It's okay," Bobby said. "This won't hurt. It'll just feel really good." She picked up the little pink anal toy and coated its narrow shaft and flared tip with lube.

"Ready, Babe?" Bobby pressed the power button and the vibrator buzzed to life.

Kathy's breasts swayed as she took a deep breath, then let it out. "Go ahead."

"Okay." Kathy moaned and kneaded her heavy breasts as Bobby ran the vibe's tip in slow circles around her hole.

"Guess you like that," Bobby said.

"Oh yeah!" Kathy gasped. "Go ahead. Put it in."

"All right." Bobby gently pressed the vibrator's tip into the center of Kathy's little brown asshole.

"Oh fuck!" Kathy moaned. "That's fucking good."

Bobby laughed. "'Fucking' is the word. I like fucking my lover girl." She slowly pushed the vibrator in deeper, finally stopping with its handle pressed against Kathy's asshole.

Andy slapped Bobby's butt playfully. "She's not the only one getting fucked here." She slid a lubricated finger up Bobby's ass and twisted it around. "You better be ready for something big." Andy pulled her finger out. "That's what you're getting." Something round and thick pressed into Bobby's asshole, gradually stretching it open.

"Jeez!" Bobby whispered. "That's big, all right!"

"You're a big girl," Andy said. "You can take it." The Cheeky Anal Vibe's thick broad head pushed deeper into Bobby's ass. "This'll help." The vibrator buzzed to life, sending a shockwave of pleasure through Bobby's body.

"Wow! That's so fuckin' intense!" Bobby pushed her butt backward, taking more of the big pink vibrator's flaring head. Her body jerked as the vibe's first ridge pressed through her little ring of tightly clamped anal muscles.

"We're just getting started." The big vibrator's speed increased again. Its second ridge penetrated Bobby's asshole, quickly followed by the third.

"Fuck!" Bobby whispered. Andy pressed one of the vibe's buttons and the buzzing in her ass changed to pulsing. Intense pulsing. She moaned and rocked her hips, steadily humping the toy, pushing its ridges in and out of her supersensitive asshole . . .

The little pink controller for Kathy's vibrator was lying on the floor. Bobby picked it up and pushed the speed button, twice.

Kathy squealed as her vibe's buzzing grew faster, then changed to a different, insistent, rhythm. "It's fucking me! My ass!" She spread her legs in a wide Vee and slipped a finger into her pussy. "Make it go faster."

Bobby pushed the button again. "Oh yes!" Kathy cried. "That is so fucking good!"

"Here." Bobby handed the controller to Kathy. She punched the button and screamed as the vibrator's buzzing changed again. She dropped the little plastic box onto the mattress, gripped the mini-vibe's base, and slowly worked the probe and shaft in and out of her ass while thrusting two fingers in and out of her wet pussy.

Kathy sat up and looked directly at Bobby. "I want to see her fucking your ass."

"All right." Bobby pulled away from Andy, then lay on her back at the foot of the bed beside Kathy and lifted her legs. "Can you see now?"

"Oh yeah." Kathy slipped her middle finger up Bobby's pussy. "Perfectly." She looked at Andy and the vibrator in her hands. "Come on. Fuck my girlfriend's ass."

"With this?" Andy held the Cheeky Anal Vibe out to Kathy with its stylized cock-head a few inches from her nose. "I'll be glad to." She looked at the vibe thoughtfully. "Sure you don't want it up your ass, instead?"

Kathy grinned tightly. "This is fine." She shifted the mini-vibe slightly and her body stiffened. She caught her breath and said, "More than fine." She pulled her finger out of Bobby's pussy and put her hand between her own legs.

Bobby looked at Andy. "Come and fuck my ass."

Andy sank to her knees between Bobby's open thighs and pressed buttons on the vibrator's base. Its buzzing changed to a sensual pulsing. She pressed the toy's rounded head into Bobby's asshole, sliding easily into her depths.

"Ooohhh fffuuck!" Bobby moaned. "Those ridges. And that vibration . . ."

"Good, isn't it?" Andy pulled the vibrator almost out of Bobby's ass, then pushed it back in.

"Fuck yeah!"

"It gets better." Andy changed the vibration again and worked the big tool in and out of Bobby's ass. She screamed and thrashed, fingering her pussy frantically as Andy steadily fucked her ass.

Kathy moaned as she slowly moved the mini-vibe around in her ass, sometimes pulling it completely out and teasing her hole, then going deep inside, occasionally punching the button to change the little toy's pulsations.

"Hold this." Andy caught Bobby's hand and wrapped it around the vibrator's base. "I've got something else for you." She looked over at Kathy. "Both of you." She reached into the plastic box and pulled out a slim orange tube with three tiny half-domes at one end. It buzzed loudly when she twisted the base. "Ever used one of these?" Kathy grinned self-consciously and shook her head. "You'll figure it out." She handed Kathy the little vibrator.

Bobby moaned and rolled her hips as she worked the vibrator in her ass, sending waves of pleasure through her body.

"And for you . . ." Andy handed Bobby an immense purple dildo. It was two inches longer and just as thick as Trav's oversized cock, with an extremely realistic head and vastly exaggerated ridges. "Only three speeds . . ." Andy pointed to the button in the big toy's base. ". . . but that's all you need."

Kathy and Bobby exchanged a long glance. Then, Kathy experimentally pressed the little orange vibe's buzzing head against her clit hood. "Fuck!" she gasped.

Bobby clamped her ass muscles around the Cheeky Anal Vibe's base, holding it firmly in place, then used both hands to guide the giant purple vibrator between her big ragged pussy lips.

Andy gripped the big pink vibe's base and slowly pulled it out of Bobby's ass. "Turn it on."

Bobby pushed the button on the purple vibrator's base and the toy surged to life. "Oh Jeez-us!" Bobby pressed the giant vibe's surging head into her G-Spot. The pulsations shook her body, driving her to an almost immediate climax.

"That's right," Andy said. "Fuck your sexy pussy. While I fuck your ass." She briefly teased Bobby's asshole with the big pink vibe's tip, then changed the vibration setting and pushed it home. Bobby came again, harder than before.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" Kathy screamed, coming almost constantly as she moved the orange vibrator's head around her pussy mouth while the vibe in her ass pulsed rapidly. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ooohhh!!!"

Bobby worked the giant purple vibrator in and out of her pussy while Andy fucked her ass with the ridged pink vibe. "Oh Jesus!" she cried. "Oh fuck! I'm cumming . . ." She came over and over. Each climax was more intense than the last, finally leaving her limp on the bed with her heart racing and her chest heaving.

"Enough." Bobby dropped the purple vibrator on the bed, then pushed Andy away and pulled the pink vibrator out of her ass. "That was amazing, but I'm fucked out now."

Kathy sat up beside Bobby. "Same here. I've never come so long and hard . . ."

Bobby looked at Andy. "How about you?"

"I'm doing all right." Andy kissed Bobby and Kathy, then turned around and bent over with her butt cheeks spread. She pointed to the butt plug's base. The big anal toy was still buzzing softly. "Want to help me with this?"

* * *

After taking turns in the apartment's tiny shower, the women cuddled on the bed with Andy in the middle. "You two are so fine," she said.

Andy rolled onto her side and put a hand on one of Kathy's breasts. "You liked that anal toy."

"Uh huh," Kathy answered.

"Ready for something bigger?"

"Oh yeah!" Kathy laughed. "But not a dildo. I want Rick's cock."

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