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Cover by Michelle Douglas - MD Book Covers

Hot jocks . . . Sexy bi girlfriends . . . Intense four-way action . . .

College juniors Travis Williams and his roommate Rick Brant are frustrated and horny. Their girlfriends, Bobby and Kathy, who were so passionate last year, have lost interest in sex.

One night, after enough pot, beer, and tequila, Trav and Rick realize that Bobby and Kathy are sleeping with each other.

After a couple more drinks, the boys watch a porn video and fool around. It's just a joke, until they start making out on the couch. Then it isn't a joke anymore. Not with Rick and Trav tongue-kissing and fondling each other's hard bodies, then going to bed for a night of hot male-male sex.

Suddenly, Trav and Rick don't need girls anymore. Naturally, this drives Bobby and Kathy wild . . . And when they get wild, they get really wild, all the way to intense four-way action and beyond!

Includes the bonus story Girls Without Boys.

Bobby and Kathy check out a lesbian bar. A sexy cowgirl with a big toy chest takes them home. After a long afternoon of hot all-girl sex, the three women are ready to take the party back to Trav and Rick.

Contains explicit male-male, male-female, male-male-female, female-female, four-way, and five-way sex.

Samples from Bi-College

Chapter 1 - Boys Without Girls

Chapter 2 - Girls Watching Boys

Chapter 3 - Three Boys

Chapter 4 - Boys With More Girls

Prologue to Touchdown.


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