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Bi-College 1 - Boys Without Girls

Rick and I were sitting on the couch in our apartment, contemplating the empty pizza box and Lone Star bottles on the coffee table. There was an action movie on TV. It was about shooting guns and blowing shit up.

"Another Saturday night, sitting here at home." Rick grabbed the remote and muted the TV. "We might as well not have girlfriends. Want to go hit the bars?"

"Naw, I'm a couple beers past that. Let's just stay here and get hammered."

"Sounds all right," Rick agreed. I took the trash into the kitchen. He was loading the bong when I returned with fresh beers, a bottle of José Quervo, and Texas-sized shot glasses.

I skipped around the channels. The lame action movie was the best thing on. I left the TV muted and turned on the stereo. Uncle Jim told me he and Dad had done that while smoking pot in college. The music, along with the beer, tokes, and shots of Quervo, made the movie a little better.

"Travis . . . " Rick always called me "Travis," rather than the usual "Trav," when he was thoughtful or wasted. " . . . What's happened with Bobby and Kathy? Last year, they were a horny college boy's dream. Now, they just put out enough to keep us on a leash."

"Seems like it," I agreed. "If they weren't spending all their time together, I'd say they were getting some new cock."

Rick and I were both majoring in Physical Culture and Sports at Texas Methodist University in Austin. We'd been friends since we met in a freshman wrestling class. We were juniors and this was our second year as roommates.

I was a 6' 2", 200 pound, former high school quarterback, with short black hair and brown eyes. He was a little shorter and lighter than me, with a wrestler's build, curly blond hair touching the tops of his ears, and blue eyes.

Bobby and Kathy were best friends. Bobby was working on a Computer Science degree while Kathy was studying communications. Like Rick, Bobby came from Dallas. Kathy lived in Austin with her older brother and his girlfriend. A few weeks after I started dating Bobby, she introduced Kathy to Rick.

Through the fall and spring semesters, the girls were insatiable, grabbing every chance for sex. Sometimes, Bobby and I did it on the fold-out bed in her efficiency apartment, but we liked my double bed a lot better.

Our apartment was the only place Rick and Kathy had. Bobby and I could hear the noises they were making in his room. Kathy's screams drove Bobby wild. Fucking her was like wrestling a panther, with a few less scratches. Rick told me Kathy got just as excited when she heard Bobby.

When the school year ended, I went back to Conner to work in the high school summer athletics program. Rick went home to Dallas. Bobby had a job in Austin and stayed there. She rented a one-bedroom apartment and Kathy moved in with her.

Rick and I knew something had changed when the fall semester started. Bobby and Kathy were usually too busy for us. We were lucky to score once a week.

Rick and I were watching a lot of porn. We each knew what the other was doing. It was the only time we closed our bedroom doors.

That Saturday afternoon, we'd almost finished cleaning the apartment when Bobby called. Yes, she knew it had been over two weeks, but she and Kathy just had to study for the big test on Monday.

We opened our sixth beers and Rick poured our third oversized shot. "It's not natural, Travis. Girls have as strong a sex drive as guys. What are they doing with it?"

"Dunno." I took a sip of whiskey, followed by a swallow of beer. "Supercharged vibrators?"

I drank more tequila. It went down hard and I choked for a moment. "Oh shit," I gasped when I could talk again. "They're fucking each other. They live together and sleep in the same bed. What else could be happening?"

Rick was staring at me. "Do you really think they've turned into dykes? That's a big change for the cock-hungry babes we had last year."

"It does sound crazy." I left the beer and shot sitting on the coffee table and looked at the flatscreen. Someone was firing rockets at a building, blowing big chunks out of its glass walls.

"Fuck that shit." I switched the flatscreen to our Internet connection and navigated to 21stCenturySex, my favorite porn site. "We aren't getting any pussy tonight, but at least we can look at some." I spent a minute browsing the new scenes, then chose one from my favorites. While the video was streaming, I sat back and took another drink.

"Jeez, why'd you pick her?" Rick complained as a slim figure appeared on the screen, walking across a small yard and stopping beside a weathered park bench. "She's a boy!"

I laughed. "Her name is 'Coco.'" Her black hair was as short as a boy's, but everything else was all slender athletic girl with flashing brown eyes and wide lips that invited kissing. A tight top seemed spray-painted over her small perfectly formed breasts. Coco's long legs extended from the world's shortest and tightest blue jean cutoffs down to black spike heels.

Rick looked up from the bong just in time to see her bend over and look directly into the camera. "Wow, look at those tits! Rewind that."

"Boy, huh?" I laughed again as I picked up the remote. "I guess you've turned gay."

"I'll be gay to get into those pants."

We watched silently as Coco peeled her top off and dropped it on the bench, showing her swollen dark pink nipples and areolas. She unfastened the cutoffs and casually kicked them away. She wasn't wearing panties.

Coco smiled and faced the camera, naked except for her high heels. She ran her hands down her hairless vulva to her neatly rolled little pussy lips and pulled them open. Her hot pink interior was already glistening with moisture.

"Man, look at that snatch," Rick moaned. I glanced over at him. We were both wearing tee-shirts and sweat pants. His hard-on was clearly visible under the soft cloth. My own boner was equally obvious.

I said, "You ain't seen nothin' yet." Coco turned and began walking away. The camera followed her graceful buttocks and muscular legs as she crossed the lawn to a quilt spread on the grass.

Two naked men were waiting for her. They were both oversized body builders with long thick dicks and faces that seemed to have been carved with hatchets. One had a dark crewcut, while the other had a shaved head.

Coco sank to her knees between the men, gripping a massive pole with each hand. She alternated between Crewcut and Baldy, licking and sucking their big dicks, kissing their cock-heads, and taking their shafts deep in her throat.

"I've never had a girl who sucked cock like that," Rick said. The bulge in his sweat pants had grown even bigger, with a spreading wet spot near the top. "Have you?"

"Bobby loves sucking my cock, but it isn't as sexy as what Coco's doing. How's Kathy?"

"About the same." He stopped speaking and stared at the screen. "Look at that! She's got both dicks in her mouth." The men were rubbing their cock-heads together while she licked them.

Baldy moved behind Coco and slid his long thick cock into her pussy. She continued sucking Crewcut without missing a beat.

I slid my hand into my sweat pants and wrapped my hand around my swollen cock. Rick was mostly watching Baldy fuck Coco, but also stealing frequent glances at me. That was all right. Watching him was turning me on way more than the video.

Suddenly feeling silly about trying to hide what Rick knew I was doing, I pulled the waistband of my sweatpants down, freeing my cock and balls.

I've always had one of the bigger cocks in the locker room; long and thick, with a broad plow-shaped head and a flaring Vee running down to a deep corneal ring. My shaved balls and close-cropped pubic hair make it look even bigger.

Coco turned around to suck Baldy, while Crewcut fucked her ass from behind. Rick wasn't looking at the screen. He was watching me beat my meat while he fingered his own rod through his sweatpants.

"I bet I can give you a better blow job than any girl."

I wasn't sure I'd spoken aloud until Rick laughed. "Guess so. Who'd know how to work a dude's Johnson better than another dude?" He'd forgotten the video and was watching me stroke my rigid shaft and play with my swollen balls.

"You really want it." I rubbed my index and middle fingers over my cock-head while gripping my dick with my other fingers. He pulled his sweatpants down.

Jocks are pretty casual about nudity. I'd seen Rick's cock almost every day since we became roommates, but this was the first time I'd seen it rock hard with precum leaking from its tip.

His rod was almost as long and thick as mine, with a wide rounded head. The light sandy hair covering his pubic area was almost invisible.

Rhythmic screams from the video filled the room. Crewcut was lying on his back. Coco was straddling his hips in reverse cowgirl position. Her pussy gaped as she bounced up and down, fucking her ass on his stiff cock.

Rick's eyes widened as Baldy moved between Coco's open legs, and shoved his big cock into her cunt, fucking her in time with Crewcut's thrusts up her ass. Her screams got even louder, accompanied by occasional grunts and muttered remarks from the men.

Rick reached for his stiff dick as he watched the men fucking Coco's pussy and ass. I caught his hand and guided it to my hard-on. He jacked me off while I played with his cock.

Baldy lay on his back. Coco's breasts bounced as she rode his cock like a cowgirl on a bucking bronco. Crewcut moved behind her and slid his cock back up her ass.

Rick and I were making our own noises now, almost drowning out the sounds from the TV. I could tell he was close to coming. So was I.

A close-up of Crewcut's dick ramming Coco's asshole filled the screen. He pulled out and sprayed a huge load of cum on her shapely buttocks. Then, Coco sucked and jacked Baldy's cock until he came in her face and on her tits.

"Oh fuck!" I gasped. "I'm gonna shoot!"

"Me too!" Rick answered. We jacked each other's cocks as we came, splashing thick blobs of hot cum onto our crotches, bellies, and chests.

When we finally finished, I kept holding Rick's slightly-softened cock. He didn't let go of mine, either.

"That was good," Rick said. "A better hand job than I've ever gotten from a girl."

"It was like jacking myself off," I agreed.

"Guess you need to have a cock to really understand what to do with it."

Rick stared as I lifted my hand to my mouth and licked his cum off. His cock and balls were still shiny with his cream. I collected as much of that as I could in my hand and licked that off, too.

He was still holding my dick loosely, watching me as I licked my lips. "What? You never ate yours?" I slipped my index finger into my mouth and sucked it, slowly sliding it in and out. "You taste a little sweeter than I do."

"Okay, I have," Rick admitted. He licked his own hand. "This does taste a little different." He looked back down at my crotch, staring at the juice splattered over my still-stiff cock and balls.

He looked at the giant "Replay" button on the flatscreen. "Have you ever fucked a girl's butt?"

"No." I hesitated. "When I was 12, my best friend Kevin and I started fucking each others' asses. It felt great. We kept doing it until we began scoring with girls."

Rick's cock had grown even harder. "Did you suck his dick?"

"Naw. That was too gay."

"Did you mean it? About sucking my cock?"

"That's one thing. It's not just that the girls are keeping their legs closed." I glanced at his stiff pole. "We both know what we want."

"Yeah." Rick surprised me by taking me in his arms and kissing me open-mouthed. We hadn't showered or shaved that day. His beard stubble felt strange at first, but the roughness against my lips and cheeks quickly became an extra turn-on. His strong male smell was hot and sexy. We fondled each others' dicks and balls as we kissed passionately.

Rick was a good kisser. As good as any girl I'd known. I'm not sure how much time we spent making out on the couch, but it only seemed like a second had passed when he pulled away. "Let's go to bed."

We left our tee-shirts and sweat pants in the living room and went into my bedroom. We stood at the foot of the king-sized bed, staring at each other's naked bodies in the soft light from the nightstand lamp.

"Travis . . . " I didn't know what he wanted to say or why he'd stopped. It didn't matter. For the last months, we'd been intensely aware of each other's naked bodies, but dismissed it as jock stuff.

Rick remained standing with his feet spread and his hands at his sides. I sank to my knees in front of him and gripped his swollen shaft with one hand while squeezing his balls with the other. A big drop of precum glistened at his tip. I licked it off and followed up by taking his big round head in my mouth.

Early in my senior year in high school, when I was the Conner Cougers' starting quarterback, I met Ellen, a 31-year old mom. Her long-haul trucker husband was away most nights.

On our first night together, with her three-year-old son asleep in the next room, she taught me how to eat pussy. I'd done it before, but hadn't gotten it right. The taste and smell as I worked my tongue deep inside her was almost overwhelming. I was surprised when she came. It was the first time I'd gotten a woman off with my mouth.

Ellen wanted me to knock her up, so I did. Fucking without a condom and shooting deep inside her spasming pussy felt better than I'd imagined. She had twins, a boy and a girl. It's spooky how much they look like me.

She said her husband fucked her twice a day when he was home, so he'd never know the baby wasn't his. I know he does, but he seems proud to have star quarterback kids. Sometimes, I wonder if he put Ellen up to it.

Rick's taste was just as exciting as a girl's, with sticky traces of his semen mixed with the precum leaking steadily from his slit. I held my lips tight as I moved them slowly over his cock-head, alternating between kissing his tip and taking it into my mouth to caress with my tongue.

"Jeez!" he gasped as my tongue probed his cum-slit. "This is the best I've ever been sucked."

I couldn't get enough of his long thick pole, playing with his nuts and jacking his shaft as I gradually took him deeper into my mouth. My gag reflex kicked in when I tried to deep throat him, but I still managed to swallow an impressive amount of his rod.

He put his hands on the sides of my head, holding it in place as he fucked my face hard and fast. My hand made a sheath around his plunging shaft, jacking him off while keeping him from ramming the back of my throat and choking me.

Rick's dick throbbed and his balls tightened. He was about to come. I let my hands drop to my own painfully hard cock and balls, playing with them as he slammed that swollen pecker between my tightly clamped lips.

Ellen's crotch had pounded my cheeks and nose as she screamed and thrashed on the bed. Her pungent juices exploded from her spasming pussy, splashing my face and filling my mouth. She said it was the first time she'd squirted like that.

"Oh fuck!" Rick cried, firing his first shot. It splashed against the back of my throat, hard and hot. Before I could react, the next pulse was on its way, almost overwhelming me with its gamy male taste. I gulped frantically as he filled my mouth with waves of cum, managing to swallow all of it.

Rick stopped, gasping like he'd run a quarter mile. He released my head and put his hands on my shoulders to steady himself. His cock softened, but stayed in my mouth, big and hot. It felt good holding it there, tasting his sweat and cum.

I rose to my feet, took Rick in my arms, and kissed him. His tongue probed my mouth eagerly. "Was that your first time?" he asked. "Sucking cock?"


"You're good. I've never come like that."

"Just doing what comes naturally."

"You and your teenage friend," he said. "What was his name again?"


"How'd you and Kevin do it?"

"The first time, he lay on his tummy with his butt in the air and told me to stick it in."

"I'd like you to fuck me, that way."

"Okay." I pulled the quilt off the bed and pointed to the bare sheets. "On your belly. With your legs spread."

Rick moved into position. I stopped at the foot of the bed to admire his muscular buttocks and the view between his legs.

His stiff pole pointed downward, with his cock-head and the top inch of his shaft pressing against the sheet under his bulging balls. I kissed the underside of his dick and licked his balls.

"Go on and fuck me," Rick said. "I'm ready. Just take it easy."

"All right. Raise your ass a little." His cock snapped to full attention when he lifted his pelvis. I reached between his legs and fondled his rod briefly. "That's right. Spread those butt cheeks for me." I took a little squeeze bottle of lube from the nightstand drawer, coated my index finger, and pressed it into his tight little puckered hole.

"Oh!" Rick gasped.

I stopped with the tip of my finger just inside him. "Does it hurt?"

"No. It feels weird, but I've got the biggest hard-on ever. Keep going." Once again, I reached between his legs and felt his cock. It was rock-hard and its head was slippery with precum.

"Here you are." I pushed my finger in to the first joint. Rick's butt hole was really tight. "Relax. Take long deep breaths." I slowly worked my finger in and out, gradually going deeper. Once I'd gotten his sphincter muscle to relax, it was a lot easier.

Before long, I was finger-fucking him hard and fast. "How's that?"

"Jeez!" He moaned and pushed his butt back to meet my thrusting finger. I pulled it out, added more lube, and slid it back inside, twisting it around to coat his asshole with the thick slippery liquid.

When I had Rick's asshole good and slick, I lubricated my crossed index and middle fingers. He moaned and humped the sheet as I worked my fingers into his butt. It didn't take him very long to get used to the extra thickness.

"Do you want it exactly like my first time with Kevin?" I finally asked.


"All right." I was kneeling between his legs. I smeared lube on my painfully-stiff rod, lowered my weight onto his back, and slid my cock-head between his buttocks, moving it around until I found his tight little hole.

"Fuck!" he whispered as I started in. "Is this how you did it?"

"My cock was smaller, and it wasn't Kevin's first time. An older boy taught him."

Rick's asshole was amazingly hot and tight, even after the aggressive fingering. I pushed forward slowly, easing up slightly when he began to resist, then resuming the pressure. It took a while to open him up.

Finally, I was all the way inside, with my balls pressing against his buttocks.

"Oh man, I can sure feel that!" he gasped as I pulled most of the way out, then slid back in. "Fuck me good!"

I fucked him faster and harder as his ass muscles relaxed. Lying on top of Rick, I had almost total control. Held down by my weight, all he could do was roll his butt in time with my increasingly rough cock thrusts.

The tension built in my balls until I exploded, filling his ass with wave after wave of hot cream. Spent, I collapsed on top of him, feeling our hearts beating together.

My dick softened and slipped out of his butt. I rose to my knees. He rolled onto his side, facing me.

I laughed at the big streak of precum on the sheet between us. "What's so funny?" he asked.

"The first few times Kevin and I fucked, the guy on the bottom came by rubbing his cock against the sheets. Then, we realized our moms were seeing the stains when they did the laundry. We wondered what they thought."

Rick's cock was still hard and leaking precum, which was slowly dripping onto the sheets. I was glad I'd put off changing them. "Did you come?" I asked.


"That's okay." I wrapped my hand around his stiff rod and pulled him to me. He moved into my arms and we kissed. And then kissed some more, passionately and open-mouthed, roughly thrusting and parrying with our tongues.

"This is so different from kissing a girl," Rick said. "Kathy doesn't like me to use my tongue like that."

"Bobby doesn't like that kind of tongue, either." I kneaded Rick's buttocks and ran my hands up and down his muscular back. "Women are just so different. Smooth skin. Tits. Curves. Soft . . . Men are rough, angular and . . . hard!"

"We're sure hard," he agreed. I lay on my back with Rick on top of me, rubbing his dick against mine. From his breathing and speed of his thrusts, I could tell he was getting close again. My own cock was starting to throb.

"No!" I grabbed his hips and brought him to a stop. He looked puzzled. "It's your turn to fuck my ass."

Rick grinned. "All right. How do you want it?" He straightened up, kneeling between my open thighs.

"Like this." I lifted my legs until my knees were over my shoulders, raising my ass and spreading my buttocks.

He stared at my little puckered pink hole like he'd never seen one before. Maybe he hadn't. Not like this. "Are you ready? Now?"

"I'd like some lube first."

Rick spread lubricant on his finger and pressed it into the center of my asshole. He looked surprised when his finger went in easily. He worked it inside me, twisting it to distribute the thick slippery liquid more evenly.

My stiff dick jerked every time he moved his finger. "That's enough," I said. "Fuck me now."

He pulled his finger out and put his cock in its place. "Oh yeah!" I moaned as he stretched me with slow careful strokes. When his head was completely inside, I thrust my butt toward him, taking his full length in one long smooth slide.

"Jeez!" he whispered. He was throbbing inside me. I held still, hoping he wouldn't shoot.

The moment passed and Rick grinned again. "This is wild. Your ass is way hotter and tighter than a pussy." He pulled out slowly, then pushed back in. "Man, you know how to use those muscles."

"You mean like this?" I asked, clamping his rod.

"Oh yeah!"

I relaxed my ass muscles to let him move in and out easily. He started slow, but quickly gained speed, pulling almost completely out, then slamming all the way back in, slapping his balls against my buttocks.

He grabbed my ankles and pushed them past my shoulders, lifting my ass higher and driving his cock even deeper into my hot tight hole.

The tension built in my balls as he fucked me hard and fast. "That's right," I gasped. "Ram my butt with your big stiff pecker. Slam it in. I'm a guy, not a delicate little girl. Do whatever you want. It won't hurt me."

That turned Rick on even more. I jacked off as Rick pounded my ass, swinging my body in a rocking horse motion. He was staring down at his thrusting cock, bouncing balls, and my hand flying over my swollen prick.

Rick pulled back, then rammed me hard enough to shake the bed. A hard hot shot of cum splashed my anal walls when he hit bottom. He paused for a split second, then slammed me again. And again, coming violently each time.

I matched him shot for shot, spraying my chest, belly, cock, balls, and even the sheets under me. We fired a dozen shots before running out of ammo.

Keeping his cock buried deep in my ass, Rick lowered himself onto my chest and kissed me with surprising tenderness. "That was amazing."

"Yeah," I agreed. "It was fun with Kevin, but this is a lot better." I kissed him again.

My leg muscles were cramping. I lowered my feet to the mattress. "Ow!" Rick said, making a face.


"It's all right. I'm just super-sensitive after coming like that." He pulled out and lay on his back beside me.

After a few minutes of silence, Rick sat up. I rolled onto my side to face him. "We're all messy," he said. "It's time to shower." He looked up and down my body, lingering on my groin. My cock stirred again. "Want to do it together?"

After 40 minutes of hot wet soapy fun, we were back on the coach, sipping beers and cooling off.

The José Quervo bottle was still on the coffee table. We decided another shot wouldn't hurt us.

"Here's to the girls, bless their little hearts," Rick said, lifting his glass. "Pussy's still great, but it's not the only game in town anymore."

We clinked glasses and downed the tequila. I looked at my empty glass thoughtfully before setting it down. "I wonder what's going to happen with Bobby and Kathy."

"I don't know," Rick said, "but it's going to be interesting."

He was sure right about that.

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