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Trespassers 2 - Evening Woods

It was 8:00 p.m. on a Tuesday. I'd just had a late supper and finished cleaning up the kitchen. I was ready to open a beer, settle down in front of the TV and maybe contemplate the pleasant reason why supper had been so late. That's when the doorbell rang.

An attractive young girl was standing on the porch. She flashed a businesslike smile at me and announced, "Hello. My name is Diane. I'm representing 'Evening Woods' cosmetics. May I speak to the lady of the house?" I was sure she'd practiced the smile and greeting in front of a mirror.

I looked her over carefully. Her body was slender and athletic. She was tall for a girl; about 5'10". Her blonde hair was cut short, stopping at mid-ear on the sides and collar-length in back. She was wearing sturdy but stylish black walking shoes, a navy-blue skirt ending near the top of her thighs, and a frilly white blouse with black buttons down the front. The neck of the blouse was cut in a narrow vee which ended between her breasts but modestly failed to show any real cleavage. The fabric was just sufficiently translucent to hint at the low-cut pink bra cupping Diane's small but beautifully formed breasts. She looked 19.

"There is no lady of the house," I replied. "I'm not married and my girlfriend doesn't live with me."

Diane's smile didn't waver. "Thank you for your time," she said as she prepared to turn away.

"You don't have to leave so fast," I protested. "My girlfriend's birthday is coming up soon. Maybe you can sell me some perfume or something to give her."

I ushered her into the living room and invited her to sit on the couch. I settled into the easy chair a few feet away and watched as she searched her big gray sample case. Most of the time, Diane kept her knees modestly together, but I caught a flash of white panties when she moved to retrieve a bottle from her case.

Diane asked me a few questions about my girlfriend. I had to make up the answers, since I didn't really have a steady girlfriend. If Diane realized I was describing what I imagined she'd be like in ten years, she gave no sign.

It was actually hard to concentrate on answering questions. I kept imagining what it would be like to peel Diane's athletic young body out of her business slut attire and take her right on the living room floor.

Her skirt rode up too high as she moved. I was trying to avoid obviously staring at her muscular thighs, but it was hard to look away and possibly miss another glimpse of those creamy white panties. The black buttons glistening against the white fabric of Diane's blouse were another distraction. They seemed to be begging me to unfasten them. When Diane took a deep breath, the sheer fabric tightened, briefly revealing the pink bra beneath it. The plunging neckline guided my eyes to an almost-invisibly tiny gold heart suspended on a slender gold chain between her breasts.

Even focusing on her face didn't help. Her bright red lips cried out for mine to press against them and her brilliant blue eyes seemed to be probing under my clothes.

When Diane took my hand to dab a perfume sample on my wrist, it was almost too much. I was glad I was wearing baggy sweat pants. After dutifully sniffing, I commented "That's a little too flowery. Angela usually wears something a little darker . . . more musky."

I got a nice view of thigh and a quick glimpse of cleavage as Diane bent over to get another bottle out of the case. "This is 'Silver Moonlight,'" she announced as she took my hand again, "one of Evening Woods' best sellers. It's subtle, but striking."

Somehow that smell evoked memories of retreating into a tiny grove of trees beside the track at the end of a 5K run with a former girlfriend. I REALLY like sweaty athletic girls.

"That's a great scent," I said. "It really seems like Angela."

"It's really popular," Diane replied. She paused briefly. "Some women put a little between their breasts to excite their men," she said, blushing slightly.

It was getting hard to breathe. "I bet they do," I said, trying to keep my eyes on Diane's face and failing. "I understand why it's called 'Evening Wood.'"

Diane stood up, looking slightly frightened. "It's 'Evening Woods,'" she responded. "Would you like to write me a check."

I ignored that. "Are you wearing it right now?" I asked as I advanced. Diane backed away until she ran into the wall. "Let's find out," I said as I pressed my face against her chest. She tried to push me away, so I pinned her hands against her sides and continued exploring her modest mounds.

"I can't smell it," I said after a few moments. "Guess I'll have to look closer." Diane tried to squirm away, but I held her thighs between my knees and pressed her against the wall. Somehow, a couple of the black buttons tore lose and fell to the floor as I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open. Her pale pink bra was cut so low it barely covered her nipples. It was the kind that fastened in front. When I released Diane's breasts, they didn't sag at all.

Diane's chest was heaving with passion. Her nipples were dark brown against her pale skin and were surprisingly large. They had a slightly salty taste. After a thorough examination, I remarked "I still can't smell that perfume, but you must be wearing it. It's sure giving me 'evening wood!'"

The pressure of my crotch against Diane's belly made my meaning unmistakably clear. She began sobbing. "Please don't do this," she cried. "Don't hurt me. Just let me go. I promise I won't tell." I silenced her by pressing my mouth against hers.

I pulled Diane away from the wall and gripped her buttocks to hold her body against mine. My exploring fingers discovered the zipper at the back of her skirt. An instant later, it fell to the floor, exposing those delicious white panties. The fabric was strong, but it only took an instant to reduce them to shredded ruins, leaving Diane's smooth pussy lips hidden only by a thin layer of silky blonde hair.

My hand slid over Diane's smooth pubic mound. She screamed briefly and her eyes misted with tears when my index finger suddenly invaded her snatch. "No! Please no! Stop! Stop please!" she moaned. She was incredibly hot and tight but, despite her protests, becoming slick and wet as I continued probing her snatch.

I sank to the floor, pulling her down with me. She tried to crawl away, but I rolled her onto her back and pinned her to the floor. Kneeling on top of her, I paused to admire the way she was spread helpless beneath me and to savor the anticipation of my impending victory. Then I pushed my sweat pants down around my knees and sank down, forcing myself between her legs.

Diane screamed as I penetrated her with one savage thrust. I was so aroused and the sensation of taking her so suddenly and violently was so pleasurable that I almost popped on that first stroke. But Diane, even impaled as she was, almost succeeded in squirming away from me. When I'd subdued her a few seconds later, the urgent desire to climax had receded. I pinned her arms against her sides with my elbows and gripped her breasts with my hands. Then I resumed ramming my swollen member into her defenseless cunt.

As I continued pounding her tight pussy, I noticed a gradual change occurring. Diane was still moving under me like a bucking bronco, but her pelvic motions were now synchronized with my cock thrusts. Her cunt was even tighter than it had been when I'd first entered her and it seemed to be caressing my pole, rather than resisting it. Her nipples were hard and swollen against the palms of my hands. She greeted each violent thrust with a scream, but the pain and fear had disappeared from her voice. Now she sounded . . . orgasmic.

To test my theory, I pressed my open lips against hers. Diane's tongue instantly darted into my mouth and began lashing my own tongue. I released her arms and she responded by reaching up to grip my shoulders with both hands, pressing her breasts against my chest.

I slid my hands down to grip her buttocks and rose to a kneeling position, keeping her impaled on my throbbing prick. She was now doing most of the work, bouncing on my tool. Her mouth slipped away from mine and she resumed screaming. They were definitely orgasmic screams; one each time she hit bottom.

Diane's separate screams finally merged into one long cry of pleasure as I finally slipped over the edge. My voice joined hers in one long orgasmic cry as I filled her pussy with seemingly endless jets of cum. When we were both spent, she went limp in my arms. I had just enough strength left to lower her gently to the floor and collapse on top of her.

A pleasurable eternity later, Diane whispered, "Ken, you're getting kind of heavy." I rolled us over so that she was lying on top of me. My now-soft dick slipped out of her during the move, but that was OK. I knew I could find my way back inside when we were both ready. She rested her head on my chest and seemed to fall asleep. "Well and truly fucked," I thought. I closed my eyes and relaxed, luxuriating in the sensation of her firm breasts and thighs pressing against my body.

"Ken," Diane whispered a long time later, "am I the world's worst slut?"

"No, Dear," I replied. "You're the world's most wonderful slut. Every time I'm with you, I'm afraid I'll wake up and realize it was just a dream."

"You're so sweet," Diane purred, "you could charm the pants off any girl."

"I didn't charm you out of your panties. I fuckin' tore 'em off."

"Ken, you're a perfect gentleman." Diane slid up my body until her lips were brushing mine. "That's a man who does exactly what a lady wants exactly when she wants it." She sighed. "I'm not really a lady, but you're still a gentleman."

"You keep selling yourself short and I won't have it," I whispered after I'd finished kissing those inviting lips. "You're not just a lady. You're a great lady and every great lady is a great slut."

"OK Ken, I'll take your word for it. You're older and wiser," Diane replied, without a trace of sarcasm. "But I still scare myself. Isn't it perverted to have fantasies like this?"

She was serious, so I answered seriously. "You like your sex a little rough and you fantasize about being taken by force. That's unusual, but it's not REALLY unusual." Her eyes, inches from mine, were such a beautiful deep blue . . .

"You don't do this with strangers who might really hurt you, do you?" Diane shook her head. Golden highlights danced in the rippling motion of her hair . . .

"Do you want me to hurt you? Not just fucking you hard but doing things that draw blood and cause bruises?"

"Of course not," Diane whispered indignantly, sitting up so she was straddling my waist. The motion opened her unfastened blouse and bra. Her bare breasts swayed gently . . .

"I know you don't want that," I said, wrapping my arms around her shoulders and pulling her back down on top of me. "You're not self-destructive. It's just fantasies and I love fulfilling them."

Diane pulled my tee-shirt up to expose my chest and pressed her hard nipples against my bare flesh. "If I did want you to really hurt me, would you do it?" she asked.

"I don't think I could," I answered after a pause. "I couldn't have done what I did tonight if I didn't already know you wanted it."

"It seems so strange," Diane said. "I love Jose, but I have desires he can't fulfill. He's always tender. You know how to be rough."

"He's not so tender," I replied as I slid my hands down Diane's back to caress her buttocks. "I've seen how he pounds your pussy."

"He knows how much I like that, now" Diane answered, flexing the butt muscles under my palms. "But it took forever to convince him he wasn't going to hurt me."

"With Jose, I'm always in control," she continued. "Even when he goes wild and hammers me, he knows that's what I want. Tonight, I didn't know what you were going to do. You scared me." She managed to press her body even more tightly against mine . . .

"I scared myself, too," I answered. "After a certain point, it wasn't acting any more." Her crotch was hot and moist, pressing against my manhood . . .

Diane kissed me for a long time. "I'm not afraid of you taking control," she said. "I can't give it up voluntarily, but sometimes I need to have someone take control away from me. I trust you. Even if you go all animal on me you're not going to hurt me." She lifted up her pelvis for a moment, allowing my trapped penis to spring into an upright position . . ."

"Thank you," I replied. "I'm honored." She squirmed on top of me, positioning her vagina's entrance against my cock head . . ."

"Hey, you do have some of that perfume sprayed between your breasts," I remarked a little later. "It's funny I didn't notice it before."

"That's not 'Silver Moonlight,'" Diane giggled, "that's 'Sweaty Slut.'"

"Earlier, you said some women used it to really excite their men," I said. "It works."

"Good," she replied. She was breathing much harder. "Come on, Ken. I'm ready." She was moving again, forcing her pussy over my stiff cock . . .

I put my hands around Diane's waist and lifted her up, pulling my partially-embedded penis out of her body. "Why are you doing that?" she protested.

"I'm not quite ready," I answered, slipping out from under her spread legs. I removed my tee-shirt, kicked my shoes off and stepped out of my sweat pants. Standing before her, naked and totally hard, I commanded, "Take the rest of your clothes off. I want to see my favorite slut naked." It only took Diane a few seconds to shed her blouse, bra, shoes and stockings.

Her nude body was breathtakingly beautiful. After staring at her for a timeless interval, I said "You're breathtakingly beautiful. Come with me."

We went up the stairs and out the door to the sun deck over the garage. My house is near the top of a modest hill and has an excellent view. Diane moved to the railing and stood still, gazing at the sea of city lights spread out beneath us. The moonlight streamed down, bathing her nude body in a brilliant silver glow.

After admiring her for several minutes, I touched Diane gently on the shoulder. She instantly turned and moved into my arms, lifting her face up for a kiss. Her mouth opened as soon as our lips met and her tongue darted against mine. Diane's breasts flattened against my chest and her flat belly pressed against my erection. I could feel her heart beating.

We kissed for a long time. Then Diane sank to her knees, took my balls in one hand and slipped her lips over my swollen member. The gentle caress of her hands and the insistent suction from her mouth was quickly elevating me toward climax. Too quickly. I pulled Diane to her feet, whispering "If you keep doing that, I'll come too fast."

I resumed kissing her, first her mouth, then her cheeks, ears, neck, and shoulders. She was already breathing hard when I reached her breasts. Diane's nipples, already swollen from her previous orgasms, grew even bigger and harder as I kissed and licked them. Moving down her body, I bypassed Diane's pubic area and licked the inside of her spread thighs.

Diane gripped the back of my head and guided my face to her genitals. Her vagina was already open and slippery with lubricating fluid. I gave her head for a long time, carried away by her smell, taste, feel and continuous orgasmic screams.

When I couldn't wait any longer, I stood up, turned Diane around and bent her over the rail. "Those city lights are so romantic," she whispered. An instant later, she gasped, "Oh, God!" as I entered her from behind.

"This is perfect," Diane moaned a while later. "The night with the moon and stars above us, the city lights below us, and your big thick cock stuffing my tight little cunt." She didn't say much after that, but she uttered almost constant cries of pleasure as she swung her butt to match the motion of my penis. I fucked her slowly, taking care to avoid sliding over the edge to orgasm.

Finally, I was ready. I pulled out, guided Diane over to the double bed-sized lounge and climbed on top of her. There, with her breasts cushioning my chest, I abandoned self-control and hammered her pussy until my cock finally erupted, flooding her eager cunt with white-hot cum.

We lay still for several minutes while our heartbeats and the rhythm of our breathing slowed to normal. I relaxed, enjoying feeling of her body beneath mine and the sensation of my penis gradually softening inside her.

Eventually, my arms grew tired. I moved off Diane and stretched out beside her. Exhausted from all her orgasms, she fell asleep almost instantly. I watched her face for a long time, sleepily remembering the events of the day, including the reason supper had been late . . .

* * *

I'd arrived home at the usual time. Work had been dull and I was looking forward to a quiet evening. When I turned the corner onto my street and saw the motorcycle parked in the driveway, I got an instant erection.

I waved at the young man sitting on the porch as I pulled into the garage. He walked into the garage as I was unfastening my seat belt and getting out of the car. I punched the remote and the overhead door started to close.

We stood beside the car, gazing at each other as the door lowered. He was a 19-year-old Hispanic, tall and slender, about 5'10" and 160 pounds, with the face of an angel and close-cropped black hair. He was wearing a tight-fitting tank top, which showed off his muscular arms and chest. His shorts were even tighter, revealing an impressive crotch bulge which was growing even bigger as I watched.

"Hi Dude," he said, moving into my arms as the garage door finished closing. He pressed his lips against mine, initiating a long open-mouth kiss.

"It's great to see you, Jose," I finally said. "Let's go into the house." I opened the door and gestured for him to go first. I followed him into the kitchen, admiring his beautifully sculpted legs and buttocks.

"Do you want a beer?" I asked as I was closing the door.

"No, man, I've got be at work in an hour," Jose answered. "The boss would be really pissed if I showed up with beer on my breath. Anyway, I need to ask you a favor."

"So, what do you need?" I asked.

"Well, the last time Diane and I were here, fucking in front of the bedroom window with the shades up and the lights on . . . you remember."

"Yeah." Sure I remembered. The view from the back yard had been spectacular. I'd come twice while watching them.

"After we'd finished and we were ready to get dressed and leave, Diane noticed that the dresser door was partially open. She looked inside and found this giant rubber cock. It was bigger than me, or even you. It had balls and everything. There was a funny harness, too."

"That's a dildo," I said, pleased that they'd found it.

"Yeah, a dildo," Jose agreed. "Anyway, Diane stood there for a long time, holding it in her hand and stroking it. Then, she held it over her crotch and stared at herself in the wall mirror. She finally turned to me and said, 'Boy, the next time we come over here, you're going to be my bitch. I'm going to strap this on, bend you over and fuck the hell out of your ass.' You know how Diane likes doing it rough. I'm afraid she's going to tear my ass up."

"How can I help?"

"I thought we could . . . practice a little, so I'll be more ready for her when she does it to me." Although Jose was trying to look nervous, the swelling in his shorts had increased considerably.

"So, you want me to make you MY bitch to get you ready for Diane?"

Jose nodded. "Yeah. Would that be OK?"

I answered by pulling down my zipper. I wasn't wearing underwear and my stiff cock sprang out of my pants. "Come here and suck this, bitch," I commanded.

Jose sank to his knees in front of me and eagerly took my length in his mouth. After a couple of minutes, he had me on the brink of orgasm. "No you don't, bitch," I growled. "You're not getting off that easy. Get up. We're going into the bedroom."

We stripped quickly. "Get on your knees and bend over the bed," I growled as I removed a tube of lubricant from the nightstand drawer. I greased my cock and pressed it between his buttocks. Jose screamed as I slid into his tight asshole. "Damn, you're hot and tight!" I exclaimed loudly. "Just the way a bitch ought to be!"

"God damn, that hurts," Jose whispered. His ass muscles gripped me tightly as he worked his hips, humping my pole.

"You asked for it," I said. "Now, you're getting it and you're going to like it. Tell me you want it . . . Now!"

"Please Sir," Jose gasped. "Please shove that big hot cock up my tight little asshole."

"You want it hard, don't you?"

"Yes . . . Please fuck my asshole hard . . . hard and fast."

I gripped Jose's waist for support and ferociously drove my pecker into the little hole between his beautifully muscular buttocks. At that speed, I knew I wouldn't last long, but I didn't care. All I wanted to do was spray my hot cum into his butt.

"Oh God!" Jose moaned as his ass muscles caressed my pole. "It hurts! You're tearing me up! Please stop!"

"You're damn right it hurts, bitch!" I screamed, slapping Jose's butt. "I'm going to split you in two with this big cock."

"No! No!!" Jose sobbed. "You're hurting me! . . . You're killing me with that big cock!! . . . I'm dying . . . I'm . . . I . . . Ooo . . . I'm coming!!!"

Jose climaxed explosively. He screamed and thrashed as I continued ramming him and shouting abuse. His ass muscles tightened convulsively as he ejaculated, setting me off. He finally collapsed with his chest on the bed. I fell on top of him, gasping for breath.

"Wow!" Jose exclaimed when he'd finally regained his breath. "I've never come that hard before."

"So you like being my bitch," I whispered, kissing the back of his neck.

Jose laughed as he pulled away, climbed onto the bed and rolled over onto his back. "Come here," he whispered. I moved to lay on top of him and pressed my lips against his. We kissed for a long time. Our cocks had softened after our orgasms, but they'd grown hard again.

"Do you think you'll be OK with Diane?" I finally asked.

"Oh hell, yeah," Jose replied. "She'd never hurt me. It'll be great with her shoving that dildo up my ass, but it won't be as good as this."

"So you really like play-acting?"

"Yeah, I guess so." Jose suddenly looked puzzled. "I never thought about that before, but . . . yeah, I do. And you're fuckin' good at it."

"Thanks. You inspired me."

Jose started squirming under me, raising his butt and catching my pelvis between his thighs. "You know," he said, "I'd really like to do it again."

My stiff dick was already at the entrance to his asshole. "Two rapes in a half-hour is a little much for an old man," I protested.

"No," Jose replied. "I want it gentle this time. Please."

"Oh, yeah," he gasped as I slid into him an instant later. He moaned and jerked off as I fucked him. After several minutes, he sprayed hot cum over his belly and chest. I reached the edge of orgasm, but it was too soon for me to ejaculate again. I didn't care. It still felt great.

I glanced at the clock. "I'd love to have you stay all night . . .," I began.

"Oh shit!" Jose exclaimed. "I'm gonna be late."

"Oh well, fuck it," he continued, pulling me back down to him. We kissed for several more long minutes before he jumped up, dressed hastily and rushed out.

I stayed in bed for a while, thinking pleasurable thoughts. I finally realized I was hungry and got up to fix supper.

* * *

When I woke up, Diane was still with me, asleep on the lounge. The gorgeous silver moonlight sheen of her body had been transformed into a golden glow by the first rays of dawn. When I touched her, she pulled me on top of her and we made slow gentle love.

After we had finished, Diane went downstairs and got ready to leave. I looked her over after she'd dressed. Her hair was so short and silky that it was almost impossible to mess up, but her shirt was rumpled, her blouse was missing several buttons and she wasn't wearing any panties.

"Are you going to go home like that?" I asked. "You've been out all night and you look sort of . . . raped. Don't you think your parents will notice?"

"I told them I was going to study for a biology test with my girlfriend Susan and then spend the night at her apartment. I changed clothes over there. That's how I get away to spend time with Jose, too."

Diane gave me a smile that was simultaneously shy and wanton. "It really was a hell of a biology lesson, wasn't it?" I could only nod.

After Diane left, I cleaned up the living room. She'd left her shredded panties on the floor. I picked them up to throw out, but I changed my mind and stashed them in the drawer of the nightstand beside the bed.

There was still plenty of time before I had to leave for work, so I made a cup of coffee and carried it up to the sundeck. I sat down at the table and looked down at the city as I thought about the last few hours' events.

Diane was wrong about me taking control during that make-believe rape. I'd been acting out HER fantasy on HER terms, so she had still been in control. It was when she'd obeyed my order to stop humping on the floor and follow me up to the sundeck to make love my way that she'd VOLUNTARILY given me control. I wondered how long it would take Diane to realize that.

Despite the workout it had just received, my cock was getting hard again. Feeling like a teenage boy, I went to my bedroom and rubbed my erection against the smooth fabric of Diane's torn panties. Then I pressed the cloth against my face, inhaling her scent and masturbating until I shot cum all over my chest and belly.

After a while, I got up and stumbled into the shower. As I bathed, most of my thoughts were about Diane, but I also thought about Jose. He was so young, strong and handsome, but totally submissive toward Diane. How could I teach him to take control?


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