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Tied-Up Neighbors Sample 3 - Bench

Mr. Gill gripped my shoulders and turned me to face the heavy black steel bench.

"What are you going to do?" I was scared, but my cock was rock-hard.

He slapped my butt. It stung. "Get on the bench."

"Yes sir." I lay face down on the padded steel bench. Mr. Gill strapped my forearms and calves to the bench's elbow and knee pads, then secured my torso with more straps, leaving me immobilized with my legs and buttocks exposed and vulnerable.

Mrs. Gill stepped behind me. "Nice ass." She ran a finger up and down my crack. "And a cute little asshole." My cock jerked when she pressed a fingertip into my tight hole. It hurt—a little—and I wondered how I was going to take Mr. Gill's big stiff pole.

Mr. Gill stepped in front of me. He'd taken his clothes off. "Yvette, stop playing with him. Come here. Show Paul how to really suck a cock."

"Yeah, Baby." Mrs. Gill sank to her knees at Mr. Gill's feet and wrapped her fingers around his cock. She sucked his balls, then licked up his stiff shaft and swallowed his big long rod. The whole thing.

"Fuck, you're good." He gripped the back of her head. "Now, take this." He fucked her face roughly, pushing all the way in, then pulling back to ram her again.

He finally pulled away from her and turned to me. "It's your turn."

His stiff pole, gleaming with precum and spit, was inches away from my lips. "Want me to suck you again?"

He laughed. "I've got a better place to shoot this big gun."

"Are you really going to fuck me?"

"You were about to rape my wife's ass. Now, you're going to find out what it's like." He paused. "Or I can call the police. You want that?"

"No sir."

As Mr. Gill walked behind me, I felt terribly exposed and vulnerable, but also horny as hell.

Mr. Gill squeezed my tight balls, then ran his fingers up my stiff shaft and pinched my cock-head between his thumb and index finger, smearing the precum leaking from its tip. "Guess you're ready to be punished."

He let go of my hard cock and ran his finger around the outside of my asshole in slow circles, coating it with lube.

Mrs. Gill gripped my cock. "I'm going to enjoy watching my husband ream your ass." She fondled my stiff pole briefly, then stepped away.

He was still teasing me, rubbing the outside of my asshole without trying to push his finger inside. "Please, Mr. Gill. I'm ready."

"Ready to get your ass fucked?"

"Yes sir."

"Ready for me to shove this big hard cock up your tight little virgin ass and hammer you mercilessly?"

"Yes sir. Ready for you to fuck the hell out of my ass." My cock jerked as his finger pressed into my asshole, stopping with its curled knuckles pressed against my butt cheeks.

"You like that?" He pulled his finger out, then pushed it back in.

"Yes sir." I rolled my hips, humping his thrusting finger.

He pulled his finger out. "Then, you'll like this even more." He pressed his cock-head into my asshole.

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