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Three-Way Buddies Sample

Bill looked at his two friends sitting naked on the bed with their hard-ons sticking straight up. "Who's first?" He slowly stroked his stiff dick as he approached the bed.

Steve and Ralph glanced at each other, then looked back at Bill. "Doesn't matter," Steve said. "You're gonna give both our asses a good work-out."

Ralph kissed Steve. "You go first. I want to watch."

"All right." Steve rose to his feet, turned around, and bent over with his hands on the bed. "Come on. I'm ready for your big hot rod."

Bill smiled at Steve's reflection in the big mirror mounted on the wall behind the beds. "Good. I've been thinking about this since we left Conner." He lubricated his index finger and pressed into the little puckered hole between Steve's buttocks. It slid in easily.

Steve pushed back against Bill's finger. "Oh yeah," he whispered. "I've been waiting for this."

Bill worked his finger in and out a few times, then added more lube. "Me too." He glanced over at Ralph, then locked eyes with Steve in the mirror. "With both of you."

"Come on," Steve said. "I'm ready."

Ralph stood beside Steve and watched intently as Bill smeared lubricant on his stiff cock and moved behind Steve.

"Here it comes." Bill pressed his cock-head into the center of Steve's asshole and pushed forward.

Ralph stared at Bill's long thick cock sliding steadily up Steve's ass. "This is like a porn movie. But lots better!" He stroked his own stiff prick as Bill hit bottom and slowly pulled back out.

"I love fucking a nice hot tight ass." Bill was watching his cock slowly slide in and out of Steve's muscular butt. "Especially with the lights on. I can see everything this way."

"It feels great." Steve looked at Ralph. "Want to help me out?"

"Sure," Ralph answered. "How?"

"Suck me."

"Okay." Ralph sat on the floor between the bed and Steve's legs and started stroking and sucking his hard cock.

"Oh yeah!" Steve said. "That's really good." He looked at Bill in the mirror. "Fuck my butt. Good and hard."

"All right." Bill fucked Steve roughly, slamming his ass hard enough to shake his body.

"Wow!" Steve gasped. "This is wild! A hot dick and a hot mouth. I never thought I'd get to . . . Oh fuck! . . . I'm gonna . . ."

Steve screamed and thrust his cock into Ralph's mouth while Bill pounded him.

"Oh fuck!" Steve moaned. Bill pulled out of his ass.

Steve was panting and leaning heavily on the bed. "That was great." He slowly straightened up, a little unsteadily. Bill held his shoulders to keep him upright.

Ralph rose from the floor and sat on the edge of the bed, licking his lips. He wiped a big blob of Steve's cum off his chin with a finger, then stuck the finger in his mouth. "Tasty."

Bill laughed. "Finger-lickin' good?" he asked.

Ralph smiled and nodded. "You shoot?"

Bill's cock was still as stiff as a steel rod. "Not yet."

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