Ken James Fiction


Tell Me About Dick 5

My name is Mike. My girlfriend Linda has been writing the "Tell Me About Dick" series. We've had a lot of fun posting the stories and reading the wild email responses. Now, she's talked me into writing up one of our adventures.

Before I start, let me tell you a little about Linda. She's breathtakingly beautiful (much more so than she believes), warm, intelligent, funny, and the most sexually intense woman I've ever been lucky enough to know. She likes to think of herself as a dirty nasty slut who'll do anyone, anywhere at any time, but she's really sweet and romantic. When she commands me, I'm always ready to obey. She loves for me to order her around, although my orders are always to do exactly what she wants.

Linda met me at the airport when I returned from the long business trip that engendered "Tell Me About Dick." For the whole flight, I'd been thinking about her last email. "When you get off the airplane, look for the girl wearing a miniskirt with no panties. Would you mind if I raped you right on the concourse, with all the people watching? They'd probably get jealous. My car has tinted windows and a back seat. We won't have to wait until we get home."

I saw her as soon as I stepped into the terminal. She was wearing my favorite blouse, sheer white raw silk with a plunging neckline and black buttons. Her nipples were clearly outlined under the tight fabric. Even twenty yards away, I could see they were already hard.

Something else was getting hard, too. I was really glad I was wearing blue jeans, rather than my usual slacks. She was also wearing a tight black skirt which ended inches below her crotch, black spike heels and gray nylons. I remembered the outfit vividly. She'd worn it the first night we had sex.

Linda ran across the room and plastered her body against mine. Our lips met in a full open-mouth kiss that seemed to last for hours. When we eventually separated, I looked around. Several people were staring at us, a couple with disapproval, several others with open lust. "Mike, you lucky bastard," I thought to myself as I smirked at our audience. I picked up my dropped briefcase and wrapped my arm around Linda's shoulder. "Come on, Babe," I said. "Let's go find the car."

We didn't have to wait to get to the car. We spotted a unisex rest room on the way to the baggage claim area. As soon as we were inside with the door locked, Linda backed up against the sink and pulled my body to hers.

After we'd kissed for a few seconds, she guided my hands to the buttons on her blouse. Linda has beautiful breasts, small enough so she wears bras for decoration rather than support. While I was unfastening her, she pulled my zipper down and reached inside my jeans. By the time I had her blouse open, my cock was out and already hard. "Do it now," she gasped, guiding me between her open thighs.

No, she wasn't wearing panties. Her pussy was already dripping wet. Despite my intense excitement, I was able to thrust into her for several minutes before shooting my load. The sensation of me spurting inside her set Linda off and we climaxed together. Then she licked my cock clean and I sucked the mixture of my cum and her juices from her pussy.

Linda is always giving me wonderful surprises. The following story is about one of them. I'm writing this while she's out with her girlfriends. I want to surprise her with it when she gets home. I've also got a bigger surprise, in a tiny little box.


"Do you remember Karen?" Linda asked one night when we'd paused during our love making.

"Of course," I replied. "She was your first lesbian lover."

"Karen's not a strict lesbian," Linda said. "She enjoys men, but has a little domination thing with them."

"She's coming to town on business tomorrow. I've told her about you and we've decided to be your fairy godmothers. We'll grant you one common male fantasy, if you ask for the right thing."

The answer was obvious. "I wish I could watch the two of you in bed."

"Very good," Linda said. "Meet me at Karen's hotel room at 7:00 tomorrow night and we'll grant your wish. There's only one condition. You have to obey every order we give you."

"Okay," I replied without hesitation. Linda kissed me and we proceeded with more urgent matters.

The next night was a Friday. I knocked on Karen's door at the suite hotel at 6:45. Linda answered the door. She and Karen were in the front room of a two-room suite. They  were drinking champagne and were quite giggly. There was a strong odor of patchouli incense in the air, with a faint undercurrent of marijuana mixed in.

Karen was wearing a woman's business suit with a matching jacket and skirt, a plain blouse and low-heeled shoes. I'd expected her to be good looking, but she was even more attractive and athletic than I'd imagined. She was bigger than Linda, two inches taller, bigger breasts, wider hips . . . sexy as hell!

She looked me over appraisingly and smiled approvingly. "You're right," she said to Linda. "He's really cute."

Linda was dressed more casually, wearing a plain blouse, short skirt and high-heels.

Linda kissed me. A kiss from Linda is almost as erotic as a blow job from most women and she really put her body into this one. Karen's kiss was more sisterly, assuming your sister was really into incest.

Linda poured three glasses of champagne. She took one glass and held it high. "To tonight," she said. "To tonight," Karen and I echoed.

"Okay, that's enough preliminaries, " Karen said when we'd drained our glasses. "Do you know the rules?"

"Yes," I answered. "I'm supposed to obey all orders without question."

"Good," Karen replied. "Take all your clothes off."

It only took me seconds to strip. This was the first time I'd stood naked in front of two fully-dressed women. "That's great," Karen commented. "He's already stiff."

Karen looked at my crotch with a critical eye. "Very nice," she commented, "but not quite right. His dick's really pretty, but he's too hairy. We'll have to do something about that. Come on, Mike." She got up and headed for the bathroom, pausing to remove her suit jacket and drape it over a chair. I glanced at Linda and she gave a brief nod. I followed Karen.

The clippers Linda used to trim her bush were on the counter. Karen picked them up and set the guard to the closest setting. I'd started to droop during the walk from the living room. "Hold that pretty cock out of the way," she commanded, just before she turned the clippers on. It felt strange but surprisingly arousing as the clippers buzzed over my crotch and balls. In a few seconds, my twenty-nine years of pubic hair had showered to the bathroom floor, leaving me with close-clipped stubble.

"Very good," Karen commented. "You're looking better already. Now for the fun part. Sit on the counter." She soaped a washcloth, washed and rinsed my crotch with warm water and slathered my genitals with foam. I was stiffening again.

She took my penis by the head and pulled it carefully up and away from my body. I really got hard as her fingers slipped around its foam-lubricated surface. She ran a safety razor down my shaft in long swift strokes, cleaning off the faint stubble which had grown since morning, using just enough pressure to remove the hair without hurting me. She must have shaved cocks before. She ran the razor down the seam of my penis with the utmost delicacy and precision.

With my dick completely shaved, Karen turned her attention to my balls. After the nerve-wracking experience of having my penis shaved by a stranger, that was easy. The sensation of the sharp blade gliding over my testicles was so erotic I stayed rock-hard through the whole process. Within minutes, she was wiping the remaining foam away with a washcloth. I looked down in amazement. It was hard to believe how different my hairless crotch looked.

That's when Linda stepped into the bathroom. "Very nice," she commented. "You were right, Karen. He looks even better shaved."

"Yeah," Karen answered. "I guess he likes it. He's hard enough."

"It gets a lot better," Linda replied. "Let's take him into the bedroom and get started."

It was a typical hotel bedroom with a large double bed. A heavy high-backed chair stood a yard from the bed. The room lamps had been positioned to illuminate the area brightly. "Sit in the chair," Karen commanded. After removing her jacket, she pulled several lengths of soft white rope from the bottom dresser drawer and started tying me up.

This was the first time I'd ever allowed myself to be bound. I was slightly uneasy, since I didn't know Karen, but I trusted Linda and tried to relax as Karen fastened my wrists to the chair arms and my ankles to the chair legs. It struck me that she was pretty good at this. I was immobilized, but the ropes weren't tight enough to cut off my circulation.

Linda left the room briefly and came back with the champagne bottle and a glass. "Have some more," she said, pouring the remaining wine into the glass and holding the glass to my lips. When I'd finished drinking, she went over to the dresser and turned on a portable CD player. The music was dreamy but rhythmically insistent. Linda adjusted the volume so it was loud enough to mask most screams, but not so loud that it would make people in the adjoining rooms complain. Then she lit two more sticks of incense and came back to the bed carrying an ashtray, lighter and a joint.

Karen sat on edge of the bed, took the joint and put it in her mouth. Linda sat down beside her and lit the joint. Their knees were touching and each woman moved her free knee to press against one of my knees. My penis had softened slightly while Karen was tying me up, but it grew stiffer than ever as soon as they touched me.

Linda and Karen smoked the joint, occasionally holding it to my lips. I inhaled deeply, feeling my senses grow hyper-acute and my lust increase steadily. Linda gave me a shotgun, taking a big toke, pressing her lips against mine and exhaling while I sucked the smoke. She shotgunned Karen, too. Their lips remained locked long after the smoke was gone. That was the first time I'd seen women kissing sexually.

The girls finished the joint and fell back onto the bed. Their legs were spread and I shamelessly looked up their skirts. Linda giggled. "That's truly excellent pot," she said.

"Yeah," Karen agreed. "It's really made me horny."

"I think we can do something about that," Linda said, rolling over to kiss Karen.

After making out for several minutes, the girls stood up, kicked off their shoes and removed each other's blouse and skirt. Karen's undergarments were as businesslike as her suit with a plain white bra and modest white panties while Linda had a black push-up bra and lacy black panties. Both women were wearing nylons.

Karen was breathing hard. She licked her lips slowly and told Linda, "Your nipples are so damn cute, I can't wait to taste them." She bent over Linda's breasts without waiting for a reply.

"Oh yeah, Baby," Linda gasped. "Suck my tits. Get my nipples good and hard." She unfastened her bra and let it fall to the floor. Karen continued sucking and caressing Linda's small firm breasts.

Linda finally grasped Karen's shoulders and gently pushed her away. "It's my turn," she announced, reaching out to unfasten the other woman's bra. Karen's breasts were much larger than Linda's, but they only sagged slightly when her bra fell away. Linda buried her face between them.

Karen was soon gasping with excitement. When she pulled away from Linda, I could see that her nipples were sticking up like tiny erect penises and her areola were swollen into domes. "Lie down," she ordered hoarsely. Linda fell backwards. Karen pushed Linda's legs open and began licking her panties. A damp spot was already visible at the crotch. When Karen had the thin fabric good and wet, she lifted Linda's legs and pulled her panties off. Linda's pubic area was completely bare. The night before, she'd had a neatly trimmed bush.

Linda sat up. "I'm going to go down on you now," she said. Karen removed her own panties. Both women's crotches were bare, obviously freshly shaved. The sight was incredibly erotic.

"Did you shave each other?" I asked. Karen smiled slightly. Linda tried to look innocent, but ended up smirking.

Karen stretched out on the bed with her legs open, positioned so that Linda's head wouldn't block my view when she began kissing Karen's pubic mound. Karen twisted her erect nipples as Linda ran her tongue up and down Karen's slit, eventually pulling her open to reveal the bright pink flesh inside.

Linda gently nibbled and tugged on Karen's outer lips, making her squirm and moan. Karen came as soon as Linda stuck her tongue up Karen's pussy. Linda held on through Karen's orgasm, driving her to several spectacular climaxes. When Karen was finally spent, Linda lifted her face from the other woman's crotch. Her face was shiny with Karen's juices and she was grinning.

"Your turn," Karen purred as she rolled Linda onto her back. She pulled Linda's pussy open roughly and dived into it. Linda moaned with pleasure as Karen ate her out. The girls were getting it on with obvious passion, but they were also consciously putting on a show. Doing it in front of me was really exciting them. Linda started screaming and thrashing. Karen made her cum over and over, until they both collapsed in a heap.

After a minute, both women sat up on the edge of the bed. Their breasts were swollen and their legs were spread, showing me two nearly identical open cunts. Linda inserted an index finger into Karen. When she pulled it out, it was dripping with Karen's juices. "Taste this," she commanded, sticking her finger into my mouth. Karen repeated the process with Linda's pussy a few seconds later.

"Now tell us whose pussy tastes better," Karen demanded.

"The tastes are so different . . .," I began. "Linda's is better by being familiar, like a favorite ice cream. It always turns me on. Yours is better by being new. It's a whole new erotic territory and it really gets me hard."

"Good answer," the girls said in unison. They looked at each other and giggled. "You win the next part of the fantasy," Karen announced.

Linda pulled a thick two-headed dildo from the dresser. "We don't usually use this," she said, "but it's part of the guy thing." She and Karen positioned themselves on the bed, on their backs with their legs spread and their knees touching. Again making sure that I had a perfect view, they inserted the dildo into each others' vaginas.

Linda got it first. Karen rubbed the head and shaft up and down Linda's snatch, stimulating her clitoris and her swollen pussy lips. Linda was already near-orgasmic. She went off as soon as Karen pushed the dildo into her hot wet cunt. When she'd recovered, she bent forward with a wild gleam in her eyes. "You're a good fucker," she told Karen. "That almost felt like Mike sticking it in."

"Now, it's your turn," Linda continued. Karen's lips were already open and shiny with her juices. She gave a long slow scream as Linda slid the dildo into her snatch.

Linda looked up at me with wild eyes. "You like this, don't you? Two hot girls spiking each other's cunts."

Even if they didn't normally use the dildo, the girls certainly enjoyed their double fuck. They were both quickly screaming and writhing from multiple orgasms. I was bent over as much as my bonds would allow, staring at the girls' undulating breasts, sweaty bellies, nylon-clad legs, and stuffed pussies.

"Ram that fake cock into each others' cunts," I gasped. "Fuck each other hard. Cum with that cock between your legs. Fill your snatches . . . " I suddenly realized the sensation which had been building in my groin while I stared at the fucking girls was peaking. "Oh God!" I cried. "I'm cumming." An instant later, my untouched cock ejaculated violently, spurting semen over my chest and belly. One blob hit my face. Another spurt flew over to the bed and landed on Karen's crotch.

Alerted by my cry, the girls had turned to stare at my spontaneous orgasm. When I had finally spent myself, they collapsed back on the bed. When they'd recovered their breath from their own orgasms, they sat up and looked at the cum splashed over my body and my slightly softened penis. "I never expected that to happen," Karen commented.

Linda got up and kissed me. "You've been a good boy," she purred. "You've followed our orders and we've let you watch us, just like we promised. Now, we have a special treat. You can feel us."

Karen had gotten up and walked behind me while Linda was speaking. Without warning, she slipped a blindfold over my eyes. "We didn't say you could see us while you're feeling us," she said.

A mouth pressed against mine. Linda had stepped away while Karen was blindfolding me and the women's' bare feet were silent on the carpet, so I wasn't sure who was kissing me. She used a lot of tongue and my cock quickly returned to its former level of stiffness. The kisser moved away and the other woman took her place. Or maybe it was the same woman. Her kissing style didn't seem any different.

The second long kiss ended and a breast was pressed against my face. I started licking and sucking the erect nipple. After a while, that breast was pulled away and replaced with another breast. This breast seemed fuller than the first one, so I suspected it belonged to Karen. It was impossible to tell for sure, which was obviously what the girls wanted.

After the second breast was removed, Linda and Karen stuck their tongues into my ears. My cock twitched under this new stimulation, but was already as stiff as physically possible. The girls went on to kiss and nibble my ears, kiss my neck, and suck my nipples. Soon they were on opposite sides of my dick, simultaneously licking it. After that, they sucked my nuts, one girl to a ball.

One of the women started sucking my dick. I groaned and came almost instantly. She sucked greedily as I shot wave after wave into her mouth. It was hard to believe that I'd climaxed scant minutes before. Finally spent, I collapsed back into the chair.

I heard the girls get up and move away. I heard rustling noises from the other end of the room. Linda whispered something and Karen giggled. The ropes securing my wrists and ankles loosened, then fell away. I remained motionless in the chair, wondering what was going to happen next.

I didn't have to wait long. "Take the blindfold off," Karen commanded.

The girls were sitting side by side on the bed, "dressed" in high heels and identical frilly black panties. A black push-up bra supported Karen's ample breasts, leaving her nipples exposed. Linda's bra was black leather with her nipples protruding through cut-out holes. They'd traded their nylons for fish net stockings. They looked cheap and trashy, as if they'd just stepped out of a bad porno movie.

Although my cock had softened after my second orgasm, I instantly got a raging hard-on as I stared at the women.

"He lives again," Linda whispered, staring at my swollen member.

"Yeah," Karen replied. "I'll bet there's going to be a third coming."

Linda and Karen had been sitting with their knees pressed together. Now they both spread their legs and I could see that their panties were crotchless.

"Nice boys don't stare," Linda said reprovingly, putting a finger on either side of her freshly shaved slit and pulling it open.

"Nice boys don't get hard-ons for trashy whores spreading their legs and pulling their cunts open," Karen agreed, opening her legs wider and showing pink.

My head was spinning from the erotic visual assault and it seemed difficult to breathe. "I'm not a nice boy," I croaked. "I'm a bad boy who gets off on the nasty things you do."

"Good," Karen and Linda answered in unison.

"I hate nice boys," Karen said.

"I love bad boys," Linda said at the same time.

"Okay, bad boy," Karen continued. "You've got two cheap sluts with swollen nipples and open wet pussies. Those cunts have spent the night being girl-licked, fingered and dildo-fucked. They haven't felt a male tongue or a real cock yet. Come do something about that."

So I did something about it. Alternating between the two women, I French kissed them thoroughly, licked their breasts and sucked their nipples. I went down on Karen while Linda sucked my cock. Then I ate Linda out while Karen sucked me.

I made the girls bend over the bed and fucked them from behind, moving from pussy to pussy at random until they were both screaming with combined ecstasy and frustration as I pushed them nearly to climax while denying them release.

Then I had them lie side by side on the bed and made love to them in a more conventional way, dividing my erotic attention evenly between them and slowly bringing them to orgasm.

I was moving off Karen when Linda surprised me by sticking her butt up in the air. "Put it in my ass," she commanded, pointing to a tube of lube on the nightstand. As I lovingly greased her anus, it was obvious that she was ready for me.

I'd never screwed a woman in the ass. I found the prospect incredibly exciting, especially considering the boner I always got just by being in the same room with Linda.

Linda worked a vibrator inside her pussy while I butt-fucked her. Karen stared in fascination at my plunging penis and our thrashing bodies as Linda climbed from orgasm to orgasm. Linda finally collapsed on the bed, totally spent. To my surprise, I still hadn't come.

Karen licked her lips. "Mike, I've never been fucked in the ass," she announced, "but I want you to do it to me now." In honor of her virgin status, I spent a long time preparing Karen. "It doesn't hurt at all," she marveled as I finally slid into her.

I fucked Karen in modified missionary position. I got on my back and she bounced on my dick. I fucked her wheelbarrow style. Between my cock in her ass and the vibrator in her pussy, she came numerous times. I didn't come, although I was trying. I suspected that my earlier orgasms had finished me for the night.

Linda had been lying beside us on the bed, watching intently. She suddenly got up and moved out of sight. I was fucking Karen doggy style when Linda got onto the bed behind me. I felt the sudden pressure of a greased cock head opening my anus. I glanced at the big wall mirror beside the bed. Linda had strapped on a big cock and balls dildo and was sticking it into me.

The fuck train ran for several minutes. Karen had the vibrator in her cunt and my cock up her butt. Linda was thrusting the dildo into my asshole, slapping her pelvis and artificial balls against my buttocks. I finally screamed and pumped hot cream up Karen's ass.

I collapsed in the middle of the bed, between Karen and Linda. I fell asleep with their bodies pressing against mine.

When I woke up on Saturday morning, it was still dark. I was lying on my side. There was only one woman in bed. She was curled against me, pressing her back against my chest and rubbing her buttocks against my erect penis. "Fuck my ass," she whispered almost inaudibly as she rolled onto her stomach.

The lubricant was still on the nightstand. I squeezed a big blob into the palm of my hand and lubricated my stiff penis. She purred with satisfaction as I slid an oily finger up her ass. "Yeah! . . . Fuck!!" she whispered when I inserted a second finger. "Cock now!!" she demanded after I'd finger-fucked her asshole for a few moments.

"This has to be Linda," I thought as my cock slid up her asshole. Karen couldn't be taking me this easily. It had taken a long time to relax her last night. Linda began pushing back, gripping my penis with her anal muscles and working her tight hot butt, demanding that I fuck her harder and faster. She was screaming and cumming as I shot my load up her ass.

Linda lay gasping beneath me. My penis slipped out, leaving a slick trail on her buttocks. I kissed her neck, shoulders, back, buttocks, knees . . . She rolled over and I took her in my arms. We kissed tenderly as she guided my hands over her full figure. I was dreamily kneading her spectacularly swollen nipples when I realized her breasts were bigger than Linda's. "Karen? I didn't expect to be alone with you."

"Slut man, you'll fuck any hole in the dark!" Karen's tone was severe. A second later, she giggled and pulled my face down to hers for a long intense kiss. "Linda's letting me have you for the day. We didn't think you'd mind."

Karen and I climbed into the shower and soaped each others' bodies. We made out for a long time in the warm mist. I sank to my knees and ate her to climax. "I hope you didn't mind my beard stubble between your thighs," I said as I was holding her afterward.

"I liked it," Karen answered. "Please don't shave today. When I'm with a man, I want him to be a man all the way. The sandpaper beard gets me off." Her hand had curled around my rigid penis . She was slowly stroking my shaft and running gentle fingertips over my head. Her other hand was caressing my balls. "It all gets me off. All the man things," she purred as she sank to her knees and took my cock in her mouth.

She sucked me until my balls tightened and my cock throbbed. As I hovered on the brink of orgasm, she stuck a finger up my asshole. Even that wasn't enough. "Sorry Babe," I said as I reluctantly pulled away. "It's just too soon."

"That's all right," Karen said as she turned the shower off. "You're my toy for the day and you're going to get lots of chances."

"Do I need to call you 'Mistress?'" I asked as I began drying her back.

"I don't usually play that," Karen answered, "but I get into moods. Linda said you were good at playing along. She was right!" We finished drying each other off and she combed her hair in the mirror.

Karen walked out of the bathroom, working her hips and butt. My cock (not always hard, despite what Linda claims) stiffened at the sight. Karen paused in the hall and looked back. "I'm still walking funny from those ass-fuckings you gave me," she said.

"I like the way you're walking," I answered, patting her butt.

She opened the curtains, filling the room with bright light. When she turned to face me, she was glaring. "You brutally fucked my virgin ass," she said coldly. "Twice. I'm still feeling the effects. You must be punished!"

"Karen . . . "

"Call me 'Ma'am!'" she snapped, pulling a tangle of leather and metal from a drawer. "Help me get dressed." I fastened her into the chest harness; black leather strips in triangles around her breasts, heavy chrome chains suspended between the sides of the triangles, more chrome chains around her back and dangling over her ribs.

"Get on the bed, on your back," she ordered when the harness was in place. I scrambled to comply.

Karen pulled the strap-on from the nightstand drawer. I watched her replace the 8" by 2" dildo Linda had used last night with a much longer and thicker one. There was a smaller dildo on the harness, facing inward. Karen looked at it thoughtfully, then reached down to feel between her legs.

She climbed onto the bed, straddling me with her crotch pressing against my face. "Get my cunt wet," she commanded.

"Yes Ma'am!" I pulled her open and thrust my tongue directly into her pussy. She was already hot and moist. Her juices were flowing freely after a few seconds of tongue-fucking and I sucked them greedily.

"Good boy," Karen said, lifting her groin away from my face, but still kneeling over my chest. "I know you like my hot juicy snatch, so I'm going to let you put something up it."

"Thank you, Ma'am!" I replied as she handed me the harness. It took a moment to untangle the leather straps and position the vaginal probe. Karen gasped as I slid it smoothly into her pussy. It took a few more moments to fasten the straps. Then Karen was kneeling over me, thoughtfully stroking her immense erection.

After a moment, Karen stood up. "Now, fold your knees against your chest. Lift your ass," she commanded. She lubricated two fingers. I gasped and my cock jerked as she thrust her fingers into my asshole. "Does that hurt?" she asked, twisting her fingers. "No, it doesn't look like it. Don't cum too fast, Boy. You're my ass-pony and I'm going to ride you for a long time."

She squeezed more lubricant into the palm of her hand, then stroked the dildo, coating it carefully. "My ass-pony better be ready," she growled, positioning the dildo's head between my buttocks. An instant later, the pressure on my asshole was building, opening it wider than ever before. Karen worked her huge cock in and out slowly, giving me a chance to adjust to its length and girth.

Finally she was fucking me vigorously. Every thrust felt like an orgasm as her thick head battered my prostate. The vaginal probe was fucking her as she moved, triggering an almost endless series of mini-orgasms. "I'm fucking . . . Fuck Ass-Pony Fuck!" she screamed over and over, ramming me mercilessly as she came. She collapsed onto my chest, gasping for breath and looking dazed.

I flipped Karen onto her back, unfastened the strap-on and threw it to the floor. Her swollen nipples protruded through the lengths of chain on her chest harness. I sucked and bit them until she was thrashing on the bed. I forced her legs open. Her crotch was slick and shiny with her juices. Her pussy was bright red and she was almost unbelievably hot and tight.

"Fuck my cunt, Ass-Pony, Fuck Me!" she gasped as her vaginal muscles clamped my plunging rod. "Give me your stuff . . . please! . . . I'm cummmiiinnnggg!!" I continued fucking through her orgasm, slipping my rock-hard cock out of her pussy after she'd spent herself. There was a vibrator on the nightstand. I switched it on and slipped it into Karen's hungry snatch.

I pressed my pussy juice-lubricated cock between her buttocks. "Fuck Yeah Boy!" she cried. "Make me your Ass-Pony! . . . OOOhhh! Yessssss!! . . ." My cock slammed into her ass. "Yeah! . . . Fuck!" Karen gasped in time with my thrusts. She was soon screaming, "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck Ass!" and rolling into another orgasm. Her thrashing pushed me over. "Hot . . . Spray . . . Cum . . . Butt-Fuck . . . Yeah!" she screamed as I flooded her asshole. "So good," she finally whispered. "I love getting my ass fucked!"

After removing her chest harness, I held Karen until she fell asleep in my arms. I lay watching her bathed in the golden glow of the morning sun for a long time before drifting off.

The sun was high in the sky when we woke up, both famished. We ordered breakfast from room service. "I'll get the door," Karen said. I was still naked. She was wearing a filmy negligee. Its neckline plunged to her waist in a wide vee. The skirt ended just below her crotch and she wasn't wearing panties. Her nipples and areola were visible through the sheer fabric. "Yeah, I'm wearing this. It'll give the waiter a thrill."

"He got a hard-on the second I opened the door," Karen was saying between bites of bacon and egg. "I bent over once and I thought his pants were going to split. I'm pretty sure he came in his shorts when I kissed his cheek."

"What if a girl had delivered the food?"

Karen smiled wickedly. "That would have been even better."

We spent the rest of the day alternating between talking and making love. I came once more, after slow-fucking Karen for an hour, driving her to orgasm after orgasm. "You're really great, she said. "I think you've spoiled me for girls."

"That's flattering. For how long?"

"At least another hour," she giggled. "Until Linda gets here."


Hi, it's Linda. I just can't leave Mike alone, even when he's writing. He's my man, my lover and now my husband-to-be. He showed me the story and got me all hot. Then he pulled out the ring. I tried to put it on his cock, but it wouldn't fit. It goes on my finger just fine, though.

"Oh Mike!" I screamed. We were two minutes into our engagement celebration. Mike was still sitting in the office chair at the computer. I was standing in front of him. My "Look, No Bra!" blouse was open and I was squeezing my nipples. Mike's head was under my skirt. He'd pulled my thong to the side and stuck his tongue up my pussy. "God!" I screamed again, grabbing Mike's shoulders to steady myself. "I'm . . . CUMMMMMING !!!"

My head was still spinning while Mike carried me into the bedroom. He lay me on the bed, still dressed, and fucked me. I came again while he was shooting inside me.

We started planning the wedding, the sexy part, not flowers and invitations. A tasteful bachelorette party with my girlfriends, of course. Something raunchy and male for Mike. A post-wedding orgy with a very small guest list. Maria would join in, but her husband wouldn't. Janna, like everyone, had the hots for Mike. Her married lovers Jeff and Leslie were swingers. Virginia would come (and cum . . .) and she'd get her boyfriend to join in.

"We'll fuck our brains out with our friends, then go collapse for two days," I was concluding. "When we wake up, we'll be alone . . . Nasty Little Girl and The World's Most Beautiful Dick." We were lying on the bed side-by-side, naked, holding hands. I rolled over and grabbed Mike's erect penis. He'd been soft until we'd started planning the orgy.

"I love this dick," I said after kissing the head gently. I was getting wet as I ran my fingers over his silky-smooth flesh. "I love it soft. I love seeing and feeling it swell. It's always beautiful. It's so incredibly beautiful hard. And the pre-cum running over the head . . . MMMMmmmm! So tasty! So good to lick up and down your shaft . . . your balls . . . sweet beautiful bare balls.

I took Mike's cock in my mouth and tongue-lashed his cum slit, sucked his head, stroked his shaft and squeezed his balls until he was throbbing and ready to explode. I wanted him to shoot in my mouth, but backed off. I had more plans for the night.

"Yeah Mike, suck my tits! My nipples . . . so hard! So good! Your mouth on my breasts and your hard cock rubbing my belly! Oh yeah! Go down. Eat me! . . . OOoouuuuutt! . . . Yeah! Suck my clit! Oh! Oh . . . finger - f . . . u . . . c . . . k . . . Oh God! Oh God! Oh God, I'm cumming!"

"Cock . . . Spread my legs . . . please. Slide it in now. I love opening for you, feeling the pressure of your cock on my pussy walls . . ."

"Wait! I want to look at it. Your cock is such a perfect size and shape! It's straight and stately as a Greek column, hard as marble yet warm and silky. The complex network of veins under the surface is bulging. Your gracefully rounded head is the same diameter as your shaft. The groove between your head and shaft is really deep and pronounced. A perfect fucking cock!"

"Oh! What a wonderful cock! It fills my cunt so perfectly! Moves in perfect time with me! Makes me cum again and again!"

Mike was ramming me hard, pushing me toward an even stronger orgasm. His balls had tightened and his cock was throbbing. "Spraying in my cunt!" I screamed. "Thick hot juice splashing my pussy walls . . . ramming and spraying! . . . pulling back to do it again . . . and again!" I was cumming again, my convulsing muscles sucking Mike's sperm-laden juice into my uterus. We'd already decided to have a baby and I'd been off birth control for two months. Somehow, I knew this was the time.

As we lay together, spent, I whispered, "And the best thing . . . it belongs to the man I love!"


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