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Tell Me About Dick 4

Hi. I'm a nasty little girl named Linda, and I know what you're doing while you're reading my stories. My boyfriend Mike and I really get off fantasizing about watching you do it. Or helping you do it.

Like he usually does, Mike's playing with me while I'm trying to finish this introduction and submit the story. This time, he's standing behind my chair. He's already pulled my tee-shirt up to expose my breasts. Now, he's running his fingers in little circles around my nipples, getting them so hard and swollen.

It's a little game we're playing and we both love it. I try to finish submitting the story before he gets me so turned on I have to fuck him. Tonight, I'm determined to win, but it would be easier if I wasn't wearing gym shorts and no panties. Mike's finished with my breasts. Now, he's kneeling between my thighs and it's getting hard to concentrate on typing. This is going to be a short introduction.

You know by now that I originally wrote these stories to email to Mike while he was away on a long business trip and we're really getting off on my posting them.

I've gotten a lot of great emails about the stories. Lots of women don't want to get messages like "It gave me the biggest hard-on I've had in five years," or "I came three times while reading your story," but I love it.

Here are a couple of my favorites. "I loved the story, very good....I have never cum so hard from reading one...Keep up the good work" and "Wow...I just finished Tell Me About Dick and I LOVED it! Thank you so much for sharing. Thanks again for making my panties wet!" Thank you so much, Gayle and Sara! Big kisses on the body parts of your choice!

Thank you all! Keep 'em cumming!

Speaking of cumming . . . I win!


The first time I saw a big stiff Black cock, it was in my boyfriend's mouth.

After I graduated from college, I moved in with Billy, who'd been my boyfriend for most of my senior year. We rented a little one bedroom house in the central city. The back yard was tiny, but it had a solid fence and tall hedges, so it was quite private. Billy and I had sex there frequently.

I quickly established a tradition of "girls' night out." Every two or three Fridays, I'd go out with my friends. I never got home from these outings before midnight. Except once. Maria couldn't come because her baby was sick, Janna was depressed because she was fighting with her lover Nancy again and Virginia was called away to fix a systems problem at work.

When I pulled up to the house at 10:00 PM, I was surprised to see that the lights in the living room were off. Billy had been planning to watch sports with Fred, a big beautiful Black man who'd been his roommate in college. Just as I was about to put my key in the lock, I heard a moaning sound from the back of the house.

I slipped into the darkness of the back yard. The bedroom window curtains were open and the light on the nightstand was on. When I looked in the window, I was stunned to see Fred sitting stark naked on the edge of the bed. Billy was kneeling between Fred's legs, sucking his immense cock.

At first, it seemed as if I was paralyzed. I couldn't move, only stare. My hands seemed to take on a life of their own. One lifted my skirt and the other slipped inside my panties. When I'd stimulated myself almost to orgasm, Fred suddenly pulled his cock out of Billy's mouth. It was even longer and thicker than I'd imagined when contemplating the bulge in Fred's pants during his previous visits. It was slick with saliva and pre-cum and visibly throbbing.

"I know you want me to cum in your mouth," Fred stated in a husky voice.

"Yeah," Billy whispered, staring greedily at the cock inches from his face.

"I've got a big load of cum, but I don't want you to feel it shooting into your mouth," Fred continued.

"I really want to feel that hot juice spurting out of your cock," Billy replied. "Where do you want to shoot it?"

"You know exactly where – boy," Fred answered, standing up and stepping away from the bed.

"Yes sir!" Billy said, climbing onto the bed and positioning himself on hands and knees.

Fred reached into the nightstand drawer and pulled out the bottle of lubricant Billy and I kept there. He greased his penis with one quick motion and pressed his cock head against Billy's asshole. Billy screamed softly as Fred entered him with one long slow thrust.

I watched in fascination as Fred's mammoth tool opened Billy's butt and slid inside, inch by slow inch. "It's too big," Billy moaned. "It's tearing my ass open."

"Shut up and take it, motherfucker!" Fred shouted, slapping Billy's ass hard enough to leave a hand print. "Yo my little white bitch now and I don't want no mouf." His voice had changed from his normal highly-educated tones. "Yo getting' all this big Black cock up yo tight little white asshole." That's when I had my first orgasm.

Fred fucked Billy slowly, at first. Through the window, I had a perfect view of the giant brown cock sliding in and out of Billy's buns, gradually gaining speed. I was thrusting two fingers of one hand into my cunt and frantically manipulating my clit with the other hand, climbing from one orgasm to the next as I stared at Fred plowing my boyfriend's ass.

Fred suddenly screamed and slammed his cock into Billy so violently that the bed shook. "Yeah . . . spray . . . that . . . hot . . . juice . . . up my . . . ass," Billy gasped as Fred rammed him over and over.

Finally spent, Fred pulled his cock out of Billy's butt. It had softened, but remained partially erect. Fred moved to the bed and lay on his back beside Billy.

Billy straddled Fred's chest and began stroking his own hard cock. "You shot all that hot cum up my butt," he gasped. "You fucked me with that big Black cock. You jammed that monster dick in me so hard it turned my asshole inside out." Billy was shouting now as his fist pumped furiously. "You fucked me, fucked my asshole, fucked my asshole with your big Black cock . . ." An astonishing load of cum burst from Billy's cock, splashing Fred's chest and face.

Billy collapsed onto Fred's body and they began kissing. I was near collapse myself, standing at the window in my rumpled skirt and soaked panties.

It was time for me to leave. I went back to my car and drove to a nearby shopping center. After I'd parked, I put some soft jazz into the CD player, took a few tokes off a joint and thought about what I'd seen.

It was interesting that I didn't feel angry or betrayed, just excited. I'd heard that heterosexual men loved watching lesbians. It was obvious that I was really turned on by watching men have sex with each other.

I didn't believe Fred and Billy were gay. Billy was incredibly enthusiastic about having sex with me and I'd often noticed Fred giving me hot looks, too. It was pretty obvious that Fred and Billy's relationship had been going on for a long time. I wondered where I fit in.

Although I spent some more time thinking, the only conclusion I reached was that I really had to pee. I went into the bar in the shopping center, used the restroom, then ordered a margarita. A really cute guy came up to my table and offered to buy me a drink. I'd never let a man pick me up in a bar before, but I was really tempted this time.

His name was Rich. Over the next two hours, we had a couple of drinks and flirted shamelessly. Finally, it was almost 1:00 AM. As attracted as I was to Rich, I decided I should go home to Billy. Rich was disappointed, but gallant about it, especially after I asked for his phone number.

I left the bar, finished the joint and drove home. Billy was alone, watching TV in the living room and sipping a beer. "Did you have a good time, Honey?" he asked.

"It was really interesting," I said, looking him over. He was barefoot, wearing only a T-shirt and sweat pants. I could see the faint outline of his cock through the fabric. He was obviously waiting for me to continue, but words failed me. After several seconds, I announced "I want something," and put my hand on his crotch.

The first time, we did it in the living room. Then we grabbed a blanket and went out into the back yard. Finally, I dragged Billy into the bedroom and surprised him by greasing his cock, getting on the bed on my hands and knees and ordering him to fuck my butt.

All the time I was sucking Billy, I was thinking about how he'd looked with his lips wrapped around Fred's swollen shaft. Later, when he was fucking me, I couldn't escape the memory of watching Fred thrusting his giant cock up Billy's asshole.

"That was great," Billy gasped as we were clinging together, finally spent. "You're always passionate, but I've never seen you this excited."

I decided this was the best possible time to tell him that I'd seen him and Fred. At first, Billy was freaked out, but I finally convinced him that I wasn't angry, just incredibly turned on.

"I do think you've been greedy," I said. "Fred's so yummy and you've been keeping him all to yourself. I don't think that's fair. Do you?"

"No, it wasn't," he admitted. "Fred would really like to have sex with you, too."

"That could be arranged." My nipples were still hard, but I felt them growing even tighter as I remembered Fred's magnificent naked body. "Let's call him and . . . No, wait. I have a better idea."

* * *

"Hi Fred, come on in." I gave him a big hug as soon as he stepped inside. I always hug him. I'm really physical with people I like. Before, my hugs for Fred had been as non-sexual as pressing my breasts against a really hot man's body could be. Fred had always been a gentleman and pretended the contact didn't arouse him.

This time, I plastered my body against and held on until I felt a definite stirring in his crotch. I pecked his lips lightly as I finally broke the embrace.

"You're in a good mood tonight," Fred commented. "Where's Billy." He was looking around the living room, but most of his attention was on me.

I was wearing a sheer short-sleeved robe that ended six inches below my crotch. My nipples were clearly outlined under the thin fabric. The robe, already loose, had opened more during our intense hug, revealing a wide vee of bare skin plunging almost to my navel. My hair was damp, as if I'd just stepped out of the shower.

I looked at Fred, admiring his body-builder physique for several seconds before answering. He was dressed in black sneakers, tight blue jeans and a form-fitting white tank top which showed off his muscular chest, shoulders and arms. "Billy's not here. He got a call from work a few minutes ago," I said. "The night manager is sick and Billy has to fill in for him. He asked me to phone you, but I couldn't find your cell number."

"That's too bad," Fred said, sounding really disappointed.

"Yeah, it's a tough night for plans," I said. "We had to cancel girls' night out, too. All my girlfriends had last minute conflicts." I sighed and stretched like a cat, opening my robe slightly wider and showing even more cleavage. "You don't have to run right off," I said. "I'm feeling a little lonely tonight. I'd like it if you'd at least stay and have a glass of wine with me."

"OK," Fred agreed instantly. I swung my hips and worked my butt just a little more than normal as I walked into the kitchen. I knew without looking that Fred was staring as he followed me.

I pulled a bottle from the small rack on the counter and set it upright. "I always have a little trouble with the corkscrew," I told Fred as I stripped the foil from the bottle's neck. "Would you come hold the bottle for me, please."

"Of course," he answered. I pressed my hip firmly against his as I opened the wine. My breast brushed his forearm as I turned to put the corkscrew away, pulling my robe open even further.

I took a single step back and stopped. Fred stared at my chest as he turned to face me. My nipples were still covered, but the soft inner curves of my breasts were exposed. My heart was pounding and I seemed to be having trouble breathing. Fred's lust was a physical presence in the room. Slowly and deliberately, I gripped the sides of the robe and pulled it open, revealing my naked body.

Fred was still standing still. Only his eyes moved, up and down my body, taking in my already-swollen nipples and my closely-trimmed blond pubic hair, dripping with my juices.

We stared at each other for long seconds. "Kiss me Fred," I finally whispered. I put my hands on his muscular shoulders and pressed my lips against his. He thrust his tongue roughly into my mouth and I sucked on it greedily.

I melted into the kiss. It seemed to go on forever. I wanted it to. Fred finally pulled his mouth away from mine and placed his huge hands on my breasts, completely covering them. "I wish they were bigger for you," I sighed.

"Hush," Fred commanded. "They're beautiful and perfect." He bent down and began kissing and licking my breasts and sucking my nipples. At first he was gentle, but he became more aggressive when he realized I wanted a touch of roughness.

I was completely lost in the sensations his hands and mouth were creating in my tits. It was a shock when he suddenly grabbed my waist, picked me up and set me, legs spread, on the kitchen table. He dropped to his knees and thrust his tongue into my dripping snatch. I fell back onto the table. Within seconds, it seemed, I was on the brink of orgasm. When Fred placed a gentle finger on my clit, I exploded.

Fred stood up when I'd finished. I realized he was still fully dressed, his turgid cock cruelly restrained by his pants and underwear. It took me several attempts to find my voice. "Take me into the bedroom," I finally gasped. He lifted me as effortlessly as if he were carrying a child.

"Leave the lights on," I whispered as he placed me on the bed. "I want to see you."

It only took Fred moments to strip off his tank top, shoes and socks. As he removed his jeans, I stared in awe at the thick cock almost tearing a hole in his briefs. He groaned as I put my hand on his hardness, fondling it through the thin fabric. The big wet spot on the cloth covering his cock-head was growing larger every second. I began licking there, tasting and smelling his thick male sweetness through the briefs.

Fred gasped, "I don't want to cum in my shorts," as he twisted away. He was standing beside the bed. I was kneeling on the floor in front of him.

"No," I agreed. "There are so many better places where you can cum." I pulled his briefs down and stopped, frozen, staring in awe at his mammoth organ. I wrapped my hand around his shaft. My thumb and index finger didn't quite close around his girth. I placed my other hand on him. I was now gripping his cock like a baseball bat and his head was still exposed. I put my lips on it and began licking. A steady flow of pre-cum was leaking from his tip.

My mouth was stretched, but his entire head was inside. He caught my hands and detached them from his penis. It was incredibly exciting and a little frightening as he slowly pushed forward. I was grateful when Fred stopped at the back of my mouth and didn't try to shove his length down my throat. He started fucking my face, slowly and gently at first, then faster as I learned to relax and take him.

I had the dizzying sensation that my clit had grown a thousand-fold and I was sucking it. I wasn't touching myself at all, but Fred's mounting excitement was driving me steadily towards orgasm. I came as I tried to gulp down all the hot sweet-sour man juice he was pumping into my mouth.

I suddenly went limp. Fred caught my arms, preventing me from falling backwards. He picked me up and placed me on the bed. Everything went black for a few seconds. When my vision returned, Fred was beside me on the bed, gazing into my eyes. "You have cum all over your face," he whispered affectionately.

"Damn. I wanted to drink all of it. I guess I'll clean myself off."

I tried to sit up. Fred stopped me. "I'll clean it off," he said and started kissing and licking my face. I sank back on the bed, feeling like a cat being groomed by a companion. I think I fell asleep for a few seconds. When I opened my eyes, Fred was standing beside the bed, holding out a glass of water. I drank it greedily.

"That was so good," I purred.

"The water?" Fred asked, taking the glass and setting it on the nightstand.

"Of course not, silly," I giggled. "You know. Now, come fuck me."

Fred's dick was getting hard again, but he hesitated. "You're so small I'm afraid I'll hurt you," he said.

"I wouldn't have started this if I didn't want it all. I trust you. Please fuck me."

I was lying on my back. Fred straddled me and began planting tender kisses on my mouth, face, earlobes and neck, generating a warm, affectionate glow. The golden glow mutated into smoldering red heat as Fred worked his way down my chest, licking, kissing and occasionally gently nipping every square inch of my breasts, except my swollen nipples.

I lifted my head and looked down at Fred working on my breasts. My nipples were astonishing. They were so long and swollen they resembled tiny little cocks. I couldn't believe they were mine, until Fred put his mouth on them and sent me straight into orbit.

Fred forced my thighs open and knelt between them. I didn't feel any fear or pain, just amazement at the way he was stretching my wet snatch far wider and filling me much deeper than I'd ever imagined possible. My body was slick with sweat. I was kneading my breasts roughly and rolling my nipples between my thumbs and index fingers as Fred slowly opened and filled me. When he finally stopped moving, I could feel his beautiful big balls pressing against my pussy lips. "I've taken you," I whispered. "All of you."

"Damn straight, Baby," Fred growled. "Now, I'm gonna fuck the hell out of your tight little blond pussy with my big Black cock."

I'd fantasized about Fred ever since I'd met him. After seeing him with Billy, I'd thought about him almost continuously. I'd never imagined him stretching and filling my cunt so thoroughly. It was wonderful, so much better than my dreams.

Fred had entered me with exquisite slowness. Now he was withdrawing, equally slowly. I clamped my pussy muscles around his swollen shaft, trying in vain to hold him inside. Finally, he was almost completely outside, leaving his cock-head kissing my inner lips.

"Oh Fred," I sighed, "I feel so empty. Put it back. Please"

"Don't worry Baby." He began pushing back in, just as slowly and gently as he'd withdrawn. I'd never imagined being taken by a cock as magnificent as Fred's. It filled my pussy completely, stimulating every nerve. He didn't need to angle his dick to rub my G-spot. It was included in the fuck package. The motion of his thick prick was pulling at my swollen outer lips, making them rub my clit. I was so wet, I could feel my juices running down toward my asshole.

Fred was moving so slowly, probably taking a full minute for each in and out cycle, although each one seemed like an ecstatic eternity to me. I came for the first time when he bottomed out on the fifth cycle. I guess. It's not like I was counting.

He was like a long heavy freight train. Starting so slowly you weren't sure he was really moving, then gradually, oh so gradually, gaining speed until he was rushing forward, a relentless unstoppable force.

I'd never imagined being fucked like this. I was in perfect balance. Not cumming violently, I think that would have killed me. Gentle orgasm followed gentle orgasm, slowly building in intensity. I dizzily thought of foreign art films, with the shot of a train plunging into a tunnel. Fred was now driving into me just like that.

Fred and I were both slick with sweat and gasping for breath. The big one was coming now. The giant orgasm that would change the universe as I knew it. Fred groaned and pounded me so hard my body was lifted and sent flying through the air. Or at least that's how it felt. He hammered me again and again as he flooded my cunt with lava-hot sperm. Galaxies spun over my head, exploding all around me, finally leaving blackness.

I'm not sure how long I was out. Probably only seconds. When I returned, Fred's face was inches above mine. He was gazing at me intently.

"Wow! That was some fuck," I gasped. "You probably won't believe this, but I can taste your cum."

"You're such a hot lady," Fred whispered, just before he pressed his lips against mine. We kissed for a long time.

"That was wonderful," I sighed. "I've never had my cunt filled so thoroughly. Do you know what I'd like now?"

"To do it again?" Fred asked. "I'd sure enjoy that."

"That's for later. But not much later. First I want to watch you fuck Billy's ass."

Fred didn't seem particularly surprised. "So you saw us," he said. "I wondered what set you off like this. Where's Billy?"

Billy answered the question himself by stepping into the bedroom, stark naked, with the biggest erection I'd ever seen him sport.

"So you were watching," Fred said. Billy nodded.

"Billy's been a bad boy," I said. "He was having you and not sharing, so I had to punish him. I haven't let him cum for the past three days and I ordered him not to touch himself while he was watching us. Have you obeyed, Billy?"

"Yeah," Billy answered, "but I almost shot my load when Fred started fucking you, even without beating off."

"But you followed my instructions," I said. "Good! Now get on your back with your butt in the air." Billy scrambled to comply. "Fred, fuck him."

Fred was already hard. He greased his big beautiful cock and jammed it up Billy's ass. That's when I realized I'd miscalculated. I'd thought not cumming for three days would give Billy more endurance. Instead, it made him hair-trigger sensitive. Cum burst from his cock during Fred's first thrust.

Billy looked up at the man kneeling between his legs. "I'm OK," he said. "Keep going. Just take it easy."

I rubbed my breasts in the big pool of cum on Billy's chest, coating them thoroughly. Then I straddled Billy, offering my cum-streaked tits to Fred. He licked them greedily as he continued fucking Billy's ass. Billy was caressing my buttocks and running his fingers up and down my crack.

This was the first time I'd been with more than one man. It was so hot feeling their hands and mouths on my body and feeling my lover squirm between my thighs as his boyfriend butt-fucked him. My nipples had never been so hard or my pussy so wet.

I finally moved away from Fred, positioning my dripping vulva over Billy's face. He instantly began eating me out in his wonderful way. Now I could look down and watch Fred's giant tool piercing his ass. Fred reached out and began playing with my breasts, rolling my swollen nipples between his fingers. The sights and sensations pushed me to a long slow orgasm. I'd never felt anything like it.

Billy pulled his tongue out of my vagina and said, "Your juices taste so good mixed with Fred's cum." He began running his tongue back and forth along the narrow space between my pussy and asshole. I reached back and pulled my butt cheeks open. I gasped with surprise and pleasure as his tongue pressed against my little rosebud. Although I'd had anal sex numerous times, this was the first time anyone had eaten my asshole.

When Billy slid a finger lubricated with my own juices into my asshole, I came explosively. Fred had to grab me to hold me upright.

Fred had stopped fucking Billy while I came. Now he resumed, driving into my boyfriend's eager ass with enough force to make the bed shake. "It's your time," he gasped, wrapping his huge hand around Billy's stiff prick. It only took three strokes. Billy screamed as jets of cum burst from his cock. The first spurt splashed between my breasts. The next two struck my belly. The remainder landed on Billy's stomach. "That was impressive," I whispered after Billy had finally spent himself.

"Yeah," Fred growled. "My little white anal slut really cums for big Black cock." He pulled his penis from Billy's butt. It had softened during Billy's orgasm. I didn't think Fred had cum again, but he didn't seem to mind.

After we'd kissed and hugged for a while, we went into the bathroom. The shower-tub combination was big enough for the three of us. It was intimate, but that just made washing each other more fun. It was so good feeling four male hands wandering over my soap-slick body. When they started playing with each other, that turned me on even more.

We toweled off quickly and went back to bed. First, I made the men sixty-nine. Watching them got me so hot I had to get out my vibrator and make myself cum. Three times.

I had Fred and Billy stand with me kneeling between them. I sucked them, switching between penises as the mood struck me. When I sensed they were getting close to cumming, I pulled them together so I could take both cock-heads in my mouth at once. That was an amazing experience. Fred was gigantic and Billy was pretty big, too. Kissing and licking them together was fantastic.

The men finally pulled out of my mouth, grabbed me and tossed me, spread-eagled, onto the bed. Billy took one side and Fred the other, working down my body. Kissing my earlobes, eyelids, cheeks, neck. Fondling, kissing, licking, and sucking my tits. Planting gentle kisses down my legs, all the way to my feet. Sucking my toes. I'd never realized there was a direct connection between my toes and pussy. When I reached down to finger myself, the men grabbed my hands and pulled them away. "Bad girl!" someone whispered. "You're ours now. You get off when we're ready."

Wonderfully rough hands flipped me over onto my stomach and the double mouth action resumed. My ankles, the backs of my knees (Wow!) and thighs. My buttocks. Oh yes, my buttocks! The small of my back. My shoulder blades. The back of my neck. My arms and armpits.

My eyes were squeezed tightly shut so sight couldn't distract me from the overwhelming physical sensations. My pussy was drenching the sheets beneath me. I was so hot I thought I would set the bed on fire. "Don't stop!" I gasped when the hands and mouths abruptly left my body.

A weight settled beside me on the bed. I was lifted and guided to straddle the man lying on his back beside me. I screamed in surprise and pleasure as he penetrated my sopping snatch. My eyes were still closed, but I instantly knew it was Fred spiking me. I began squirming, working my burning cunt around his mammoth tool.

There was a new sensation. A pressure against my back door, gradually forcing me open. Wider, deeper, filling me in back the way Fred was already filling my pussy. I'd never expected to be double-fucked like this. The twin cocks were practically rubbing together inside my body. The men were synchronizing their thrusts, gradually increasing their speed. "It's like being fucked while riding a stallion galloping through the night," I thought dizzily. The image made little sense, but it fit what I was feeling as Billy and Fred rammed my holes faster and faster, gasping and throbbing and finally filling me with liquid fire, making me cum and cum and cum . . .

I was lying on my back. My skin was still slick with sweat. My pussy and asshole felt strangely achingly empty. Fred and Billy were on either side of me, holding me in their arms. I turned my head and kissed Billy tenderly. Then Fred. "You're so wonderful," I whispered. "I'm such a lucky girl."

Over the next several months, Billy, Fred and I had numerous three-ways. The sex was great, but I felt something in our relationship was changing. Billy started working out with Fred every day and began spending nights with him as well. When they decided to live together, I wasn't surprised.

It wasn't an angry break-up. I continued seeing Billy and Fred and having sex with them for the next two years. Then Fred moved to another city and Billy went with him. We still see each other occasionally. When we do, we always fuck and it's as good as ever.


"You're glowing!" Janna exclaimed as I stepped into the back yard. "The visit with Fred and Billy must have been really great." She dropped the rake and hugged me.

"Yeah, it was unbelievable," I answered. "I was finally able to take Fred up my butt. I've never felt anything like having him in back and Billy in front. I just came and came."

Janna kissed me enthusiastically. "You're still sweaty," she commented.

"I decided to come back here to take a shower. You're pretty sweaty yourself."

"Yard work will do that. Doing physical things helps me keep my mind off Nancy."

It was two months after Billy had moved in with Fred. Janna broke up with Nancy for good shortly after that. I was making enough money to keep the little house. I'd invited her to live with me. Although we were sleeping in the same bed, we weren't having sex. I was fucking Rich whenever I got the chance, but he worked a lot of odd hours and it was hard to match schedules.

"You poor dear," I said, holding her even more tightly. "I know you miss her."

"Yeah, it's hard. But we fought about everything. Nancy was even jealous of my vibrator. She thought I should just get off with her, every time. And she was sleeping around, but got mad if I even looked at another girl. She even hated me going out with you, Virginia and Maria."

We kissed again. It was sisterly and comforting, at first. Then not. Janna thrust her tongue violently into my mouth. She wrapped her arms around my back and pulled me to her, crushing my breasts against hers. I could feel her nipples swelling and hardening. Mine were already painfully tight. I slipped my hands down her back and began fondling her buttocks as we ground our pubic mounds together.

I finally pulled my mouth away from hers. "Wow!" she whispered. I could feel her heart pounding. "I never . . . Do you want . . ."

I kissed her again. "Come on, sweaty girl. Let's go take a shower – together." We held hands as we walked into the house. It only took moments to shed our clothes and get the water running.

It was so exciting rubbing my soap-slick hands over Janna's body. Her shoulders, arms, breasts, buttocks, hips, thighs . . . She was doing the same for me. Our hands roamed over each other's bodies. It seemed it was our heat turning the water dancing over us to steam.

Janna pulled me to her and began rubbing her slippery breasts against mine. Her tits are even smaller than mine, but the nipple-on-nipple contact was still electric. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the sensations.

"My turn," I finally gasped, bending over and pressing my face against her breasts. Her swollen nipples grew even tighter as I licked and sucked them. She was leaning against the shower wall, breathing hard. I sank to my knees, pulled her outer lips open and stuck my tongue into her pussy. She was really wet, but not from the shower.

Janna gripped my head and pulled me up until my lips were on her clit. It was already swollen like a tiny cock. I started sucking it as I slid a finger into her snatch. She came almost immediately.

"So good," she whispered, sinking to her knees and kissing me. "Now, I'm going to make you cum." She had me lay on the floor of the tub and moved over me, kissing, caressing, fingering . . .

"I'm sorry about kicking you that way," I said, later. "I just lost control."

"It's OK," she answered. "It didn't hurt. It was really exciting having you cum like that. I'm glad you . . . Oh! The water's getting cold!" We were shivering as we got out of the shower, but we warmed up quickly as we toweled each other off.

"We should have done this years ago," Janna said as she took the joint from my hand. "Why didn't we?" We were sitting naked on the bed, Indian fashion, with our knees almost touching. It had grown dark outside and a soft breeze was blowing through the open window.

Everything was so dreamy as I let out a lungfull of smoke. "I don't know. It's not like I haven't always loved girls. I guess it's just because I've been so into men and you've hated it so much."

Janna was silent as she took a long toke and passed me the joint. After exhaling, she said, "Yeah. It's strange. I don't feel that any more. It's so great when we spend time with Fred and Billy. I get a funny – good funny – feeling when I think about you fucking them. Now, I want to try it."

"A man?" I giggled a bit before realizing she was serious. The joint had gone out. I dropped it into the ashtray on the nightstand. "You want a man to fuck you?"

"Yeah," she answered. "Maybe Billy. Fred is really sweet, but you've told me how big he is. I'm afraid he'd either kill me or spoil me for any other man."

"I think Billy and Fred are fucked out for the day," I said. "But if you're serious . . ." Janna nodded eagerly, ". . . I know a way you can get screwed right now." I got the fancy little brass chest from the closet, opened it and reached inside.

"Oh no!" Janna giggled as I pulled out the flesh-colored six inch cock and balls dildo. "That's more like my vibrator than a man . . . Oh!" She'd just seen the harness. She stared in fascination as I attached the dildo and donned the harness. She moved to a sitting position at the edge of the bed. I stood in front of her. "Cool! I've got a chick with a dick."

"Damn right, Baby," I growled as I stroked my artificial hardness. "Come suck my cock." I don't know if it was the pot or just pure lust, but Janna didn't need any more prompting. She wrapped her lips around my shaft enthusiastically.

For a girl who'd never been with a man, Janna was doing a great job, licking the dildo's head while stroking the shaft and fondling the balls, then taking it deep in her mouth. It was really exciting to watch. Although I was getting a lot of stimulation from the harness's clit bud, I wished I could really feel what Janna was doing.

Wow! She was deep-throating it. I decided I was going to set her up with Rich as soon as possible. And I was going to join in. "Damn, girl," I said. "You suck cock so good. If I was a man, I'd have shot a big hot load down your throat by now."

Janna removed the dildo from her mouth and smiled up at me. "That's a lot of fun. I wish you could cum in my mouth," she said. "I'll bet a man's even better."

"Yeah," I answered. "A real cock has smooth silky skin. It changes size and stiffness as you play with it. It oozes pre-cum and eventually throbs and spurts. The best part is the man attached to it, loving everything you do and making you feel good in return."

"Like fucking me?" Janna asked. "I'm so ready." She moved to the middle of the bed and lay on her back with her legs open. I positioned myself between her thighs and pressed the dildo's head against her vagina's entrance. She was already well-lubricated. "My chick's got her dick ready to put inside me," she said. "Come on, do it now." I slid the dildo into her easily, all the way to the balls.

I'd entered Janna man-style, with my legs between her thighs and my arms supporting my upper body. Now, I lowered myself onto her, pressing my breasts against hers. Our lips met in a long kiss as I slowly moved my cock in and out of her pussy. After several minutes, Janna pulled her lips away from mine long enough to whisper, "This is so good! I wish I'd done this years ago."

Billy and Fred were both excellent lovers and I'd learned a lot from them. I'd bought the dildo to fuck Billy's ass after our first three-way and, after some initial fumbling, become quite proficient in using it. When Janna had become used to my penetrating her, I angled the dildo upwards and changed to shallow thrusts, gently stimulating the sensitive outer edges of her vagina and rubbing her G-spot. I could tell from the way she was breathing and thrusting her pelvis to match my motions that she was getting close. I moved further up her body, positioning myself so that the base of my cock was rubbing her clitoris and began thrusting faster and more deeply.

Janna's eyes were closed and her fingers were digging into my back. If her fingernails hadn't been really short, she would have left deep scratches. "Oooh!" she moaned. "Oh! Oh, I'm . . . Oooh! . . . Yeah!" She arched her back, jamming her crotch against mine. She thrashed beneath me as I drove into her as hard and fast as I could manage.

"Linda, you are so good," Janna said softly, after she'd recovered. "I came so many times. I think I'm spoiled for girls . . . unless it's my chick with a dick." She kissed me passionately.

"I'll bet she's not spoiled for girls." Janna and I jumped at the sound of a voice from the darkness outside the open window. A familiar female voice.

"There's only one way to find out," a second female voice said.

We heard the kitchen door open and close. A few seconds later, Virginia and Maria stepped into the bedroom. "Oh," I said, rather stupidly as I rose to my feet. "I guess we forgot that you were coming over tonight." I felt foolishly shy in front of Maria and Virginia. I was still stiff as ever, obviously. I unfastened the harness and dropped it and the dildo onto the bed.

"That's OK," Maria said. "It looks like you're been having fun without us." Her blouse was open, revealing a push-up bra cut so low her erect nipples were exposed.

"Not really without us," Virginia corrected. "You were putting on quite a show through the window." Her one-piece top was rolled up and her front clasp bra was hanging open. "We got really hot playing with each other while we watched you. Feel this," she continued, grabbing my hand and putting it between her thighs. Her panties were completely soaked.

"I'm just as wet," Maria announced. She unzipped her skirt and placed it on the dresser, followed immediately by her blouse. She kicked her shoes off, removed her panties and moved to the bed, naked except for the bra supporting her D-cup breasts. Janna stood up as she approached and moved into her arms.

My hand was still pressing against Virginia's crotch. Her hands were cupping my breasts and she was gently pinching my nipples between her thumbs and index fingers. I closed my eyes as my body melted against hers.

"I think Linda needs to cum now," Virginia said. "Why don't we start on her?" I kept my eyes closed as she guided me to the bed and laid me on my back. Female lips closed on both of my nipples. An instant later, strong hands opened my thighs and a tongue began running slowly up and down my slit.

I wasn't sure who was doing what. My best guess was that Maria was licking and sucking my right breast, Virginia was playing with my left tit, and Janna was thrusting her fingers into my pussy while she sucked my clitoris. I could have opened my eyes to find out, but I preferred the mystery.

Oh! My breasts, my cunt, my clit . . . I wasn't going to last long with all the stimulation my girlfriends were giving me. My orgasm was building steadily. When I was twelve, my parents took me to California and I swam in the ocean for the first time. A wave crashed over me, totally overwhelming me with its suddenness and power. I came like that.

The girls weren't finished with me. The woman between my thighs withdrew for a moment, then returned, thrusting a vibrator into my still-pulsing cunt, driving me from orgasm to more intense orgasm, on and on.

I finally lay still on the bed, slick with sweat, gasping for breath, heart pounding, feeling two-thirds dead yet totally alive, savoring the bodies, now still, pressed against mine, the long hair brushing my skin . . .

"Who needs men," I whispered.

"You do, you silly cunt!" Virginia replied. The other two girls giggled. Virginia and I joined in an instant later.

"Just because I got double-fucked before I came home to my slut sisters?" I tried to sound serious, but spoiled it by breaking down into more giggles.

"Double?" Maria asked. "Who was in back?"

"Fred, this time."

"Awesome!" Maria said. "John Henry, the steel driving man!"

We all sat on the bed, smoking another joint and playing with each others' bodies. I couldn't stop staring at Maria's lovely full breasts. When the joint was gone, I moved over to her and began kissing and fondling her. Her nipples were already swollen, but they quickly grew even harder under my lips.

"Let's put Maria in the middle," Virginia said. Maria lay on her back in the center of the bed. Still fascinated with her D tits, I removed her bra and began licking the underside of her breasts. Janna moved to the head of the bed, putting her knees on either side of Maria's head and positioning her crotch over Maria's face. Virginia dived down onto Maria's pussy.

Janna was soon gasping as Maria ate her out. I was straddling Maria's waist, roughly kneading her big breasts and pinching her erect nipples. "Janna, spread your butt cheeks for me," I commanded. She complied instantly, exposing her lovely little rosebud. She screamed with surprise and pleasure as I began to tongue her there.

Janna came first. I could see Maria was gripping her thighs tightly to keep her from bucking away and continuing to eat her spasming cunt. Finally spent, she moved off Maria's face and went to kneel beside Virginia.

I turned to look at the action behind me. Virginia was jamming three fingers into Maria's sopping wet snatch, making loud squishing noises. Janna was sucking Maria's clit. Maria reached up and grabbed my tits. I turned my attention back to her magnificent breasts.

"Oh God!" Maria gasped. "My tits, my cunt, my clit . . . You girls are doing . . . so hot . . . so . . . I'm . . . cumming . . . cumming . . . OOOH!" She started thrashing beneath me. I had to hold on tightly to keep from being thrown off. My grip on her tits should have painful, but she didn't seem to notice. Her fingers were still on my breasts, squeezing them so tightly they left marks. She came for a long time, climbing from orgasm to orgasm.

"That was so good," Maria gasped when she'd finally calmed down. "You're all so good." I lay beside her and took her in my arms. We kissed tenderly. Janna moved to her other side and started kissing her face. Virginia was still lying between Maria's thighs. She began kissing her belly.

Maria finally got restless. She pushed Janna and me away and got up on her knees. "Virginia hasn't cum yet," she growled. "We've got to do something about that." She pulled Virginia to her. A moment later they were kneeling face to face, kissing passionately, fondling each other's breasts and rubbing their swollen nipples together.

I nudged Janna. Moving as one, we spread our girlfriends' legs, got on our backs with our heads between their thighs, and began licking their pussies. Virginia's snatch was so hot and wet. The more I thrust my tongue into it, the juicer she got. I was jamming three fingers into her cunt. I'd never put more than two into a woman before. I closed my eyes to concentrate on the sensations of roughly finger fucking Virginia and sucking her clit so hard I was practically chewing. The rougher I got, the wilder Virginia became.

When I finally opened my eyes again, I looked over at Janna and Maria. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Janna's hand, all four fingers and her thumb, was entirely inside Maria's snatch, up to the last knuckle. She was slowly turning her hand as she worked it in and out. I was shocked and amazed at the sight. I was also cumming without touching myself or even rubbing my thighs together.

Virginia and Maria were cumming, too. Virginia's knees closed on my head like a vise. It would have been painful if it wasn't so exciting. She clung to Maria as they came over and over.

That was the first time with the four of us together and Janna's first time with any of us.

A few days later, Rich became Janna's first man. We started with his first three-way, then I left them alone. I still had Billy and Fred and I didn't want to be greedy.

That was all several years ago. Now, Maria has three children and a husband who worships her.  Janna is in a very triangular relationship with a married couple. Virginia just married her very macho boyfriend, who fucks the hell out of her, but also likes her to ram a strap-on dildo up his ass. I have sweet wonderful Mike, who loves hearing about my nasty adventures, past and present.

Girls' night out continues, although it's now frequently "girls night in." We girls all love our men (man and woman, in Janna's case), but we really love each other, too.


Dear Mike,

I'm so glad this is the last email I'm sending you. It's really been fun telling you my stories this way and I can't believe how much closer it's made us, but it's just not like having you here with me. I've waited for weeks to say this, and now I can.

You're coming home tomorrow! I'll be having you for real!!

I can hardly stand to wait, but I have to. I've held out for all these weeks, I can take another 24 hours. Barely.

When you get off the airplane, look for the girl wearing a miniskirt with no panties. Would you mind if I raped you right on the concourse, with all the people watching? They'd probably get jealous.

My car has tinted windows and a back seat. We won't have to wait until we get home.

Take it easy tonight. You're going to need all your strength tomorrow.

Your eternal burning lover,



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