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Tell Me About Dick 3

Hi, this is Linda. I'm trying to submit this story, but it's really hard (giggle!) to do with a distraction like this. Mike's standing beside me as I type, stark naked, with his stiff dick inches from my face. OK, I'll kiss it, for just a second. Or maybe a minute . . .

Umm. That tasted good. Maybe I can get on with the story now. Mike is less distracting when he's sitting beside me. A little less districting. Does it ever go down? Actually, I hope not.

Anyway, I just realized I've posted a couple of these stories and never described my favorite Boy Toy. Mike's 29, three years older than me. He's a little over six feet tall, weighs 200 pounds, has a quietly muscular body from working out, silky fine brownish-blonde hair, a face that's handsome without being movie star pretty, the most wonderfully intense blue eyes and, as I've said before, the most beautiful penis I've ever seen.

Oh. You actually want me to describe that? Say "Please."

OK, if you insist. It's not one of those monsters from the porn stories, 13" long and 4" wide. Hard, which is most of the time, Pony Boy's tool is a respectable 6 ¼ " long and 1 ½" in diameter. I know his exact dimensions because I measured him one night while we were playing. You should have seen the way he measured me during that same session. That was several weeks after we'd gotten together. By that time, I already knew his size – just right.

The skin on Mike's cock and balls is slightly darker than the rest of his body. His penis is as straight and stately as a column in front of a Greek temple, with the usual complex network of veins under the surface. Even when Mike's really hard, his dark skin makes the veins look closer to the color of his shaft and less blue than most men's.

Mike is circumcised and the wide part of his gracefully rounded head is the same diameter as his shaft. The groove between his head and shaft is really deep and pronounced.

Mike's balls are covered with brown hair that's much darker and coarser than the hair on his head. His cock is naturally almost hairless and he keeps it completely smooth by shaving it every day (with a dry razor – yuck!). His dick looks even longer than its true wonderful length because it's bare.

I love the feel of its silky-smooth skin. I love . . . well, everything about his cock. And what I love the most, of course, is that it's Mike's.

Mike is so wonderful. He's so tender, sweet and romantic, yet he treasures and nurtures my dirty nasty side. He's my perfect gentlemen, always loving and considerate. He's my sex god, always ready to take me like a force of nature.

He's my obedient slave when I need to dominate. I love it when he grovels before me. He's my all-powerful master when I need to be submissive. I love it when he orders me onto my knees or onto my back. Depending on my mood, he seduces me slowly and tenderly or he takes me suddenly and violently.

Mike is my perfect lover and my perfect match. He's as daring as I am at taking sexual opportunities. We've done it in bathrooms, janitor's closets, car back seats, alleys, parks . . .

The night before Mike left on his long business trip, it rained so hard the street was barely visible from the house. We ran naked through the warm summer rain and got so turned on that we fucked in the middle of the front yard. Mike was on his back and I was on top, riding his pony, when the police car drove up. A spotlight flashed through the driving rain, stopping on our struggling bodies. I came in the glare of the light as I felt Mike shooting inside me. The light went out and the cop pulled away as I collapsed on top of Mike's body.

If you've been following these stories, you already know I originally wrote the stories for Mike when he was away on a long trip. Now we're posting them and really getting off on it.


Joe was my first real sex boyfriend. We were both sixteen. After we'd been dating for several months, our making out had gotten really serious; both of us stripped to the waist and rubbing crotches.

On this particular Saturday afternoon, we were on the bed in Jack's apartment. Jack was out of town for the weekend, so we knew we wouldn't be disturbed. Joe had been trying to take my pants off for weeks. This time, I surprised him by saying, "OK, go ahead."

After a little fumbling with buttons, I was back on the bed, naked except for my panties. I looked up at Joe. "You can take your pants off, too." He turned away and dropped his jeans. He slipped his hand into the front of his shorts for an instant before turning to face me. Seconds later, he was back on top of me. Now there were only two layers of thin cloth separating our groins. I trembled at the feel of his hardness pressing against my body.

I wrapped my arms around Joe's back and slowly slid my hands down to grip his muscular buttocks as we tongue kissed. Virginia and Maria had told me a lot about sex and I hadn't been shy about telling Joe how to make love to me. After we'd Frenched for a while, he started gently kissing my cheeks and throat. By the time he'd finished my ears, I was squeezing his butt so tightly I was probably leaving bruises.

Joe started a long slow journey, kissing and licking his way down my chest and eventually ending up at my nipples. It had been wonderful when he'd been there earlier. This time, I was so hot I was ready to shred our underwear with my fingernails and drag his cock into my already-wet pussy.

Joe eventually left my breasts and continued down my belly. He paused for a moment when he reached my panty line. When I made no attempt to stop him, he moved on, kissing me through the thin moist fabric. That was too much. "Take them off," I moaned, arching my back to lift my buttocks off the bed and make it easy for him. A few seconds later, I was totally naked with my legs spread and Joe's tongue running along my slit.

Although I was more stimulated than I'd ever been before, I was eager for more. I reached between my thighs and opened my pussy lips. Joe got the idea instantly and thrust his tongue deep into my snatch. My girlfriends had told me how good receiving head felt, but this was better than I'd ever imagined.

Joe had been eating me for a long wonderful time when I realized he was devoting all his attention to my vagina. "That's enough!" I gasped. Joe snapped his head up out of my crotch, startled. "Lick me right here," I continued, pointing at my clitoris. Like I said, I wasn't shy about teaching or experimenting.

"That's wonderful!" I cried after a few minutes of incredible pleasure. "Now stick your finger into my cunt and keep licking me." Joe complied. I didn't have to tell him to slide his finger in and out of my hot wet snatch or to insert a second finger when it was obvious I was ready for it. Soon I was screaming and shaking like a bucking horse. My back arched, thrusting my crotch into Joe's face. He managed to keep sucking my clit and finger fucking my pussy while I spasmed with one of the most intense orgasms I'd ever experienced. I finally collapsed back on the bed, totally spent. "Masturbating is never going to be the same," I thought dizzily.

Joe rose to his knees. He was still wearing his shorts and I could see the outline of his stiff cock under the fabric. There was a huge wet spot around his cock head. "I want to see you now," I said, reaching for the waistband of his shorts. He didn't object as I pulled them down. His cock was standing straight up, gleaming with his cum. It was shorter and less fat than Jack's, but it was still beautiful. I wanted to possess it forever.

"You're all messy," I purred, wrapping my hand around Joe's balls. "Let me clean you off." I licked all the cum off of his cock. It tasted wonderful. That took a long time. When I'd finished with his cock, I noticed a little cum had run down onto his balls, so I licked them off, too.

Then I noticed that seminal fluid was leaking from the tip of Joe's cock, which was even harder than when I'd started cleaning him. When I moved to lick it up, Joe gasped, "That's too much!" He seized my head with both hands and pushed his stiff prick between my lips. I instinctively began sucking as he thrust into me. A few seconds later, Joe groaned. I swallowed frantically as wave after wave of his cum pulsed into my mouth.


"That's so rude, forcing himself into your mouth like that," Janna commented.

"No, I wanted him to do it," I answered. "It was really exciting having Joe cum in my mouth."

"But it's so yucky, jamming his thing into you and then making you swallow his stuff," she protested. Janna was still a virgin.

"Janna, get over it," Virginia interrupted. "I love sucking a boy, especially after he's gone down on me. Sometimes, I'd rather have him cum in my mouth than fuck me."

"It's OK," Maria chimed in. "Guys really like it. It only seems fair to suck his cock after he's eaten me out and made me cum. Still, I don't really like him shooting in my mouth. When I feel him getting close, I take his dick out of my mouth put it between my tits or jack him off. But sometimes I get surprised. It's not too bad, but I don't really like the taste."

"Joe's cum really tastes good," I answered.

"Yeah, but you lick your fingers after you beat off," Janna said, grimacing. Maria and Virginia looked at each other and giggled.

"Well, Joe tasted a little like my juice," I said. "It was a little less salty and a lot thicker. I liked it. A lot. You don't know what you're missing."

"I'm happy to miss that," was Janna's rejoinder.

"You're too prissy," I said. "It was really exciting feeling Joe throb and spurt in my mouth. He really tasted good and I came again while he was shooting."


After Joe had spent himself and his cock had softened in my mouth, I stretched out on the bed. "Come hold me," I purred. Joe took me in his arms. For a few minutes we remained motionless, simply enjoying the warmth and closeness of each other's bodies. We started kissing and fondling and things just kept going. I suddenly realized I was on my back with my legs open. Joe was on top of me with the head of his erect penis pressing against the entrance to my vagina.

"Wait," I gasped, pushing him away and twisting to open the nightstand beside the bed. "We need to use a condom." My searching fingers touched bare wood. The drawer where Jack kept his condoms was empty, except for a tube of lubricant. "Shit!" I exclaimed.

We searched the apartment, but the only condom we found was a used one in the wastebasket. I threw myself on the bed, frustrated to tears. "Damn!" I sobbed. "I want to fuck you so bad, but I can't have a baby."

"I can wait until we buy some condoms," Joe said. He was trying to be noble, but I knew he was as frustrated as I was. "Or we can do it and I'll pull out before I shoot."

"I want you so badly," I replied, "but I can't take the chance." I found myself thinking about Jeff's magazine in the barn with the pictures of women with men's cocks in their mouths, pussies and . . . assholes. I remembered how exciting watching Jeff and Jimmy on the hay bale had been.

"I want to do it right now," I said. "But we can't." I kept remembering pictures from the magazine. My desire to have Joe's penis inside my body seemed irresistible. One thought was running through my mind, over and over. I kept pushing it away. It was too frightening.

"It's OK, baby," Joe said, taking me in his arms and holding me close. "We've waited this long. A few more days won't kill us."

I settled into the warmth of Joe's arms, remembering the epiphany I'd had after seeing my brother masturbate. "If enjoying things like that made me a nasty girl, I wanted to be a slut." I thought about Maria's comment about Italian girls, "Madonnas in front, martyrs in back."

"I love you so much, Joe," I began, "but I won't risk getting pregnant." I put my finger on his lips when he tried to speak. "I have to have you now." I felt someone else was speaking with my voice. "Take me in back."

"What?" Joe asked, obviously surprised and shocked.

"You know what I mean." I still couldn't believe I was saying it.

"You really want me to fuck you in the ass?"

"Yeah. Right now," I replied instantly. I was afraid I'd lose my nerve if I spent any more time thinking about it.

"You're really sure?" When I nodded, Joe continued, "I'll be as gentle as possible, but I'm afraid it's going to hurt you."

"I know you'll be careful," I answered. "Please do it. I want you more than anything."

"OK," Joe said, reaching for the sex lubricant. "Bend over the bed." When I was kneeling on the floor with my upper body supported by the bed, he greased his finger and pressed it against the entrance to my asshole. He applied gentle pressure and his finger slowly slid into me. "You're so tight," he whispered, as he started rotating his finger. "Don't worry, you'll learn to relax." His slow finger motions were gradually becoming pleasurable.

When Joe finally withdrew his finger completely, I felt oddly empty. He reinserted it a moment later and I realized he'd put more lubricant on his finger. "Tighten your muscles all the way," he ordered. "You're really strong. Now relax. That's good. You're doing fine."

As Joe continued manipulating me, I suddenly realized he was awfully good at this. I was sure that I was his first girl, but I was equally sure that he'd already fucked other boys in the ass. I found this thought reassuring. He knew how to do it without hurting me.

"Play with your pussy," Joe commanded. I reached between my legs and slid my middle finger into my slick vagina, pressing my index finger knuckle against my clitoris. Joe was thrusting his finger into my butt vigorously as I stimulated myself. I was really enjoying the combined sensations.

Joe suddenly pulled his finger out. An instant later, I felt something much larger pushing against my little rosebud, gradually opening it wider and wider. At first, it felt good. Then I felt a sudden tearing pain. "Owww!" I cried. I attempted to squirm away but I was trapped by the bed.

"Are you OK?" Joe asked. He'd stopped moving as soon as I'd cried out.

My heart was pounding and my body was suddenly slick with sweat. "It hurt," I gasped. "I think something was tearing."

"I'll stop if you want," Joe said.

I sobbed in frustration. "I want you to fuck me more than anything. But it hurts. I'm so turned on, but I'm scared."

"Is it still hurting?" Joe asked.

"A little, but the pain's almost gone."

Joe kissed the back of my neck and stroked my hair. "Listen. I stopped pushing when you screamed, but my cock-head is almost completely inside your ass. You're taking me very well. Do you want me to go on?"

"Yeah." My body was tense, but I wanted Joe so badly.

"Don't worry," Joe said. "You're going to be fine. Tighten your muscles. Squeeze my cock as hard as you can. That's good. Now relax."

It worked. Joe's cock slid in another fraction of an inch when I relaxed my anal muscles.

"That's good," Joe whispered. "Very good. Do it again . . . Yeah, that's right . . . Again . . . You're so brave, giving me your butt-cherry like this. I love you so much . . . Again . . . Yeah, you're so wonderful . . . Again, that's a good girl . . . God, you're so tight . . . Once more . . . My cock-head's all the way inside."

Joe remained still for several seconds, then surprised me by pulling back. "No! Don't stop," I protested.

"It's OK," Joe reassured me. "I'm going to move in and out really slowly until you're relaxed."

My ass muscles were still tight, but I was no longer feeling any pain, just a pleasant sense of slowly-increasing fullness. Finally Joe said, "My cock is all the way up your asshole." I could feel the soft scratchiness of his pubic hair rubbing against my buttocks and his balls pressing against my butt cheeks.

"Your ass is so tight," Joe whispered. "I'm going to start moving my cock all the way in and out now, but I'll go slow and gentle." He gradually pulled back until my anal sphincter was barely kissing the head of his penis, leaving me feeling painfully empty.

Joe fucked my ass slowly at first, but he speeded up after I'd relaxed enough to take it. Soon he was gripping my waist to hold me in place and slamming his cock into my hole with all his strength. His balls were bouncing against my butt cheeks like a flying tennis ball hitting a racquet for a hard return. I pushed back at him, moving my butt to match his thrusts. My nipples were swollen from rubbing against the bed. I had two fingers jammed into my sopping wet cunt, fucking my pussy as I frantically rubbed my clitoris.

My flying fingers and Joe's fucking pushed me over the edge into orgasm. His cock continued pounding my ass as I screamed and bucked beneath him. I was dimly aware that my orgasm wasn't subsiding. Instead, it was building to an even more intense climax.

I came at least three times before Joe screamed. I could feel his cock throbbing in my asshole as he paused for a split second. Then he rammed me harder than ever before. He violently drove into me again and again. Each time his cock plunged into my burning core, another wave of hot cum splashed against my anal walls. Finally spent, he collapsed on top of my limp body.


"That's so wild!" Virginia exclaimed when I'd finished the story. "My little girl's not a virgin any more," she continued, hugging me tightly.

"You're a woman now," Maria added, welcoming me to womanhood with a breathtakingly intense open-mouth kiss.

Janna was looking at us in shock and horror. "I can't believe you people," she said. "A boy fucked Linda in the ass . . . and she thinks she liked it. That pig virtually rapes her and you get all huggy and kissy-face about it."

I looked at Janna pityingly and slowly shook my head. "You just don't understand," I said. "Joe didn't rape me. I asked him to do it and I wanted him to do it."

"And you really think you liked him sticking his cock up your asshole?" Janna asked scornfully. "I can't believe you liked having him hurt you like that."

"It didn't hurt," I replied, "except for a little bit, right at first. And I know I liked it. I came and came and came while Joe was fucking my ass. The next time we're together, the first thing I'm going to have Joe do is butt-fuck me. I want to cum like last time, only while feeling a lot more of his cum spraying inside my asshole."

"You're hopeless!" Janna shouted as she began to stalk off. After she'd take a dozen steps, she turned around and screamed "You're all hopeless! You're perverts!" It was a full week before she'd speak to any of us again.

The remaining three of us watched until Janna had disappeared. "She's so freaky," I commented.

"Don't worry about Janna," Virginia purred, gathering me in her arms and pulling me close.

"She's just jealous," Maria added, moving to hug me from behind.

I suddenly realized I was the filling in an extremely erotic girl sandwich. Virginia's big breasts were flattened against my tiny tits and her mound was pushing against mine. Maria's even larger breasts pressed against my back and her thighs were plastered against my buttocks.

My nipples were already hardening when Virginia placed her mouth against mine and Maria began fondling my hips.

Janna would have died if she'd seen what happened next.


Joe's cock was the first in my asshole. A few days later, it became the first penis to enter my vagina.

After that first time, Joe and I were always careful to have a supply of condoms. I quickly learned that, although I loved anal stimulation, I preferred being fucked in my pussy.

The disadvantage of using a condom was that I missed the feel of Joe's bare dick and the sensation of his cum spurting inside me. Until I got on birth control, I had him butt-fuck me frequently. It took me several sessions to learn to relax my ass muscles so I could take Joe without any initial pain, but it was well worth the trouble.


My Sweet Love Mike,

You're an amazing man. I didn't think that even you could cum that many times while reading my story and looking at the pictures I sent. Still, I'll bet you beat that record tonight.

It took a long time to get the pictures I wanted for this email, but it was really fun. I came so much my sex juices soaked the bedding and I had to change it. The toys in my holes helped, but it was mostly thinking about you that got me off so hard.

We've had so much fun in bed, I'm amazed that you haven't taken me through my back door. It's not like I don't want it. Still, I'm glad we haven't done that, yet. It gives me a new little pussy for you to stick your big beautiful dick in when you get back.

You know I'd love you just as much if you had a little needle dick. Still, it doesn't hurt that you're such a stallion.

I miss having you here so much. I miss the way we talk for hours about everything and nothing. I miss all the fun things we do, not just the sex. But I sure do miss the sex.

Linda – your bitch in heat


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