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Tell Me About Dick 2

Hi, this is Linda again. My boyfriend Mike talked me into posting one of the stories I'd emailed him when he was away on a long business trip. I figured that was all right. It got him hot. Hell, let's face it. Mike's a teenager in a man's body. Everything gets him hot. It's wonderful!

I might as well be honest. It got me hot, too. I know what guys (and girls too) do when they read sex stories. Mike and I will start fantasizing about people reading the stories and end up in bed. Or on floor. Yumm!

Where was I? Oh yeah. We posted the story, got off (a lot), and figured that was it. So, Mike and I were totally blown (love that word!) away by the response. It was a real rush! Visualize yourself in our bed. We did.

So (when we finally got out of bed), we decided to post another one of my stories. Mike was away for a LONG time and I have a lot of stories, so I can really cherry-pick (I love the word "cherry" too, even though I haven't had one in ages).

First, I guess I'll tell you a little bit about myself. I look really clean cut: tall, slender, athletic, naturally blonde, slightly self-conscious about my little tits, no tattoos, no piercings, except for earrings. I have a professional job in a big corporation.

At work, they call me "the Ice Princess" behind my back. Nobody there knows what a nasty girl I really am. My two favorite things are cock and more cock. I really get off on cunt, too. I love getting down and dirty with men and women. Any time, anywhere, any way. Well, almost. The glass-walled hotel elevator incident happened really late at night and was just a hand job.

I usually fuck hetero or bi men and bi women. I once let a bull dyke pick me up because I was curious about the full-bore lesbian experience. She was a lot of fun but I decided not to go back because she was too stereotypically hostile toward men. I've also had sex with a couple of totally gay men. I wasn't trying to "cure" them. They were just really cute and willing to try something completely different, at least once. They found out that cunt could be fun too, especially when the cunt was willing to strap on a dildo.

Anyway, that's enough about me for now. Here's the story.


My cousin Karen lives on a farm. My fourteen-year-old brother Jimmy and I were visiting her family for a week right after I'd turned sixteen. Karen is a few months younger than me. We were up in the hayloft of the old barn talking about boys. I was telling her about making out with Joe and how it felt when he sucked my nipples when we heard voices below us. It was Jimmy and Karen's twin brother Jeff.

"Good, there's nobody around," we heard Jeff say. "I want to show you something."

Karen picked up a handful of hay to throw down on our brothers, but I stopped her. "I love seeing what boys do when they don't know I'm around," I whispered. "Don't you?"

"I guess so," Karen whispered back. We moved to the edge of the loft. The back door was open, filling the barn with bright light. The hayloft was in deep shadow, rendering us invisible to the boys below.

There were a couple bales of hay on the barn floor almost directly beneath us. Jimmy sat down on one of them while Jeff went over to the feed bin and reached behind it. He came back with a magazine in one hand and a small white tube in the other. He sat down beside Jimmy and placed the magazine on the other hay bale. The cover had a photo of a naked woman with her legs spread and a man extending his tongue toward her open pussy.

Jeff started slowly turning pages while he and Jimmy stared at the pictures. Jeff started saying things like "I'd sure like to be that guy" and "Wouldn't you like to put your dick in that?" Jimmy was just nodding and grunting. He didn't seem to be able to speak. Jeff was rubbing his crotch through his blue jeans. Jimmy wasn't touching himself, but I could see the bulge in his pants clearly.

"I'm so horny I've got to do something," Jeff announced a few pages later. He stood up, unzipped his jeans and pushed his pants and shorts down around his ankles. Karen and I gasped softly at the sight of his hard cock. It was at least six inches long and really thick, with a pronounced upward curve. The tip was concealed by a strange hood of skin.

Jeff wrapped his hand around his shaft and pulled the hood back, exposing a large purplish head. I realized I was seeing my first uncut cock.

Jeff started stroking himself slowly as he continued staring at the magazine. Jimmy seemed absolutely frozen with a complex mixture of lust and fear on his face. "Aren't you horny too?" Jeff asked after a minute. Jimmy nodded. "It's OK," Jeff said. "You can jack off with me. Nobody's going to know."

Jimmy stared at Jeff's stiff dick for long seconds, then slowly stood up and unfastened his own pants, exposing himself. Although he was almost two years younger than Jeff, his cock was almost as long as the older boy's, although less thick.

Jimmy began jerking his hand rapidly up and down his shaft. Jeff reached out and caught Jimmy's hand. "There's no hurry," he said. "Nobody's around and it feels a lot better if you take your time."

"OK," Jimmy gasped, taking his hand away from his penis. Even from the hayloft, I could see his dick was throbbing and slick with pre-cum.

"That's right," Jeff said. "Just take it easy. You don't want to cum too fast." Jeff had stopped beating off and was thumbing through the magazine. "Don't touch yourself," he said, "just look at the pictures."

"See this guy," Jeff continued. "He's sticking his tongue up her pussy."

"Men like doing that?" Jimmy asked in a tone which mixed wonder with a touch of distaste.

"Sure," Jeff answered. "Girls always fuck you after you've gone down on them."

"Awesome," Jimmy marveled.

"Girls go down too," Jeff continued, flipping a page. "Look at her sucking his cock."

"Oh wow!" Jimmy exclaimed. "I sure wish she had her lips wrapped around me." He began slowly caressing his shaft and rubbing his cock-head with his thumb and index finger.

"That's right, do it slow," Jeff said. He'd resumed stroking himself as well. "She'll make you cum really fast with her lips squeezing your shaft and her tongue licking your cock-head and her hand squeezing your balls." He flipped to another page and said, "But you don't want to cum like that. You want to fuck her. Shove your cock into her cunt! Pound her!"

Now, both boys were beating their meat violently. Jimmy was staring at the magazine, but Jeff was watching Jimmy's thrusting cock and bouncing balls. After a few seconds, Jimmy gasped as he sprayed white juice onto a close-up of a cock being shoved into a pussy. Jeff came a few seconds later.

Both boys sat back on the hay bale in front of the magazine. Their pants were still down and their cocks, only slightly softened, were sticking up in the air. Jeff wiped Jimmy's cum off the magazine with a finger, then stuck the finger in his mouth. "That was good," he sighed, "but kind of quick. I'm still horny."

"Me too," Jimmy agreed. "I could shoot again right now."

"So could I," Jeff replied. He hesitated briefly then asked, "Do you want to fuck? For real?"

"Sure," Jimmy answered as his cock grew noticeably stiffer. "How?"

"I'll show you," Jeff said. "Let's take off the rest of our clothes."

It only took the boys a few seconds to strip. Jeff unscrewed the cap on the white tube and gently squeezed it. Clear gel oozed out into the palm of his hand. "First we grease your dick with this," he said, grasping Jimmy's dick and quickly coating it with the lubricant. Jeff turned around and rested his elbows on the hay bale. His legs were spread and his butt was sticking up in the air. "Stick your cock in my asshole and fuck me," he commanded.

Jimmy moved behind Jeff and pressed his stiff slick prick between his buttocks. He pushed but nothing happened. "A little lower . . .," Jeff whispered. "Just a little more now . . . that's it . . . just push slowly . . . that's right, your cock is all the way in now . . . that's great . . . take it slow for a minute."

Jeff gasped as Jimmy's full length suddenly slipped into his ass. Jimmy was motionless for several seconds. His balls were pressed hard against Jeff's butt cheeks and his cock had completely vanished. His shaft gradually reappeared as he pulled back out.

My heart was pounding and I could barely breathe as I stared at Jimmy's cock sliding in and out of Jeff's ass. I glanced over at Karen. Her eyes looked as big as saucers. From our vantage point ten feet above the barn floor, we could see every detail.

Jimmy showed remarkable self-control for a boy his age. His first half-dozen strokes were slow. Then, he rapidly increased the tempo until he was jamming his cock up Jeff's asshole with all the speed and power his athletic young body could muster.

I stared in awe as the action below me continued for minute after long minute. Jimmy's cock was a flashing blur as he drove into Jeff's butt like a piston. Both boys were gasping in excitement. Jeff was working his butt in time with the prick ramming his asshole. "Fuck me!" he gasped over and over. "Fuck my ass hard!"

"I'm fucking you," Jimmy whispered. "I'm fucking your asshole . . . Your tight hot asshole . . . With my cock."

"Fuck my ass!" Jeff cried. "Shove your big hard cock up my ass! . . . Shoot your load up my ass!"

"My cock!" Jimmy exclaimed. "Fucking you! . . . Fucking your ass! . . . Fucking your asshole . . . fucking hard!! . . . I'm going to . . ."

Jimmy screamed and thrust into Jeff so hard that both boys' bodies shook. He rammed Jeff violently at least a dozen times. I could almost feel his hot juice spurting into Jeff.

Jeff collapsed onto the hay bale with Jimmy on top of him. They lay there for several minutes, gasping for breath. When Jimmy stood up, his now-limp dick slipped out of Jeff's asshole, leaving a little trail of glistening cum on Jeff's buttocks.

Jeff turned around so he was sitting on the hay bale. His cock was soft, but I could see fresh cum on it. "That was great," he said. "I know you enjoyed it too. I could tell from feeling all that hot stuff you sprayed up my butt."

Jimmy nodded. "It was amazing," he said. "I've wanted to have sex with a real person ever since I learned to beat off. That was even better than I'd imagined. Now I want you to fuck me."

"That's great," Jeff said. "It feels just as good to get it as to give it. Are you ready now?"

"Sure," Jimmy answered. Both boys' cocks were beginning to harden again.

"OK," Jeff said. "Get on your back on the hay bale. Lift your legs and grab your knees."

Jimmy scrambled to comply. A few seconds later, he was on his back with his butt sticking up in the air. Jeff coated his index finger with the lubricant and placed his fingertip at the entrance to Jimmy's puckered little hole.

"That tickles," Jimmy said. A second later, he gasped and his cock sprang instantly to full attention as Jeff began sliding his finger into his hole. "It hurts," he protested.

"Don't worry," Jeff said. His finger was in to the first joint. He began slowly rotating it back and forth. "It just takes a little while to learn to relax. You don't want me to stop, do you?"

"No. It just surprised me," Jimmy whispered. "Your finger is starting to feel good, now."

"Great. I'm going to start moving my finger in and out. Don't worry, I'll take it really slow and easy." Jeff spent several minutes fingering Jimmy's butt, stretching and relaxing his asshole to accommodate a second finger.

Jeff grabbed the little tube and lubricated his and Jimmy's cocks. "It's time," he whispered as he positioned his stiff prick. Jimmy screamed softly as Jeff began sliding into his body. "You're doing fine," Jeff said. "I'm a third of the way in. Does it hurt?"

There were tears in Jimmy's eyes. His expression was a mixture of fear and excitement. "Yeah, some," he answered. "But it feels good, too."

"Jack off," Jeff commanded. "That'll take your mind off the pain while I'm stretching you. Don't worry. I'll take it real easy until you're ready." He withdrew slowly until he was almost completely out, then pressed forward, equally slowly.

Jimmy worked his dick as Jeff continued slow-fucking him, gradually inserting more of his length. I thought I was going to faint as I watched my cousin gradually piercing my little brother. "I'm all the way in," Jeff finally said. "Are you OK?"

"Yeah," Jimmy whispered. His tears were long gone and the fear on his face had been replaced by wonder. "Your balls are pressing against my butt. Your cock's all the way up my ass. I've never felt anything this good. It's even better than fucking."

"That's good," Jeff said, "because I'm going to fuck you really hard now." Despite his words, Jeff started out gently. But before long, he was gripping Jimmy's ankles to hold his ass up in the air and fucking him furiously. Jimmy was masturbating frantically as his body shuddered under the impact of Jeff's cock thrusts.

Jimmy and Jeff were both screaming. A fountain of cum burst from Jimmy's cock, splashing his chest and face. Jeff made another half-dozen thrusts so violent they almost overturned the hay bale under Jimmy before stopping. He released Jimmy's ankles and put his hands on the hay bale, as if his legs were suddenly too weak to support his weight.

"It really was great feeling your hot juice splashing inside my asshole," Jimmy said.

"Yeah, I knew you'd like it," Jeff answered. "You're a great fuck. Are you still horny?"

"No, not anymore."

"Neither am I," Jeff said. "Since we're both fucked out, we should probably get cleaned up. There's a hose behind the barn."

Five minutes the boys were washed, dressed and heading off into the woods, talking about baseball.


When I saw my girlfriends again, I told them about seeing Jeff and Jimmy. "Do you think they're gay?" I asked.

"Probably not," Virginia answered. "Boys that age will fuck anything. Almost all boys have sex with other boys before they start with girls."

"Stop making faces, Janna," Maria said. "Boys don't have pussies. Where do you expect them to put their cocks?" Janna just glared at her.

"Karen and I really got turned on watching Jeff and Jimmy," I continued. "That was really a day for new experiences. After the boys left, we went and looked at the magazine."

"What was it like?" Maria asked. "Men and women faking sex?"

"They weren't faking it," I said. There were lots of pictures of women giving blow jobs and getting fucked. You could see the men's cocks were really inside the women's mouths and pussies. The men were really going down on the women, too."

"That's so hot," Maria said. "Just thinking about it gets me wet."

"Everything gets you wet, Maria," Virginia teased.

"Well, why not?" Maria countered. "You'd be just as horny if your boyfriend was gone for the summer."

"There were more things in the magazine," I interrupted. The girls turned to look at me expectantly. "In some of the pictures the women were getting butt-fucked."

"Wow," Maria marveled. "It really showed men sticking their cocks up women's assholes?"

"Yeah," I answered. "There were even pictures of women getting fucked in both holes at once."

"That's awful!" Janna exclaimed. "I'm never going to let a boy do that to me."

"I've never done it," Virginia said thoughtfully, "but it probably wouldn't hurt. Still, I really like having a boy stick it in my pussy. I don't think getting ass-fucked would feel as good."

"I've heard that in Italy, it's really hard to get birth control," Maria said. "so a lot of Italian girls let their boyfriends fuck them in the ass so they won't get pregnant. 'Madonnas in front, martyrs in back,' someone once said."

"That's so disgusting," Janna said. "It has to really hurt. Girls weren't built to have a dick stuck up there."

"A boy's dick is awfully big, but . . ." Virginia began.

"Well?" I demanded after a short pause.

"Henry put a finger in my ass the last time we had sex," Virginia continued. "I was on my hands and knees. He was kneeling behind me, fucking my pussy. He wet his finger and slowly pushed it into my tight little butthole. He's a really good fucker anyway, but he really set me off with his finger."

"Geeze!" Janna exclaimed, screwing up her face in disgust. "That's so weird."

"Henry did something else before he started fucking me," Virginia confided. "Henry always goes down on me before we fuck. After he'd eaten my pussy, he spread my butt cheeks, licked me all around and eventually pushed his tongue into my little rosebud."

Janna looked horrified. "What's your 'little rosebud?' No, don't tell me. I don't think I want to know."

"'Rosebud' means my asshole, of course," Virginia answered deliberately. "Henry licked my asshole. It really got me hot. Hotter than I've ever been before."

"Stop talking!" Janna cried, clapping her hands over her ears. "That's just horrible! It's gross, gross, gross!" she shouted as she stalked off, still holding her hands over her ears.

Virginia shook her head as she watched Janna leaving. "It may be gross," she conceded, "but it sure made me cum."

I wonder what would have happened if Janna had stayed to hear me tell the girls what happened next.


Karen and I looked closely at each other for the first time since the boys dropped their pants. Her blouse was unbuttoned and her breasts were exposed. They were fuller than mine and her nipples were hard and swollen. She'd obviously been fondling them while watching Jimmy and Jeff. She was staring at my crotch. I suddenly realized that my shorts were unfastened and my hand was still inside my panties.

"Well, I never expected to see anything like that," I said, attempting to be casual as I removed my hand from my shorts. "My panties are soaked. How about you?"

"Mom and Dad would say I should be disgusted by seeing boys do that. They'd call it sinful. But all I can do is think about how I'd like to get naked with a boy and have him put it in me  . . . not in back like Jimmy and Jeff but . . . well, you know." Karen's voice was husky and she was blushing. She hesitated before continuing. "And my panties are wet, too."

I touched my chest and realized my nipples were hard under my tee-shirt. "I'm really hot and sweaty," I said, starting to pull my tee-shirt over my head. "I'm going to take my shirt off to cool down." When I'd removed the shirt, I casually leaned back against a hay bale, pretending not to notice the way Karen was staring at my bare breasts and unfastened shorts.

"It would probably be good to let my panties dry out, too," I continued, pushing my shorts down around my ankles and kicking them off. My panties followed them moments later.

"You really look comfortable," Karen said after staring at my naked body for a long minute. "I guess I'll take my clothes off, too." She stripped quickly and stretched out beside me on the hay, close enough to touch. She sighed with satisfaction. "That really does feel a lot better."

"I'm not sweating any more," I announced, "but I'm still horny as hell. I hope I can get Joe alone soon. I'm going to let him fuck me."

"You're so lucky," Karen sighed. "You've got a boyfriend. All I can do is dream about . . . cock." That was the first time I'd ever heard Karen use a "dirty" word. She'd always been a little inhibited about sex.

"Yeah," I replied, "but that's at least a week away and I really need to get fucked right now." I placed my index finger along the length of my pussy lips. "My cunt is on fire and I'm so tired of masturbating," I continued, slowly running my finger up and down my outer slit.

"Me too," Karen said, staring at my crotch with undisguised lust. "I'm so desperate I want to go chase down Jeff and Jimmy, but they're our brothers."

"Well, Jimmy's not your brother and Jeff isn't mine but it would still be too weird," I answered. "I guess all we can do is masturbate." I slipped the tip of my index finger inside my pussy fold and started slowly sliding it in and out. Karen began fondling her breasts as she stared at my moving finger.

"Would you like to find out how it feels when Joe sucks my nipples?" I asked. Karen licked her lips and nodded slowly.

I straddled Karen and bent over her breasts. Her nipples were already hard and swollen from her own manipulations, but they grew even tighter as I licked and sucked them. I could feel her heart beating faster and she was breathing harder as I continued. She was obviously growing more aroused by the second. So was I. For the first time I really understood why boys loved to play with girls' breasts.

Karen had moved her hands between our bodies and had been caressing my breasts while I had been working on hers. "I want to suck your tits now," she gasped. I rolled onto my back and she climbed on top of me. Her mouth on my nipples was unbelievably exciting. I was climbing slowly and steadily toward orgasm, even though Karen wasn't even touching my genitals.

Although I was mostly lost in the sensations of Karen's love-making, I was dimly aware that she was awfully good at this. Karen had always been shy about sex talk, but I was beginning to suspect that I wasn't her first girl. This was confirmed when she suddenly abandoned my breasts and went down on my crotch. Within a few seconds, it seemed, her mouth and fingers pushed me into the first of a series of body-shattering orgasms. I finally went limp on the straw, totally spent.

When I'd recovered enough to be aware of my surroundings, I realized that Karen was lying beside me with her head on my breast and one arm draped protectively over my belly. I sighed luxuriously and stretched. "That was wonderful," I murmured. "I think I'm spoiled for boys."

I'd said it as a joke, but I felt a sudden shock. "Am I really a lesbian?" I wondered. I was still for a few seconds, frozen by the thought. Then I remembered all the nights I'd spent fantasizing about Joe's penis while I masturbated and concluded I wasn't likely to be giving up boys.

Karen had noticed my stillness. "What are you thinking?" she asked, with a touch of anxiety in her voice. The pressure of her body against mine was so erotic I instantly realized I wasn't going to be turning girls down, either.

"I've never had sex with a girl before . . ." I began. Karen was now frowning slightly. ". . . so I hope you won't be disappointed if I'm not very good at eating your pussy." I realized it was true as I said it.

"Do you really want to do that?" Karen asked.

"More than anything," I replied moving to kiss her full on the mouth.

"You were magnificent," Karen whispered, much later. We were lying together naked, basking in the warm glow that comes only from multiple extended orgasms.

After I'd thoroughly French kissed Karen, I slowly worked my way down her body, planting tender kisses on her throat, breasts, belly, inner thighs . . . At that point, she grew impatient, grabbed my head and guided my face to her crotch. "Come on," she said huskily. "Eat me."

My face was pressed against her mound. I ran my tongue up and down her slit. She was already wet and I savored her taste, slightly saltier than mine, but still honey-sweet. I put my fingers on either side of her mound and pulled her open, admiring her partially open pussy and her little love bud, hiding coyly under its hood.

Karen gasped as I thrust my tongue into her hot wet little hole. She was so tight and so juicy. I couldn't get enough of her taste. The more I tongue-fucked her and sucked the sweet juices from her pussy, the hotter and wetter she became.

I pulled my tongue away and slipped a finger into her. "More," she gasped. I added a second finger, crossed with the first, and began sliding my fingers in and out of her dripping snatch. Karen's clit was so swollen, it resembled a miniature cock. "Suck me," she commanded. "Suck my clit . . . hard."

I wrapped my lips around her, sucking hard and lashing her swollen clit with my tongue while I violently finger-fucked her pussy. Karen screamed and thrashed beneath me. I held on and continued stimulating her. She came and came until she finally collapsed on the straw, totally limp, with her eyes closed.

For an instant, I thought I'd killed her, she was so still. I put my ear against her chest. I could hear and feel her heart pounding, faster than a marathon runner's, but gradually slowing. Her breathing was ragged, but regular.

Karen opened her eyes. It seemed to take her several seconds to focus on my face. "Wow!" was all she said before she closed her eyes again.

My heart was pounding too, and I was breathing hard from the sheer excitement of driving her to that series of spectacular orgasms. I lay beside her, holding her tightly as our heartbeats and breathing slowly returned to normal.

I looked up from Karen's face, idly gazing at the dust motes dancing in the horizontal beam of orange sunlight over our heads. "It's almost sunset," I said. "We'd better go or your Mom will be wondering what's happened to us."

"I want to stay here like this forever," Karen sighed. Then she brightened. "Of course, we are going to be sleeping in the same bed tonight." I could feel my nipples tightening at the thought.

"You kids look tired this morning," Karen's Mom said next morning at breakfast. "Did you have trouble sleeping? You all went to bed pretty early."

"We're fine," I answered. In fact, Karen and I had spent most of the night making love, only sleeping when we grew too exhausted to stay awake.

"We slept great," Jeff said, glancing over at Jimmy. "Didn't we?" Jimmy nodded. Jimmy had spent the night in Jeff's bed. I wondered what they'd been doing.


"Oh wow!" Maria exclaimed. "That is so hot. Janna would totally flip."

"Yeah? Does girl on girl stuff gross her out, too?" I was a little miffed with Janna for stomping off like she did.

"No, I don't think so," Virginia said. "Janna would get a serious case of wet panties if she heard about you doing your cousin."

"What? Like she's into girls . . ." my voice trailed off as I saw the expressions on Virginia's and Maria's faces.

"Why not?" Virginia asked.

"You sure had fun with Karen," Maria said.

"Well, that's just being horny," I began. "I've got a boyfriend." Virginia and Maria glanced at each other, almost giggling. "If you'd watched Jimmy and Jeff, you'd want to fuck something, too."

"Of course we would, my dear," Virginia said, imitating Betty Davis perfectly as she moved to hug me. "Of course we would".

"We know," Maria added, joining in the hug. "Girls have to make do when they can't get cock."

I closed my eyes, luxuriating in the feel of my friends' bodies pressing against mine.

It wasn't until that night, when I was alone in bed, that I began considering the implications of Maria's comment about "making do."


Dear Sweet Mike,

I'm so glad I guessed the time when you'd be reading my email right. Thinking about you making your big beautiful cock spurt while I was orgasming really thrills me. Promise me you'll read your email at the same time every night. I really love doing it together, even if we're far apart. Somehow, it makes me feel even closer to you.

Taking the digital photos is a lot of fun. I flatter myself that I'm getting to be a bit artistic. It's great that you like the close-up of my nipple so much. I love that picture, too. I didn't realize it could swell up THAT much. It's all from thinking about you.

Oh!! Thinking about what you're doing while you look at my pictures and read my story gets me so hot!

You've always loved watching me play with my vibrator, so you should really like the pictures I've attached this time.

You've told me that you've done it with other boys, so I know this little adventure will really thrill you. I want you to tell me all about the times you've had sex with other guys. Not now, though. I want to wait until we're in bed together. Thinking about it gets me so hot. I bet I'll cum without touching my pussy or clit. Damn! I'm so wet right now, my bush is dripping.

It's hard to wait until it's time to do it with you, but I'm holding out. That makes it so incredibly intense.

Got to go. Sweet dreams. I know mine will be sweet, because they'll be about you.

Love you (your mind, your heart, your soul, your big – well, you know . . .),

Linda (the luckiest girl in the world)


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